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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/27/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke and Nick break apart from their kiss and he whispers and asks does she love him? She says God yes, she can’t help it; she will always love him.

Taylor doesn’t want to argue with Rick, but says she is going to do this. She has got to have Jack there with her. She’s been alone for a few days now, and she’s losing her mind. But don’t question her ability to take care of Jack, she’s fine. She just needed a little time to herself, gather her thoughts, get her baby and move on with her life. He invites himself along for moral support.

Stephanie drops in on Ashley at the lab and says she doesn’t know what perfume she is working on, but it certainly agrees with her, she looks absolutely radiant. She notices Stephanie seems to be in a good mood too, and asks if all is working out with her and Eric? Stephanie replies things are looking up, which is why she came to see her. It’s her anniversary and she is having a party and would like to invite Ashley. She laughs and says that might be a little awkward. Stephanie opines that just because her doofus son was stupid enough to break off their engagement, she really wanted to her to come as she feels she is a member of the family. Ashley blushes, well since she put it like that – maybe. She explains what she is working on, it’s unisex. But that is tricky to find something that will sell to both men and women. Stephanie suggests perhaps Ridge could help, he could be her guinea pig. Ashley replies, “careful, your ulterior motive is showing.” And then reveals that besides, she has a different inspiration these days – Rick.

Brooke tells Nick she does love him, but it’s just not possible. He retorts that anything is possible if you want it badly enough. And just know that she will always be a part of Jack’s life no matter what happens between the two of them. Brooke knows that isn’t so if Taylor has anything to say about it, and she can’t believe she is coming today to take him away. Isn’t there anything they can do to stop her? Sadly, he says Taylor does have a right to see her son. Even though Brooke thinks she has been unstable lately. He knows, he feels the same way. He doesn’t want her to take the boy from this house, it doesn’t feel right to him.

Taylor and Rick walk in and immediately Taylor is on the defensive and wonders why Brooke is there? Brooke wonders why Rick is there and he replies he’s there to support Taylor. Taylor asks Brooke if Ridge knows she is over here? Brooke answers that she came when Nick told her that Taylor was coming over for the baby. Sarcastically, Taylor says well of course she did…the two of them share everything…that’s the reason the whole marriage fell apart. Brooke starts to say something about the complicated situation and her taking the baby out of his father’s house, and Taylor snaps at her that she better not dare tell her what to do with Jack. “The baby needs his mother, and it’s about time you accepted that person is me. And it is not you.” Nick tries to calm her down and says that no one is trying to question her role as Jack’s mother. But Taylor throws it up that can’t he see? Brooke can’t wait to get her out of Jack’s life. She is practically salivating at the idea. But it is her name on the birth certificate. “The baby is mine….I carried him….I did the labor….he’s my baby.” Brooke states that she knows that. Taylor continues…..do they all think that she believes this ridiculous story that this was some accident? Like Brooke and her daughter are these altruistic patrons of scientific research “like you graciously just donated one of your eggs for the betterment of mankind.” Now why was it that Brooke even had an egg to donate in the first place? Oh yeah, she remembers now……she was having fertility tests done to see if she could give her husband a baby when she found out Taylor couldn’t!

Taylor rants and asks when was it? When was the point when she said, “hey I know……I’ll just have my daughter implant that egg in Taylor and let her be the incubator and let her do all the work and deliver…and then when she is recovering I’ll run around his office in these tiny little dresses and try to get him fall for me.” And soon the marriage will fall apart, but that isn’t going to happen. She has spoken to an attorney. Nick intervenes again and says that is enough. He thought they were in agreement, this is an ours, yours and mine and he thought they were through with all the conspiracy theories. It was an accident, it was fate or call it whatever you want. What happened, happened, and now they move forward. Taylor bellows fine, she doesn’t care what Brooke does the rest of her life, but if anyone is moving on with Jack, it will be the two of them. She doesn’t want Brooke to be any part of it. She doesn’t even know whey she is here now. She’s the one who ruined their family. Nick asks what is going on here? She certainly isn’t acting like she did yesterday, and she certainly doesn’t seem stable enough to handle a child. Taylor offers that she was hoping that she wouldn’t find Brooke there when she came, but she did. She just needs to be with the baby and she begs Nick to just let her take the baby and she’ll just go. Rick butts in long enough to say that he and Taylor have talked this over, and she has baby-proofed the house and he thinks she is doing really well considering the circumstances. And he chastises Brooke that can’t she see her very presence is driving Taylor crazy? Can she blame her? Brooke sighs and tells Rick they need to give Taylor and Nick some time together to work this out. Nick asks Taylor not to take the baby from the house, out of his home.

Stephanie is shocked when Ashley mentions Rick. She knew they were involved when they were in Paris, that was understandable. It was a beautiful, romantic city, but they are back in the states now, and usually those relationships don’t work out in real life. And she points out that she thinks Ashley gave up on Ridge too soon. Ashley laughs – right! Guess she needs to learn the hard way in life. But eventually she does learn and what she learned is that Brooke and Ridge are going to do this dance they do forever. Stephanie is not so sure about that. She can’t say what it is, but right now it involves Nick and she doesn’t think Ridge is prepared to deal with those consequences. Ashley reveals that she knows about the egg donation thing. Stephanie says good, because she sees it just a matter of time before Brooke goes over to that house on a daily basis and wants to mother that child. And Ridge isn’t going to put up with that. So who knows, this might be Ashley’s chance? Ashley wonders what chance? Her chance to be hurt again? She confesses she cared very deeply for Ridge, but he left her out in the cold. And that’s okay, her wounds have healed and there is no hard feelings. And she’d prefer to leave it that way. Stephanie wants to be sure they will remain friends. He’s going to need one when Brooke walks away from him. Ashley laughs and says of course she will be his friend, but let’s keep it at that. She doesn’t want to wade back into some very complicated waters. She’s a lot of things, but not a masochist. Stephanie asks her just to keep the door open a little crack. Ashley scoffs that in the meantime she has other doors that are opening. Stephanie offers that Rick is a very sweet boy, but he’s not man enough for Ashley.

Brooke tells Rick that he may have come here to offer his help as a friend. But, Taylor needs more than a friend to lean on, she needs psychological help…she’s an alcoholic and she’s delusional. He tells his mom to knock it off and quit saying that stuff. Brooke says it is ridiculous as Taylor is practically accusing her of causing this whole situation. He laments that this woman has been through hell, and he cares about her. Brooke understands that, their lives have been intertwined for years, but she advises Rick to steer clear of Taylor. She’s a walking disaster, and if she starts drinking again, Brooke doesn’t want him anywhere near that. He says he is sorry, but he’s not going to abandon Taylor when she needs him the most. And that is why he came today so that Nick wouldn’t give her any trouble. She has every right to be with her son and he doesn’t want Nick standing in the way.

Nick begs one more time for Taylor not to take his son. Just leave him in the house where the child has stability, he needs that. He needs routine and Taylor can see him anytime day or night. Taylor replies that she would never keep Nick away from Jack, but she is taking him home with her. He needs to be with his mother.

Stephanie informs Ashley that Rick is much younger than her. Ashley answers back that for Stephanie’s information they are both consenting adults who have an awful lot in common. Stephanie chides her that come on, they are at completely different places in their lives. She can understand that Ashley would want to have a fling with a handsome young man….Ashley tells her to wait, she is not comfortable discussing any of her personal relationships with Stephanie. And frankly she has just come out of a difficult breakup, so she’d like to keep her options open. “So that means if I want to take a walk on the wild side with Rick or anybody else, then I’m damn well going to enjoy every second of it.”

Rick tries to get his mother to see that Taylor did not leave Jack, she needed time alone and now she is back. It’s Nick that is trying to spin this into something it is not. She explains that Nick is not being malicious. He just wants what is best for Jack, as does she. Rick agrees, and that would be with his mommy. Brooke knows that is what Rick wants, but she’s like to see Taylor a little more at her wits before taking care of Jack by herself. She really seemed paranoid about all those conspiracy theories. They hear Jack cry through one of the baby monitors and Rick suggests that she go get him.

Taylor apologizes to Nick and says she doesn’t know how he misinterpreted her intentions when she left the house. He says it seemed very clear that she was leaving them both. She wonders how he could think that. That baby means everything to her….now more than ever. He says that may well be, but all he has seen is inconsistent behavior from her…and now she is asking him to let her take his son from his house to hers. She pleads, Jack is all that she has left. She needs him……and she is not the enemy here. She suggests they share their son. They can find a way, she wants them to do that. It’ll work, she promises. And now that her biggest fear is out in the open, there is nothing else to find out and her fear is gone. And the fact is that she really never had him. And she is asking him now not to give her a hard time. She is taking Jack and she is leaving. And not only that, she is asking when Jack is in Nick’s care that he not have Brooke anywhere around.

Ashley advises Stephanie that she is not going to continue to discuss her personal relationships with her, and she hopes she will respect that. And she even mentions a Gene in Accounting who has asked her out, so other doors are opening. And as much as Stephanie wants it, Ashley is not going to sit around and hope Brooke dumps Ridge again.

Brooke walks in with Jack and Taylor immediately asks her to hand him to her. Brooke holds him tighter as if daring Taylor to attempt to take him. Nick chimes in that she can visit any time she wants to, she doesn’t have to take him. Taylor maintains that she is his mother. She is not just going to visit him. She’s taking him home. Nick says this is his home. Taylor says no, he has separate homes now. He has separate homes because his parents are separated and they all know why. She tells Nick to come on, she wants the baby and Nick knows he will be okay with her. He asks, “will he?” He states that she can not drink around him, and she says she won’t. Brooke blurts out that she knew it – Taylor was drinking again. Taylor looks at Nick and says she confided in him and James and didn’t want it to go further than that. Brooke asks her to do what’s right for the child. Taylor says she is….and it would be just like Brooke to kick her while she is down and use that against her. It doesn’t matter anyway, as she is not drinking, so just give her the baby. Brooke looks to Nick and he gives her a nod and Taylor takes Jack and asks Rick to take her home. As he leaves, Rick tells his mom and Nick that he is sorry, but this is the right thing to do.

Brooke cries that she can’t believe Taylor is still drinking; she’s a basket case. What if she gets home and the baby starts crying and she starts drinking? Then what? He said so himself, it’s too risky. She begs him to get Jack back here where he knows he will be safe. He ponders, “she’ll have one night with him. I’ll have my son home tomorrow.”

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