B&B Friday Update 3/7/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/7/08


Written By Lauren
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Ridge tells Brooke she has to decide whether she wants a life with him, Hope, and R.J. or Nick and Jack.

Meanwhile at the Forrester house a party has just begun for Eric and Stephanie. Stephanie sees her daughter Kristen is in town and gives her a hug and then sees that her sister Pam is also here.

Eric is getting ready at Donna's apartment. She tells him she wants him to stay. Eric tells her, he is going to go to the party because he wants to, and when it's over he will come home to her. They kiss. Donna whispers "I hope so."

Nick is with Bridget and Jack. Jack is crying, so Bridget offers to hold him, she calms him down. She tells Nick this is what it should have been like with their little girl.

Brooke tells Ridge she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She says she knows what she wants. Brooke suggests they elope and then they can go to the Forrester party with good news.

Katie comes over to Donna's and asks why she wanted her to come over. Donna tells her it's Eric and Stephanie's Anniversary party.

Eric arrives at the party and tells Felicia she outdid herself. Felicia tells him there is a surprise guest and he sees his daughter Kristen. He tells her this is the best anniversary gift and she tells him the best gift is seeing him and mom (Stephanie) back together. His face changes. Then Pam comes and they hug. Stephanie warns Eric that the kids have some type of plan.

Bridget tucks Jack in. Nick says he is going to need full time help for Jack. Bridget says she is here for Nick.

Brooke and Ridge walk inside (Before they were outside). Ridge asks why all of a sudden she is ready to rush into a marriage. Ridge tells Brooke she has one foot in Nick's door and one foot in his. Brooke tells him she really does need him and does want him.

Katie tells Donna, Stephanie made a huge sacrifice, by not sending Storm to jail. Katie also tells Donna that Eric is just keeping his promise to Stephanie. Donna says she couldn't imagine losing Eric.

Pam tells Eric she baked him lemon bars without cinnamon. She tells him she is staying in a hotel and is tired but has to go so she can walk her dog Tiny. She tells Eric to tell Stephanie she will be back. Thorne asks Felicia if anyone has heard from Ridge or Brooke.

Nick thanks Bridget and says he definitely need help with Jack, but wants to make sure this won't be to hard for her, given the fact they lost "Nicole" together. Bridget says she has done some major soul searching and thinks that the mistake in the lab with Jack was supposed to happen, to bring them together. Nick says it was a mistake and there is no explanation. Bridget says she thinks of Nicole everyday and came to bring him something. She hands him a blanket for Jack, that she had knitted for Nicole. She knows it's pink but tells him that when he wraps Jack in the blanket, an angel will be watching over him. They kiss.

Felicia says she is going to make a toast. "To the Forrester family," everyone clinks glasses.

Donna is thinking about her poo bear (Eric) when someone knocks on the door. It's Pam with Tiny. Pam tells her that Stephanie and Eric are going to have a happy ending. They are healing. Donna shows Pam her ring. Pam says there is no way in hell she will marry Eric Forrester. Donna says she knows one person who will not be at the wedding (Tiny barks). Pam says Donna will not be at the alter, if she continues to interfere with Stephanie's family she will kill Donna. She says she is deadly serious. Tiny continues to bark.

Brooke proposes to Ridge. "Be my husband, Ridge Forrester, my husband for as long as we both shall live" Ridge sort of laughs, and Brooke smiles.

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