B&B Tuesday Update 3/4/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/4/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Felicia and Stephanie flip through old family albums with Felicia swearing some of the pictures she has never seen. Like with Thomas when he was five or six weeks old, and how young and nervous Ridge looked holding him. Felicia rejoices in seeing Stephanie’s wedding pictures and deems her as so gorgeous. They both still think Eric is the most handsome guy in the room. Stephanie laments just how many, many, many years she has been with Eric. Felicia quips that and some of them weren’t all that bad! They laugh over Felicia having a happy childhood and Felicia vows that her mother and father will have many more happy memories for a long, long time. Stephanie gets serious and asks if Felicia thinks she is an old fool running after a husband who has run off to have a mad, passionate, love affair with a beautiful young girl? Who tells you he doesn’t love you…..he leaves you…..does Felicia think that is foolish? Felicia replies no, not at all. Stephanie sighs and says she hopes not…and if truth be known, Eric didn’t just leave to be with someone else, Stephanie pushed him away….and here she is trying to reel him back in. Hmm, maybe there is a miracle out there. Felicia tells her not to ever stop hoping and believing.

Taylor’s attorney continues to cross-examine Nick and questions him about these ‘issues’. Did that include another woman? He replies no, there was no affair, no infidelity. She asks if the other woman is anywhere in this courtroom? In the audience Taylor shoots a look at Brooke. The attorney gets Nick to admit that Brooke visits his home and helps with the child and that in fact he still has very deep feelings for Brooke. But he says he would never act on those feelings, he has always made his wife and child his priority.

Taylor takes the stand and her attorney asks her to tell them about her family, her older family. She talks proudly of her three children and then she was happy to start a second family, they both wanted a baby very much. Her attorney says there seems to be a lot positive between she and Nick, is she sure the marriage is over? Taylor answers yes she is. She realized that when her husband admitted to her that he loves Brooke Logan and always will. That hurt, it was like being stabbed. And yet he said he wanted the marriage to continue, but she says she didn’t marry him to have only half his heart and she didn’t think they should live like that. She actually thought they’d work things out and come up with some fair arrangement….she never thought her husband would try to steal her baby from her. Nick stands up and declares he is not trying to take this child from her.

Storm cross examines and points out that Taylor is a recovering alcoholic, but can she guarantee the court that she won’t backslide again any time soon? And she has delusions and her husband says she still is overcome by rage at times, is he lying? And can she guarantee the court that she won’t lose it during these rages or when she is drinking and can she guarantee them for the safety and welfare of this child? She is livid that he is trying to portray her as a terrible mother and this distorted picture he is trying to paint. And then she hits back at him that she and Nick would still be together and everything be fine if it weren’t for Storm’s sister! Then she preaches to the judge that this has nothing to do with her or Nick. They wouldn’t even be in this courtroom if it weren’t for HER! Brooke Logan is on a mission to “make my life a living hell.” She rants that Brooke took not only one, but two of her husbands. She tells of her happy marriage to Ridge until Brooke pushed her way in and ruined it, but that was nothing compared to what she did to her marriage to Nick. And yes, she thought she was through with Brooke, got her out of her life, but no, Brooke managed to find a way to intertwine herself into their deepest, most intimate part of their life. And she instructs the judge to look at Brooke now…..where she is sitting…..in the audience right behind her husband….and behind her is Brooke’s own daughter, and Taylor’s trusted in vitro doctor. She points out to the judge that Bridget used the wrong egg, she implanted Brooke’s egg. Brooke’s egg – that’s whose child she carried. And it’s been an absolute nightmare to her. Phoebe is shocked and looks toward Rick sitting next to her.

Taylor continues that who wouldn’t be pushed, who wouldn’t be tempted to want to take a drink? Then she finds herself divulging that she takes full responsibility for that, just as she had during the darkest time of her life when she had a few drinks and had a terrible accident and it claimed the life of one of her family members. She had lived with that pain and guilt every day and there were still times she wished she had been the one who died. She found a way and went to AA and got herself together and he must know that she would never want to run that risk again. She would never want to go through that again. “I know I can’t have a drink, I know I shouldn’t drink, and I am not going to drink.” She admits yes she is pushed to the brink and fighting for her sanity. She cries that the only way she can keep that sanity is if she keeps her child….he’s all she has. “Please don’t let Brooke take anything else away from me. She’s taken everything already.” The judge tells the court that he will review the testimony and give his ruling.

Both Phoebe and Rick come forward, and Taylor and Phoebe hug. About forty-five minutes pass before the court convenes. The judge addresses Taylor that the story he has heard is amazing and he can only imagine the anguish and pain that she has gone through. He regales how under normal circumstances a child of these tender years should be cared for by the mother. But, he’s given this a great deal of thought and this is anything but a normal case. And as sympathetic as he is to her needs and desires, his bigger obligation is to the needs of the child. Given the instability she has shown repeatedly, which would get worse if she ever reverted to drinking again, he states that he can not in good conscious put the child in her care. He looks at Taylor and says it is evident that she wants the child and to that end, he wants her to seek psychiatric evaluation and perhaps even therapy. Meanwhile, he is placing the child in his father’s care. Taylor jumps up and beats on the table, she is devastated and pleads with the judge not to give the baby to Brooke, she already has everything else. The attorney tries to calm Taylor and the judge gavels that the case is closed, court adjourned.

Taylor hyperventilates and goes directly to Nick’s table and confronts him. Shaken, she asks how could he do this to her? How could he just give her baby to Brooke? Why? What kind of man is he? Why, how could he let this happen? Calmly, he tries to convince her that he will be looking after Jack, not Brooke. Literally she has a meltdown, crying, shrieking that why would Brooke even be there sitting with him when she knows they want to raise this baby together? At this point, even Brooke gets up and tells her that is not the case. But Taylor continues that she carried this baby, and now just to give it over to them. She stumbles off and says it about twenty times that “it is not fair” over and over before she crumbles to the floor, cowering by the judge’s bench.

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