B&B Monday Update 3/10/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/10/08


Written By Lauren
Pictures by Suzanne

Pam tells Donna she will kill her if she marries Eric. Tiny (Pam's dog) continues barking.

Ridge asks Brooke what she is doing. Brooke says she wants them to elope, and start their life's together as husband and wife.

Nick gives Bridget Nicole's blanket, he tells her he wants her to be part of Jack's life. Bridget covers Jack with Nicole's blanket and then her and Nick kiss, but get interrupted by the doorbell. Katie comes in and gives Nick a bag, Nick says he will let Bridget and Katie talk, he needs to make a call to the office. Bridget tells Katie her and Nick kissed. Bridget's beeper goes off, she tells Katie she has to go to the hospital she is on call. Bridget asks Katie to stay with Nick, he is struggling. Nick comes down after Bridget leaves and asks where Bridget is.

Brooke asks Ridge to elope. He tells her no, he says they can't get married until Nick is completely out of her life. Ridge's phone rings; its Felicia. She asks Ridge where he is and tells him to come right away. Ridge tells Brooke when the time is right they will get married, but she has to be truly, truly ready. They kiss and he heads to the anniversary party.

Ridge walks in to the Forrester house and is surprised to see Kristin. Stephanie asks where Brooke is, Ridge says she is not coming and to think of it as her anniversary present. Stephanie, Felicia, and Kristin all turn and look at Ridge.

Nick asks Katie why Bridget left, Katie says Bridget got paged. Katie tells Nick how great Bridget is, he asks her why she is trying to bring Bridget and him back together. She smiles.

Kristin and Thorne say they are going to make a toast. Kristin says the one connection they all share is the Forrester home, which has so many memories, Thorne says how Stephanie and Eric have guided them and how lucky they are that Stephanie and Eric have been together all of their lives. They all cling glasses, Stephanie smiles.

Pam tells Tiny to wait outside. She tells Donna she saw the picture of Eric in the paper, and that if Donna doesn't back off, she will stop her.

Ridge says he and Felicia have something to say. Ridge says he believes Stephanie and Eric are destined to be together. Stephanie thanks Felicia for the party. Felicia asks "Have you ever met a family like ours?" They all laugh and say no. She continues by saying how glad she is to be Stephanie and Eric's daughter and a sister to Ridge, Thorne, and Kristin.

Katie says that he and Bridget have a lot of history, and that maybe the circumstances with Jack was a way to bring him and Bridget together.

Stephanie thanks her children for their sweet thoughts; Stephanie tells Eric how much she love him, they kiss and hug. Eric tells Stephanie that his mission in life has been accomplished (all of his family). Eric tells Stephanie how much he loves her, they kiss and hug again. Felicia asks Eric not to leave their family, and to give "mother" (Stephanie) another chance.

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