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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/29/08


Written By Wanda
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Nick paces and says it won’t be long now; his son will be home with him where he belongs. He can count on it. Taylor sits and looks at the summons and still can’t believe Nick is doing this to her. She calls Nick and begs him to please don’t; don’t go through with this today. He says that he doesn’t want to do this, but he does want what is best for his son. She’s an amazing mother when she is stable, but he thinks she just needs more time to get on her feet. She tries to convince him that emotionally she is just fine and he is just being motivated by Brooke to do this. He says he is sorry, he will see her in court. Taylor is furious and throws the phone to the floor. She throws a fit and says she does not deserve this and she hates Brooke.

Ridge too is livid that Nick is treating Taylor this way. First he leaves her and now he’s preventing her from seeing Jack. Brooke tries to calm him that Nick is only concerned about his son. Taylor is an alcoholic, and she has admitted she has been drinking again, so she should not be near that boy. Ridge says he knows what kind of mother Taylor is, better than anyone else. What he is shocked about is how involved with Nick that Brooke still is. She is still supporting him and knows way too many intimate details of his and Taylor’s life. “So tell me, Logan, how involved are you really with Nick Marone?”

Jackie is in Nick’s corner, of course, and laments to him that though this is difficult the only way to make sure Jack is safe and secure is for the judge to declare him custody. Phoebe hugs her mother and says she is sorry that it has come to this. Taylor is just glad that she is here, she needs her love and support. Phoebe says she has that for sure, and she doesn’t understand either how Nick could do this. Taylor tells her she is pretty sure Brooke is behind this. Phoebe is surprised to find Rick at the door, and saying he is there to see her mother. Phoebe thinks that is sweet as her mother can use all the support in the world right now. He asks Taylor how is she holding up? She replies she called Nick and tried to get him to call this off, but the hearing is still on. She says she knows his mother is behind this. Can he call her and get her to back off?

Ridge tells Brooke not to confuse what he is feeling with being insecure. He’s not, and he loves her and always will. She assures him she will always love him too. He goes on that she has an attachment to Jack, so that means an attachment to Nick as well. He has every intention of spending his entire life with her, but he doesn’t think she is ready. She is still just too wrapped up in Nick’s life. There is no doubt they will have their happily ever after, but if she keeps in Nick and Taylor’s life, that is just going to delay the life they have worked so hard to have. So it is up to her. He leaves, she eventually follows but is unable to stop him as he speeds away.

Rick tries to calm Taylor down and says he knows it’s been a tumultuous past with his mom, but she needs just to focus on Jack. If she dwells on anything else, the judge won’t listen to her and she will lose sight what is really at stake. Phoebe wonders what Brooke has to do with the hearing? Taylor sloughs it off by saying she just doesn’t want to see her there….she’s the last person she needs there. Rick says he will call Brooke and tell her to stay away.

Jackie reassures Nick again that he has no choice when Brooke and Storm arrive. Storm tells Nick that everything is in motion, but he just wants to be sure he wants to advance with this and doesn’t have second thoughts. Nick answers that he just hates doing this to Taylor, but Brooke offers that he has no other choice. Jackie adds that Brooke needs to be there as this is her child too. Brooke admits she is concerned about Jack, but part of her worries that she shouldn't be there given her history with Taylor. “I don’t want to fuel the fire.”

Rick calls and Brooke takes the call and he says he will make this real quick. Taylor blames this entire situation on her, so please do not come to the courthouse. Her presence will only bother everybody. She reminds him that she cares for little Jack. He knows, but just let Nick handle it. And promise him that she won’t be there. She sighs and says okay, she won’t come. Taylor thanks him and doesn’t know what she would have done if she had to see Brooke today. But Storm tells Brooke she may have to reconsider if she wants Nick to get custody. He promises not to call her unless he has to, but he might need her testimony. Brooke relays that she knows what Taylor is going through, and she’d really rather not be there. Nick promises that he is not going to pressure her, it’s her decision. Jackie throws in her two cents again, this is her biological son they are discussing. Brooke agrees to go if Storm needs her, but to only call her if absolutely necessary and could she be somewhere that Taylor won’t see her. Storm agrees that she can stay down the hallway in a room and he will call if he needs her.

Taylor’s female attorney tells her that she needs to warn her that custody hearings can get ugly. She can see that she is upset, but she must remain in control and make the best possible impression on the judge if he is to grant Taylor custody. Taylor says she does understand and thanks to Rick she won’t have to see Brooke. She knows she can stay focused and in control. As long as Brooke is not there, she will be great. Taylor holds Jack and says good-bye and she will see him a little later.

Nick and Brooke show up at the courthouse early. But Storm is not there so they don’t know where this little room is. Nick leaves Brooke in the main courtroom while he goes to find Storm. Likewise Rick and Taylor show up, and he too leaves Taylor to go find Phoebe and the attorney. She thanks him several times for being such an amazing friend and being there for her…it’s the most difficult experience she has been through in her life. He tells her that it is his pleasure. She is going to be fine in there, she’s a great mother and should be proud.

She looks around and there is Brooke. Taylor asks what in the hell is she doing there? Rick promised her that she wouldn’t be. She gets even hotter when she realizes that Storm is going to be the attorney. She jumps to the conclusion that Brooke is going to testify against her. Wouldn’t that make her happy to see Nick walk off with custody of the baby so they could waltz off and be one big happy family? Brooke remarks that it was never her intention to hurt her or Nick. She just wants to make sure she does what is best for the child. Taylor accuses her of wanting to say “our child”. Today is the culmination of her whole plan. She rants that Brooke has poisoned everything in her life…she’s poisoned Ridge against her, now Nick….and she cries now she wants to take away her son as well. Brooke denies it all, and tells Taylor that she needs to calm down because if anybody hears her, this is not going to help her case. Taylor only gets louder and asks why does Brooke care? She’s already ruined everything in her life and she will never have a normal life as it is. “And I’ll be damned if you take my son away from me. I swear you will not do it.” She says Jack belongs to her. Has she got that? And she promised not to even come there today. Nick walks in as well as the judge and the rest of the court as Taylor approaches closer and shoves Brooke with them both ending up in a tussle. The judge gavels for order in the court. The attorney apologizes for her client’s sudden outburst and assures him it won’t happen again. The judge says he doesn’t want to hear excuses. This is a courtroom, not a boxing ring. Now be seated and they can begin.

As soon as it is mentioned they are there for an emergency hearing regarding the safety of Jack Hamilton Marone, Taylor jumps up and spits that this is no emergency…she is the legal mother of this child and she has every intention of being a very good mother to her son. She points her finger and shouts that they will not take her son away from her. Does Nick hear that? The judge pounds his gavel again and demands the lawyer restrain her client. Taylor goes on that she carried Jack for nine months, and she will not allow anyone to take him away. Nick knows that she wanted Jack…and she will never let him take him away. He will never do that, NEVER!

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