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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/6/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Ridge repeats his edict to Brooke – stay or go? Nick barks for him not to push it. Ridge declares that she will make her own decision. They all look at each other, with Brooke caught in the middle. Nick says Ridge may be wrong. Ridge says no, Nick is the one who was wrong. Wrong for taking that baby away from Taylor. And wrong to think that Brooke is going to take over as Jack's mother. He points out this whole situation has pretty much got out of control because Nick won’t let Brooke go. But, now he’s going to have to. Maybe he missed the memo, she is going to be his wife. Her future is with him and the little boy that they share. Nick retorts, “well, now that we have been riveted by your side of the story, why don’t you shut up and let her speak for herself?”

Bridget goes through Nicole’s box and doesn’t even hear Katie knock on the door. She comes on in and is immediately sympathetic toward Bridget for losing her child. Bridget asks if she has heard that Taylor lost her son today? She dabs her eyes and tells Katie that her heart went out to her and it reminded her of her own baby girl. Course that made her think of Nick and everything they had lost. She feels for him, all there alone in that big house with Jack. Katie advises her that maybe not all is lost, go to him, be there for him and his son. Let him know he’s not alone.

As much as she seems to enjoy it, Taylor pulls back from her kiss with Rick and says that’s it, she’s truly lost it and gone crazy. He actually laughs and says no, she’s definitely not crazy. She still thinks she has gone ‘round the bend’, what did she just do to him? He asks if she needs a refresher, he can show her. He starts toward her to kiss her again and she asks what is happening to her? He wonders why it’s so unbelievable? She remarks only a few seconds ago she only wanted to be comforted by that bottle, and now she only wants to be comforted by him! And oh my gosh, he’s even her enemy’s son. Brooke’s son is making her feel better? He doesn’t think that is bazaar at all. Isn’t she in a better place than when he came in? She admits she is. He says she just needs to allow herself to be taken care of, some to take care of her for a change. He gets her to promise that she will call him on his cell phone every time she gets an urge to drink. He even puts himself as #1 on her speed dial. Phoebe walks in and interrupts….she wonders what Rick is doing there. The astonished look on their faces belies their guilt.

Nick grins and faces Ridge and spouts to him that he just can’t do it, can he? He can’t stuff that big old ego away long enough for Brooke to make her own decisions. Ridge comes back that Nick had it all – a wonderful wife in Taylor and the son they always wanted, but that wasn’t enough for him. He just had to keep reeling Brooke back in and dangling Jack in front of her. Nick says obviously Ridge must think he has something to worry about or he wouldn’t be demanding that Brooke leave with him. It’s like he thinks he owns this woman! Ridge admits he doesn’t, but neither does Nick. Oh, he created a lot of tension, but they’ll get past that. He vows that he and Brooke are going to have the future they have planned, and where does that leave Nick? No Brooke, no Taylor, he’ll be here all alone. Throughout all of this, Brooke has said nothing more than an occasional “oh, Ridge.” He goes to her and escorts her toward the door. She slinks past Nick, but turns at the door and looks a long time at him. He tells her, “I guess I’ll see you, kid.” Ridge urges her to come on. Nick looks around and finally settles for quietly sitting on the stairs and ponders.

Rick re-assures Phoebe that he’s just there to make sure her mom is okay, it’s been such a trying day. She admits that is why she is there too, and tells her mom that she still can’t believe what happened. Taylor sloughs it off and says as horrendous as it was, she has picked herself up, she’s going back to work soon, so she will rebuild and she’ll be all right. And she’ll have them for support. Rick amens that. He agrees with Phoebe that her mother is incredible. She thanks him for coming to her mother’s defense when he didn’t have to. She calls him a blessing, and he says he is happy to do it. Taylor shoos her off to go study, and Phoebe wants her to call her if she needs her.

Nick opens the door and it’s Bridget, saying she thought he could use a friend. He smiles and says she always did have a sixth sense toward him, he invites her in. She comments that she thought he would be alone with Jack so she would just offer up her services. She can clean, she can change diapers and if he remembers she can make up a pretty good plate of scrambled eggs. He answers that he remembers and calls her an angel and gives her a kiss on the forehead. What would he do without her? Then he lets her know that her mother came by. And the dressmaker came and drug her out. He’s still processing all of this. It’s a lot for one day.

At home, Brooke tells Ridge that he’s going to have to speak to her at some point. He says okay, he’s upset. But did he really have to go to Nick’s to track her down? She asks him to please understand. He says he thinks he has been more than understanding. She says this is not about Nick. It’s about Jack and a very important day in his life. She doesn’t want to upset Ridge, but she needed to be there. She can’t deny her concern for Jack. Ridge says he realizes that. It’s been a primary concern in both their lives for the last little while. She suggests they talk about it. He doesn’t wish to discuss Jack anymore. He’s all talked out. He just wants to focus on the two of them….and their future……if they still have one. Without another word, about face, and he walks off.

When Phoebe leaves, Taylor says that is a reminder she needed. “Us, us…..it can’t happen.” She echoes that it can’t happen again. She doesn’t want to do anything that will upset her relationship with Phoebe. She has already lost one child, she doesn’t want to lose another. Rick tells Taylor that never in a million years would he deliberately hurt Phoebe. He thinks maybe Taylor is over-reacting a little bit. She doesn’t agree. She’s not mad at him, she’s grateful that he was there for her and been so wonderful to her during her meltdown. And she has connected with him on a very deep level, and it’s complicated. And she thinks they both know that it can’t happen again. He holds her hand and assures her that he is not there to complicate things. He is there as a friend. And he meant what he said, if she feels vulnerable and wants to take a drink, call him and he’ll come running. He kisses her fingers and winks, and she promises she will.

Nick brings Bridget some hot chocolate. She tries to brighten things by saying he can look at this as a whole new beginning. He says he didn’t envision it this way, he wanted something different for Jack. He just wants what is best for his son, and he thinks a child should have two parents in the house. She thinks he is being too hard on himself. She thinks he will give Jack what is best – “you”. She remembers when she first met him, that guy on the boat, the beard, the hair blowing in the wind….with a cigar in one hand and a beer in the other…..and look at him now. He has the son he always wanted, he has everything! He replies that one thing is for sure, that guy on the boat – he was happy. She doesn’t believe so, he really wanted everything that he has now. He has everything, he just needs someone to share it with. They give each other that look.

Brooke follows Ridge outside on the patio and asks what is he talking about? Of course they have a future together. He wonders, do they? She says unless he has changed his mind. He reminds her that he hasn’t changed his mind about her, never. She wonders then how can he question what they have? He asks how can he not? She is sending Nick mixed signals. She is getting involved in a life and a family where she doesn’t belong. She says she is Jack’s biological mother so she does belong. Ridge says no, Taylor is the mother. He points out that he drew a line in the sand at the beginning. Not because he is insecure about her love for him, but because he is trying to save and protect their own family. She says so is she. Really, he surmises? It just doesn’t seem that way. He declares that he needs to know that he has all of her. Hope and R.J. need all of her! If she continues to go the way she is going, running to Nick and be at his beck and call, she’s going to lose Ridge. Does she want to lose him? Does she want to lose the family they have dreamed of? Is it worth all of that? A love affair so amazing that nothing or no one can compare to it….and it’s the reason he left Ashley as he knew Brooke felt the same way. He states they always have been and always will be each other’s destiny. She vows that she loves him so deeply, and he doesn’t question that.

What he does question is their future. He says she can not go on like this with emotions all over the place. She can not commit herself and he can’t go on like this. He re-affirms that everything they have ever dreamed about is within their grasp right here, right in front of them. Is she going to reach out and grab it? She is going to have to grab that dream she wants so much, but she has to decide. Does she want that happily ever after with Hope and R.J.? Or does she want Nick and Jack? He’s going to say this once again, and just one more time. If it happens to be him, then she is going to have to cut Nick and Jack out of her life completely. “That’s the deal, Brooke, non-negotiable.” She looks stunned, but turns and walks off. He adds that it is the moment of truth, what is it going to be? She turns and just stares at him.

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