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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/28/08


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Nick informs Brooke that he’s hired Storm as his attorney (wonder if he would if he knew he was an attempted murderer?). But, says they will have to be careful with how they handle Taylor. She wants to be alone with her son, but he can’t allow that if there is any hint of her drinking again. She wants to know why he didn’t tell her that Taylor was drinking again, and all he wanted to do was protect her. She’s just glad that nothing bad happened to Jack. It scares the hell out of both of them that he is now alone with Taylor.

Taylor tells Rick that Jack seemed a little confused with his new bedroom and crib, but she sang him a couple of songs and he did go back to sleep. She’s still amazed though that Rick, of all people, would be supporting her on this against Brooke. He doesn’t see it that way, he only wants what is best for Taylor and her son. Taylor laments what is best is that she be with her son. He wants her to be sure of that. She’s told him before that she looked at Jack and saw Brooke and it filled her with rage. Well, he’s Brooke’s son too, does she feel that rage when she sees him? She assures him that no she doesn’t. She sees a wonderful man, a man who is kind and sensitive and very sweet. She doesn’t know how she would have gotten through any of this without him.

Phoebe discusses Nick and Taylor splitting up with Ridge, how weird it is. He replies that some things just are not meant to be. And he infers that are things going on that she doesn’t know about. She asks about Jack, is her mom going to raise him alone? Ridge answers it will probably be joint custody. She mentions that her mom wasn’t quite the same after Jack was born, could this be depression….being a new mom again or something? He sloughs it off as Taylor has all of that behind her. She seemed much better when he saw her earlier and she’ll be back to her old self soon. And the last thing she needs is Phoebe worrying about her, she did say that. Just give her some space and she’ll let them know if she needs them.

Nick lets Storm in who says he has just heard about him and Taylor. He’s sorry, and at the same time surprised that she’s not doing so good. He knows she’s had a rough time the last two years what with the drunk-driving accident that killed Darla and then having to spend time in jail. But he’s surprised as he thought she had straightened herself out. Brooke chimes in that she had, but then she started drinking again. Nick confides that she’s not drinking right now, but she has. And he doesn’t want her to fall off the wagon and be unstable around Jack. So how can they protect themselves as well as Jack? Storm needs a little more information, for them to back up and tell him what made Taylor suddenly change her behavior? Storm looks at Brooke and asks if she had anything to do with this? She admits that yes, but not in the way he thinks – she is Jack’s biological mother. Storm laughs, “so of all the eggs to be accidentally mixed up, what a shocker!” Brooke offers they have all had a hard time with it, but Taylor has had the most difficult time of all. She states that Taylor is emotionally unstable, a woman with an alcoholic past and who has started drinking again. Storm says okay, what does Nick want to do about this? Nick offers that he doesn’t want to take away her parental rights completely, but he does want to be in control of his son and the situation, at least until Taylor has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has pulled herself together. The safety and well-being of his son is all that matters. And that is why he wants to ask for an emergency custody hearing the first thing in the morning.

Taylor advises Rick that she’s going to need him more now than ever and he replies that is why he is there. Is she convinced that she is ready to care for a child on her own? She says yes, otherwise she would not have brought him here. She loves him, she wants to be with him, he’s everything to her. And she will just have to prove that to Nick. She asks him if he will go through the house, the pool house, all the property and remove any alcohol, she wants every bottle removed. She doesn’t want anybody to come up with the idea that she’s been drinking. He states he will be glad to….he’ll start with the bar, the pool house, wine cellar, anyplace there might be alcohol and he will get rid of it. She thanks him, then says what? Why does he keep staring at her? He says nothing….he just keeps looking at her and seeing an unbelievably beautiful woman, yet so fragile at the same time. He doesn’t think anybody really knows what she’s been through….years of being pitted against his mother and losing battle after battle. She says, “well today is a new day. I am not going to be losing this battle.” It may be a bit of a challenge, but nothing she can’t handle. He reminds her that she is entering into a joint custody situation….a future being connected with his mother. She admires her wanting to be a mother to little Jack, but has she ever considered that might not be her place in life? She says no, she knows her place in life is to be with Jack. But, what does Rick see her as?

Felicia pops in and tells Ridge she wasn’t looking for her mom, actually she wanted to see him if she is not interrupting a father/daughter moment. Phoebe says no, she has got to get back to the dorm anyway. They exchange a few words about Eric’s picture in the paper. Says she hid out for a couple of days, and then admitted it was kind of funny. Is he and Donna still together? Felicia says that is why she is here. They have a golden opportunity since it is mom and dad’s anniversary. It’s a biggie and he’s promised that the entire family will be together. So they just have to figure out some way that he won’t leave afterwards. Ridge is not so sure about that. Eric seems pretty committed to Donna. Felicia is defiant, she is not just going to hand Eric over to Donna without a fight. Is Ridge with her? Phoebe answers she thinks they all are, so let her know if she needs anything.

Storm says okay, he understands. Nick wants to proceed as carefully as he can for Taylor’s sake. But, if he wants to remove Jack from Taylor’s care immediately, they need to build a case against her. They have to prove how unstable she is. Nick agrees, but he doesn’t want to drag her through the mud, so do it respectfully. But the bottom line is that he doesn’t want her alone with Jack until she has proven she is stable and her visitation rights are supervised. Storm says now that he has all the facts, he will make a few phone calls and see what they can do. Nick tells Brooke that he hates to do this to Taylor. She hates to do it as well, but they must think firstly of Jack, so he’s doing the right thing there.

Felicia points out to Ridge that she thinks they can convince their dad not to leave. If they get the whole family together and make it very moving and emotional, Ridge knows how Eric is about his greatest accomplishment being his family. Donna can not compete with that. Ridge also points out that his dad is in a different place now. That picture plastered in all the papers, he barely batted an eye. Donna has changed him and he’s actually a happy man now. Sometimes you gotta grab happiness when you can. She says whoa, does she smell trouble in paradise? What has Brooke done now? He admits she hasn’t done anything, but be herself, but it’s driving him a little nuts. She quips, “something to do with Nick’s baby? The one that she is accidentally the mother of?” Surprise, surprise that Nick and Taylor broke up. He says he put his wedding on hold until Brooke can figure all of this out. Felicia laughs that she can read the tea leaves, so good luck. Has he ever thought perhaps this thing with Brooke is not meant to be? Okay, she hopes the two of them will work this out, but what about the anniversary party? He tells her to go ahead and plan it, and he will be there, just don’t expect any miracles. She tells her big brother that is just it, she is expecting miracles and so should he!

Storm tells Nick they are in luck. He was able to get an emergency petition to be heard tomorrow morning and the summons will be served to Taylor. He better go and he will see him in court. Nick scoffs that he never thought he’d be battling for custody of his son. Brooke assures him there is no other way, she just doesn’t get Rick’s involvement in all of this. It’s strange that he became so close to Taylor. Nick thinks perhaps it is a good thing. If Jack comes home with them, Taylor will need someone. But, Brooke’s son? He is a good guy and seems committed to this.

Rick tries to answer that. Where is Taylor’s place? Right now it’s here with him. He tells her she is a brilliant psychiatrist, she’s raised three children, she’s beautiful, talented, sexy and completely irresistible. She tells him if he doesn’t stop being so sweet, she can’t let him come over any more. He chuckles that he can’t stop. That is what he’s being trying to tell her. But, she has nothing to worry about with him. He’s the one man in this entire universe that is not going to fall in love with Brooke Logan. Taylor’s jaw slackens when she is suddenly served the summons to be in court tomorrow. Brooke and Nick surmise that she probably has the papers by now. Brooke knows how that feels since she lost her kids last year, thanks to Stephanie. He reminds her that what happened to her wasn’t her fault. She wasn’t emotionally unstable and she wasn’t drinking. She was completely innocent. Stephanie used her and it was completely different. Now he needs her to stay committed to this regardless of what Taylor goes through.

Taylor almost loses it and says she can’t believe Nick would do this. That he would believe she is not able to take care of her child. No, she is not going to do this, she is talking to Nick! He thinks she is a little emotional right now, maybe it would be best not to call Nick. When Nick answers, she blasts him that how could he do this to her? She reveals it killed her to walk out on him, and she has lost him, but why must he make her lose her baby too? He tells her that he thinks she will eventually pull herself together, but right now it’s too soon for her to be alone with Jack. She can’t believe she is hearing him say this. She doesn’t think he wants her to have custody at all. She thinks he wants to take Jack away from her completely. He promises her that is not the case at all. She spits well then she knows who is responsible. It’s the same person who is responsible for everything she has ever lost in her life – Brooke. She wants Taylor’s baby. She knows that is what she is up to, but she can promise her one thing, Brooke has taken two of her husbands, and she is not going to take her baby too. She swears to God that is not going to happen. “So you can tell her to forget it. You and Brooke are not taking my child!”

As Nick holds Brooke’s hand for support and comfort, Taylor cries that how could Nick do this? She loves him so much. Rick goes to her and holds her, caresses her, kisses her hair and tells her to listen to him. He is not going to let them take her baby away from her….everything will be all right. As she sobs, he reminds her over and over that he is there for her, just lean on him.

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