B&B Monday Update 3/3/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/3/08


Written By Lauren
Pictures by Suzanne

At the courthouse, the judge asks if everyone is ready. The first witness is Dr. James Warwick. On his way up to the stand, he tells Taylor he had no choice, he was subpoenaed.

Eric is with Donna at the "love nest." Donna asks Eric why he called her to meet him, is it because he told Stephanie their through? He says he is going to stay with Stephanie.

Stephanie and Felicia are walking around their house (Stephanie and Eric's). Felicia says she can't believe what Nick is doing to Taylor and asks Stephanie if Taylor has been drinking, and she says yes. Stephanie thinks Taylor not having the baby will not do her any good, she needs all the support possible.

Meanwhile, at the courthouse, Storm Logan is questioning Dr. James Warwick. He says Nick Marone asked him to come to town because Dr. Marone (Taylor) was going through a stressful time. Taylor's attorney asks James if Taylor is stable enough to care for Jack. He thinks she is.

Felicia asks Stephanie if "Daddy" (Eric) is still living with her, she says yes. Stephanie thinks Eric finally sees she can be compassionate and that now she is the woman Eric has always wanted her to be.

Eric tells Donna, that he made Stephanie a promise; if she could show some compassion to Storm he would stay with her until after their anniversary. Donna starts to cry, and he tells her he hopes she understands.

Storm asks James if Taylor has admitted to drinking again, he says yes. Storm says; "But is she in control? I think not." Taylor blurts out that he can't analyze her. Next Storm calls up Brooke, who looks uncomfortable, as does everyone else.

Felicia tells Stephanie she is already planning the anniversary party, and the whole family is coming.

Storm asks Brooke what happened on the evening of January 31st, she says Taylor invited her and her fiancÚ over for dinner. Brooke says, it seemed Taylor had an ulterior motive. There was a surprise guest; a minister who came to marry her and her fiancÚ, Ridge. She says, when she said no to Taylor, Taylor told her it proved that she still loved her husband, Nick and that she has always ruined Taylor's life. Taylor saw a glass of wine, she threatened to drink it, but instead smashed it against a wall.

Taylor's attorney asks Brooke if she has seen Taylor have a drink, Brooke says no. She then asks if she signed papers regarding Jack Hamilton Marone. Brooke says she did, but didn't agree not to care for the child's welfare.

Storm asks Nick how he feels about being here (courthouse). Nick says he feels uncomfortable and continues by saying Taylor is extraordinary, and recently has taken their son to her home, caring for him all by her self. He says they are in court because he doesn't want to have to wonder if his son is safe. He says Taylor has admitted to drinking, has had hallucinations and has also admitted to having trouble bonding with their son. He says, that what has happened to Taylor is not her fault, he tells Taylor she is unstable, and can not care for her boy at this time. Taylor starts to cry.

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