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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/25/08


Written By Wanda
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Nick questions Taylor. She didn’t give him warning that she was coming to take the baby. She says she is Jack’s mother; why wouldn’t she come to take him? He offers that she left. She replies she had to, she thought he understood that. She’s doing much better so that is why she thinks she should have Jack now. She sighs that their problems began when he found out Brooke was the biological mother, and that was something she was not prepared for. He agrees, but they have to live in the reality here. Brooke is the boy’s biological mother and they can’t turn her into an anonymous donor. Taylor says okay, but she’s the baby’s real mother and always will be. She carried him, she gave birth to him, her name is on the birth certificate, so Brooke has no legal claim on him at all. And they are Jack’s parents. He wonders how she can say that the baby needs two parents and then feel that way about Brooke. Taylor says she has learned to live with it, and it would have happened sooner if Brooke had stepped back and not insinuated herself into their lives over and over again, but she did. She used the baby to get closer and closer to Nick. When he tries to tell her that isn’t what Brooke was doing, Taylor can’t believe he is standing there defending her. “I already know she has a piece of your heart. You don’t have to keep saying it to me." She repeats again that she carried him, she delivered him, she is his mother and she wants to be the one to nurture him. His place is with her.

Lt. Baker stares at Stephanie and implores her to tell him if she has more information on who shot her, they will get right on it. All eyes riveted on her, she hesitates, then says the person responsible for what happened to her is right here in this room. Almost in unison, everyone asks her what is going on, who is it? She says it is herself. Ridge asks what in the hell does that mean? Baker asks is she saying she arranged for someone to shoot her? She replies no, it’s not that simple, but it is her own fault. She explains that it has been a bad year and she has angered and hurt a lot of people and done a few things that weren’t too nice. She stammers, but tells the lieutenant that she called him over and hoped they could put an end to this investigation. She tells her that is something the police department can’t just do. She says as far as she is concerned, the case is closed now and forever. Charlie asks if she has anything else to say, and she says no.

Nick asks if Taylor was just planning on coming in there and taking the baby away from him? She tells him no, Jack is his baby too, they will work out some joint custody arrangement. Please tell her that he doesn’t think she would just come in and walk out with her own child? Then she gets it. Oh yeah, he and Brooke have been talking it over about raising her child. He tells her no, this is not about Brooke. This is about the welfare of an innocent child. He thinks they ought to take a little more time with this. She asks what is he saying? Is he going to try to take Jack away from her? He replies he just wants to do what is best for her but the child as well. He remarks that Jack is sleeping right now and the last thing he needs is to be waken up and taken clear across town. He is asking her to give it a little time. Think about it and they will discuss it. She says okay, she is fine with that. When Jack wakes up, give him a kiss for her and tell him she loves him. She tells Nick that she wants him to know that her heart is still breaking from having to leave him. She did love him and always will.

With Lieutenant Baker and Charlie gone, Brooke asks Stephanie what did she just do? Stephanie replies that she closed the case. Storm is a free man. She thought it was best for everyone involved just to close this and put it behind them. “Enough blood has been spilled. Storm, you’re free, and I forgive you.” She informs him that his sister, Katie, made a very eloquent case for him tonight. She had really made Stephanie understand how difficult it was for him growing up and being the real parent in the family. And what a positive influence he had been in their lives. “So I thought you were worth saving. Katie loves you very much.” Ridge admonishes her that doesn’t excuse what Storm did. She says no, he’s right, it doesn’t. She is the only one who can do that. But, it’s over and she is never going to speak of it again. So for Ridge to live his life and not worry about this. Katie thanks Stephanie for really listening and she won’t take this for granted. Even Brooke thanks her and says she is a woman of her word. Donna too thanks her for not sending her brother to prison. Stephanie brushes past her with just a look.

As Taylor is setting up some toys for Jack, Rick awaits at the door….just happened to be in the neighborhood. She invites him in, okay say hi. He’s surprised to hear that she is thinking about bringing the baby home…..back home here. But that gives them tonight….for a little adult recreation while she is still unencumbered. Hmm, she’s not sure she should hit him or hug him. He settles for the hug.

Katie hugs Storm and tells him she is so glad he is free; she can’t believe it. He comments how does she think he feels? He thought he was going to spend the next ten years of his life in jail. Stephanie certainly had her opportunity for revenge, but she just let it go. Donna is cynical, wonder if Stephanie did it for Storm or for herself. Brooke says she wonders that too. She has known Stephanie for a very long time. She never acts without an ulterior motive. A little cooler, Katie says perhaps they are right. She is sure Stephanie wanted to show people, and Eric in particular, that she can change and she has a heart. She looks at Donna and says the question is whether Stephanie can be the kind of woman Eric always wanted her to be, and if so, where does that leave Donna? Brooke wonders if Stephanie can really change. Sure that was a grand gesture, even if it was totally selfless. Donna scoffs that no matter what the motive, she is just glad Storm is free. And if it was to try and win Eric back, she is confident that Eric will remain free too….free from Stephanie’s abuse as he is committed to her. Brooke reminds them that what happened to their family tonight was a wonderful thing, but she has known Stephanie longer than anybody else in this room, “and I say never count her out.”

Eric pours martinis and offers Stephanie one. And asks what made her change her mind? She says well it was important to her that he know that she does have a heart, that she does care about people and she does love him.

Taylor is surprised that Rick is surprised. She only walked out on Nick, not her own baby, she would never do that. He just thought it would be tough on her with the history she has with his mother. Taylor says she is not just going to sit back and let Brooke steal her child as she knows that is exactly what she’d like to do. Taylor apologizes, she shouldn’t even be talking to him like this about his mother. He says it is fine. He just realized something, her son is his half brother. She laughs, right, and that would complicate things a little bit for Rick. He replies that is good because he is good at complications….the story of his life. She asks why is he giving her that look? Just that he is mesmerized and wonders how she can pull herself together so quickly? She jokes, was he on some sort of rescue mission and now he has nobody here to rescue? He says yeah, that about sums it up. She offers that she is making progress. She is just about back to her old self again. He says it’s really good to see her like this….like this what? He kisses her. She tells him he’d better go, he agrees.

Brooke tells Donna that Storm is upstairs sleeping, he’s really exhausted. Donna tells Brooke that she has been thinking what she said and she doesn’t think she has to worry about Stephanie trying to get Eric back. Everything is out in the open and they don’t have to hide their feelings anymore. Brooke advises her to keep her eye on Stephanie. Katie suggests it might be wise to give Eric some space. Stephanie did them a huge favor tonight. Doesn’t Donna think she should wait a little while before rubbing her nose in it that she is losing her husband? A little breathing room might be good. Why not wait and let him come to her? And that way she could be really sure he is committed to her. They’ve had to sneak around and that can be exciting and romantic, but how does she know that is going to translate into a real relationship once the obstacles are removed? Eric saw a change in Stephanie tonight. Now he has a real choice. Why not let him make it? Unless, with time she is afraid Stephanie might win him back. Donna remarks that would never happen, he’s committed to her. Katie suggests again to give him some space and they will all know for sure. Donna concedes, all right fine, she will wait for him to call, and he will, and she will see him as her future is with Eric!

Eric laments that Stephanie heard him? She says of course she did, she always hears him. She doesn’t always act upon it. But she did this today for him, and she has many times before. “And I did it because I need you to know that I love you, and I am capable of changing.” He has one question – did she do this hoping for something in return? She tells him no, absolutely not….however, she has been thinking…they have an anniversary, a big one coming up. She asks would he please spend the day with her and the family to celebrate? And then whatever decision he needs to make, he is free to make that decision that is best for him and his future….no strings attached. He says after what she did today, he agrees. They should spend their anniversary together….this year especially…..the two of them and their wonderful family. She gives him a hug.

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