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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/5/08


Written By Wanda
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Nick paces and tells Brooke it’s almost time to go pick up Jack. He just hopes this doesn’t send Taylor into some sort of nosedive. Brooke says that could happen anyway as she is so unstable, but knowing that Jack will be safe and secure with him will make him feel better. She gives Nick a hug and says she is really anxious to see Jack, but she will wait here at his house.

Phoebe hugs her mom and laments that she had no idea what Taylor had been going through. She wishes she had talked to her about it. Taylor states that Phoebe has enough going on with stressful college life, she did not want to burden her. Phoebe wants to be there for her, so what can she do now? Taylor replies just go back to her dorm and start working on mid-terms. She doesn’t need to be baby-sat, she will be fine. Phoebe asks if her mom wants her to be there when Nick picks up Jack, but Taylor replies no, she thinks it would be best to be alone. She doesn’t know how she will find the strength to give him up, but she will, she has no other choice. Phoebe consoles her that this is only temporary until she gets better.

Brooke opens the door to find her son, Rick, staring at her and wondering why she is at Nick’s. She explains he went to pick up Jack. Nervously, she says she knows throughout all of this he has been supportive of Taylor, so if he wants to talk about Brooke’s testimony…..He admits no, he's more worried about Taylor and how she is going to handle this from here on out. He knows she doesn’t accept Brooke as Jack’s mother and he doesn’t think she ever will. Brooke hopes she will. She honestly thinks Taylor has been dealt a bad hand and she feels for her too. He wonders what is up with Brooke? She is supposed to be marrying Ridge yet here she is at Nick’s house waiting for him to come home with the child they share together. He’s not suggesting anything, but her actions speak volumes.

Taylor lets Nick in and he tells her that he never meant to hurt her. She knows that. She knows it’s for the best and she needs a little more time to heal. He agrees that she will. She comments that she thinks things got so out of hand that she became angry and resentful that she almost forgot how to love. She hopes they can agree on something, not to argue and fight in front of Jack, she doesn’t want to hurt him like that. She wants to always be a part of his life, and Nick agrees. She is his birth mother, she’s the reason he is here even, so Taylor will always be part of him. Slowly she starts to go upstairs to get Jack, then turns and tells Nick that things could have turned out so differently and she blames all of this on Brooke. Taylor is not going to fight the divorce and she regrets having to leave Nick, but she can blame it all on Brooke.

Taylor brings Jack down and asks Nick if her visits are supervised. He answers that for now, yes he will be there. She surmises that is ironic, Brooke gets to visit alone but she has to be supervised. An uncomfortable Nick looks on as Taylor cuddles Jack and kisses him and tells him that she is going to miss him terribly, but she is going to get better and have him with her for all time. When she doesn’t want to let him go, Nick takes him and mouths “I’m sorry.” One look backward and he leaves. Slowly she walks to the couch and sobs as she lies down.

Nick tells Brooke that he’s concerned about Taylor, but he’s also concerned about her too. She reminds him that he doesn’t have to be. But he adds – just look at her standing here waiting on Nick to come home with their baby. She tries to justify it by saying she thought Nick might need her help to settle Jack down. She knows what she is doing. He thinks she does, it’s so obvious. She believes she belongs here. She is so comfortable, she thinks she belongs here with Nick and with Jack and not Ridge.

Taylor goes to the bar and starts rifling through the cabinet but finds no bottle. She calls a liquor store and orders a bottle of their premium vodka. It’s delivered, $34.60. She has it still in her hands and on the way to the bar when she stops to pick up a teddy bear that has fallen. She clutches it to her breast, then slams it down. Rick walks in and tells her “stop, don’t you drink that.” She asks why shouldn’t she drink? She has nothing to be sober for. She took Alexandria’s mother away from her, so no wonder they took Taylor’s child from her…..they call that karma. Booze started all of this and booze will help make it go away. He points out that he knows it’s pretty dark out there right now, but there is light and they are going to find it together. She walks off and shakes her head, no he can’t fix this. He realizes Steffy can’t help her, she’s away at school, and Thomas is working at International, and Phoebe wants to help her, but Taylor needs someone that knows what she needs, someone older, someone stronger. She holds the opened bottle up to his face and declares that a drink is all she needs. He starts to say he understands, and she flies into a rage and tells him he doesn’t understand, he can’t begin to understand what it is like to lose a child. How could he understand? She has nothing, absolutely nothing left to live for, and she just wants it to stop. She takes a big gulp and he fights her for the bottle and gets it away from her and throws it against the wall. That only makes her madder and she says she will get more. He can’t stop her. She starts to move away, but he grabs her with both arms and physically they tussle with him telling her that he will stop her. He knows she is hurt and feels empty, but she has to find something else to fill this void in her heart, and it can not be alcohol. She’s an amazing person and he is NOT going to let her throw it away. By holding tightly to her, he subdues her until she is limp in his arms, sobbing. When she stops, her lips seek out his and they exchange many kisses.

Nick brings Jack home and Brooke makes a fuss over him. He delights in the way she looks with him right now. He points out this is their child. Brooke is his mother and Jack needs his mother. She reminds him that she is committed. He realizes that, but he also knows what is best. He relays how he grew up an only child and he faced loneliness every day and he does not want that for Jack. He wants him to have a brother or a sister. And they can do that, they can create that family. She asks what is he saying? He moves closer and says he is asking her to stay here with them. “I’m saying I want this to be your family.”

As Nick is about to kiss Brooke, there is a rap at the door. Ridge brushes past right on into the room. He spies Brooke holding Jack and says, “Hey, Logan, come on, let’s get going.” Sheepishly, she says she just wanted to be sure Jack would be okay after what happened today….she should have called. Ridge tersely says that would have been nice. Bridget had told him what happened, so that’s how he figured out where she was. She apologizes and says it was a big day for Jack, and she just wanted to be there for him. Ridge comments that he looks fine to him, he is sure Nick can take it from here, “let’s go home.” Nick projects to Forrester that door he just came through belongs to him. And what goes on in this house is up to him. “And she’ll leave when we finish this session.” Ridge dismisses Nick and looks directly at Brooke and asks what is it going to be? Staying, or coming with him?

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