B&B Tuesday Update 3/11/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/11/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Felicia stands before her dad and begs him to stay with the family, do not go back to Donna. She sniffs that the magic they felt in this room tonight will never be the same, it will be altered forever if he marries Donna. Eric tries to convince her that is not true. He states that nothing makes him happier than being with his family….they have been together forever through the good times, the bad times, and nothing has ever torn them apart and nothing ever will. Nothing will break that incredible bond. He then salutes Stephanie, the jewel of the family who has a huge piece of his heart, and always will. He says it doesn’t matter how old your children get, you are always their father. But, he wants to make something clear here. They are all adults now, grown-ups with their own families. A father hates to disappoint his family, but he needs to make his intentions very clear …..he’s going to marry Donna. Felicia cries no, while the look on Stephanie’s face says it all. Eric asks Felicia, since she is taking it the worst, to come to him and he wants to promise her things will not change. This does not change how much he loves her or this family, that will never, never change. And he wants to thank her for what she did tonight for him and her mother. He wants to thank her for this wonderful evening, but he’s made up his mind.

Bridget tells Brooke that she wishes she had known she had the rest of the night off, she might have had a better evening. Brooke asks how, and Bridget tells her she was with Nick but her pager called her to the hospital. Brooke is concerned, not so sure it was a good idea to spend so much time with Nick. She’s been down that road before and Brooke doesn’t want to see her hurt again. Bridget assures her she is just helping him with the baby and technically nothing has happened between them yet. Bridget quizzes her mom too if that is the only reason about her being hurt that thinks she should lay off of Nick? Brooke hasn’t married Ridge yet and they all know that he thinks Brooke is not over Nick yet.

Katie tells Nick that she doesn’t know him that well, but she knows that he and Bridget once shared something very special and maybe he shouldn’t let that go. Semi-sarcastically he thanks her for her advice, support and her baby-sitting. She spies a jig-saw puzzle and comments that she’s a real freak about them….once she starts, she can’t stop. He tells her go ahead, knock herself out. Then is surprised when she asks for a scotch when he asks if she wants anything to drink? He tells Katie that she doesn’t look like the scotch drinking type, but whatever floats her boat. She tells him only a small drop as she is driving. A jigsaw puzzle and a little scotch, what a combo! Cheers to each other. She parks herself on the floor using the coffee table as her table. She laments how she likes puzzles, things that have a guaranteed solution. You might have to look for it, but the answer is always there. “It’s comforting, and the scotch isn’t bad either.”

After Eric leaves, the kids gather around their mom and offer condolences that Eric left and it was so wrong for him to lead her on. They all think he is making a stupid mistake. Stephanie only regrets that she is not going to get her miracle. Pam walks in to see this and mutters to herself, “damn you, Eric. So you’ve gone back to that little hot tamale. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Donna is sitting on pins and needles, but rushes to greet her honey bear when he comes back to her. He tells her it was an amazing evening, but of course he was coming back to her. It was emotional for sure, and he was very touched. It was a big celebration for the family, but he was able to tell them that he was going to be Donna’s husband. He told all of them, including that woman – what’s her name – Stephanie? Donna hugs and kisses him and says he can’t possibly know how much this means to her. He’s happy too, free to finally marry, nothing to hold over their heads. They should celebrate, how about champagne and the lemon bars that Pam gave him? She about explodes, oh my God, don’t eat them. She explains that Pam came by earlier and threatened her. He assures her that Pammy is really harmless despite what she says. And what did she threaten Donna with, a spatula? Donna says no, she had an attack dog, the lady is certifiable. He grants her that Pam is out there, but she’s really harmless. Don’t worry about her, she’s all right. Donna calms down and says perhaps she was just overly protective of her sister, and Eric agrees. And she will be going back to Chicago very soon, all will be okay.

Brooke confesses to Bridget that of course she still has feelings for Nick, they share a son. Bridget offers that she can’t help but be concerned that Brooke is not really thinking of Bridget’s broken heart, but is she thinking there might be some hope of her and Nick getting back together? Is there some truth to that? Brooke tells Bridget that this has nothing to do with her, but she is surprised that Bridget is opening herself up to Nick again. Bridget admits she did have her reservations, but Katie helped her get over them. Brooke asks what does Katie have to do with this? Bridget comments only to being very sweet and supportive and even encouraging her to give it another try between her and Nick, to see if there is still something between them. Brooke asks if Katie is pushing her on Nick? Bridget says no, he obviously needs help with the baby so instead of hiring a nanny, why couldn’t one of them pitch in? Brooke asks if that includes her? Bridget replies no, because she is going to marry Ridge, so she knows that is not a good idea helping with the baby. Brooke sighs, and says she knows, but this is her son they are talking about. Bridget scoffs that she knows that and that is why she needs to know, and why Brooke needs to figure out what she wants. There is only one woman that Nick is vulnerable to and that is Brooke. She says she is completely over him, but then stands there and says they share a son. Brooke points out that is all they share. Ridge stops as he hears them talking as he walks in. Bridget tells her mom to look at her, and tell her as she thinks Ridge is asking her the same thing. When is the wedding? When is she going to marry Ridge?

Katie gets quite vocal while putting the puzzle together causing Nick to comment that she’s really into this. Then she spies some pistachios that Nick is eating, so he shares with her. He misses the trash can a few times with the shells and she teases him about letting them stay there until his housekeeper comes. He thinks she worries too much. She says it’s her nature. They trade barbs as he asks if she is going to work that puzzle all night or just eat his pistachios? She asks if he thinks she is fat? Nope, he replies, and admits she’s actually very pretty. “Thanks….I think…..but I’m not pretty like my sister is, right?, she exclaims. He tells her not to put words in his mouth, but she says she always felt like the ugly duckling. He assures her that is that no longer. But, she’s certainly not going to hook up with some guy sitting there at his house putting puzzles together. She has to make some effort, she has got to care. She says she don’t, he says she does. So had she rather be doing puzzles than be sitting on the couch with some guy with his arm around her? She quips does he see her sitting alone? She could have a very heavy social calendar. But, she’s with him, putting together his puzzle, drinking his scotch and eating his pistachios. Then she offers the challenge, why doesn’t he help her with the puzzle.

Bridget tells Brooke that okay, she’s waiting for an answer. When is she going to marry Ridge? Has she set a date? Brooke admits she hasn’t, but she did just tell Ridge that she wanted to get married immediately. But he said no, she needed a little more time. Bridget knows Ridge wants her to sort out her feelings for Nick. So give it up, tell her how she really feels. What are her feelings for Nick? What are her feelings for Jack? Bridget needs to know, and know right now! Brooke reveals that she is committed to Ridge, and they are going to be married. So whatever happens with Nick and his future is up to him. Bridget is happy and relieved to hear that. Brooke continues that she has loved Ridge her entire life. “We’ve moved heaven and earth to try and be together.” It’s going to happen for them, it just has to.

Katie asks Nick why is he staring at her? He replies she is nothing like her sisters, is she sure they have the same mother and father? What happened? She laughs that she has been asking herself that all her life as well. She surmises she just skipped that line when they were handing out blonde hair and rockin’ bodies. He gives her a quick glance and says she does have the rockin’ body, and there is nothing wrong with being a brunette. She adds but blondes have more fun. He doesn’t necessarily think so. Again she quips it’s nothing that a bottle of peroxide couldn’t solve. He gets her back to the point, she wouldn’t be sitting here doing puzzles if she really cared. She tells him not to be so hard on himself, he’s a fun guy. And like she said before, she doesn’t care. Yeah she does, no she doesn’t.

Eric tells Donna he wants her to forget Pam, they have a future to focus on. She says okay, guess Pam was just trying to scare her. They kiss, and he wonders why they are spending all this time worrying about Pam when they could be talking about themselves. He wants to get married right now, so they need to start planning. So forget Pam, she is harmless!

Pam is seething….talking to herself she calls Donna a whore…..a nasty, trampy, filthy, trashy little whore. And she is not going to destroy the Forrester family. She said she would kill her first, and she will. Just keep it up with her sister’s husband, and she will. “Your life is over, finished, Donna. You contemptible little hot tamale, you will be a dead woman.”

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