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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/22/08


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Donna cries to Storm that to just go ahead and say it, she betrayed him. He assures her that it is okay, Stephanie would have held this over their heads for the rest of her life. She would never understand how this family has supported and forgiven him, the kind of love and trust this family has toward each other. But Katie insists they have to do something. They can’t just sit and wait for Lt. Baker to come and put him behind bars….they have to try to get to Stephanie. Brooke doesn’t think it will do any good, no talking to Stephanie when she has her mind made up. Katie bolts out and says she is going to try anyway.

Nick tells Taylor that he likes hearing her talk like that. It’s more like the woman he fell in love with. She laments that she just needed a few days to get her head together, to start exercising again and eating right…she’s feeling much stronger. And he mentions more at peace too. She admits that is all she wanted, was some inner peace. And she’s just sorry it turned out the way it did, he could have been the love of her life.

Donna tells Brooke that Katie is right. They can’t just let Stephanie throw Storm in jail. Brooke can only hope that Lt. Baker won’t believe Stephanie since she has changed her story so many times. Storm tells them again that it is okay. He wanted to confess from the beginning, so now it looks like the time has come for him to do that. And Stephanie will lose all her power over them and can not tell them what or what not to do. Can they understand that? This will be the best thing for the family.

Stephanie scolds Eric. This isn’t just affecting her and him and Donna. It has affected the business and the entire family. The press is in a feeding frenzy and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing. The very things she wanted to avoid with any scandal is indeed happening. Eric answers that he understands how concerned she is with the press and what everybody is going to think, but as he has told her before, he doesn’t care about that. He loves Donna and likes who he is when he’s with her. Stephanie scoffs that it is obvious that he doesn’t give a damn about anybody but himself. Eric admits that he has not been the perfect husband, but he also points out that Stephanie has not taken responsibility for the problems in their marriage and that she had lied to him from the onset….and she knows what he is talking about! She replies, “oh for God’s sake, don’t drag up ancient history now.”

Eric says okay, forget ancient history. Just more recently that has happened so many times in their marriage that he has absolutely lost count. She stands there and talks about moral accountability. Does she knows what she should do – just look in the mirror? They both point fingers at each for poor judgment. And he charges that most of this is about her – what she wants and how she wants to turn things around to suit her and how she can influence everybody else. She doesn’t care or know about the effect it has on everybody else or how much it hurts them, including him and her own children. She offers she has only tried to do what she thought best for everyone. There’s the old saw, he says, the excuses he has heard so many years and years and if she believes that, she is deluding herself. Just once…..only once he’d like to see some compassion from her, some sympathy from her for what’s going on. Miracles do happen!

Katie walks right on in and announces that she needs to speak with Stephanie alone. The gang follows and Ridge charges toward Storm and calls him a son of a bitch and why is he here? Ridge tells him to get out of this house, and Brooke has to pull them apart and tells Ridge to calm down. Stephanie tells Katie that she appreciates her coming here to speak on behalf of her brother, but it’s really not going to make any difference. Katie reminds her that she thinks the Logan’s and the Forrester’s have a lot more in common than Stephanie thinks…like loyalty, compassion. She knows her brother did a terrible, terrible thing and in her head she can understand Stephanie wanting to lock him up and throw away the key. In her head, even she has a hard time defending him….but in her heart he’s just her brother. He’s the person that was always there for her, cheering her on from the sidelines, building her up when she felt small, defending her no matter what. Stephanie listens and says she sees that Katie loves him and he’s very dear to her, but this doesn’t change what she is going to do. Katie alludes to the fact that Stephanie had a rough childhood too, it was no picnic, so she thought she would understand about Storm. Stephanie explains they are not discussing her childhood. Katie continues – but Stephanie knows how it is to grow up angry, focusing all that anger on one person, regardless if she deserves it or not. That rage can make a person do terrible things. She points out that Stephanie has focused her anger at Brooke for so many years….how many terrible things did it make Stephanie do?

Stephanie admits that what Katie says is true. She understands that father/son relationships are very complex and she knows that Storm has an enormous amount of rage where his dad is concerned. “But Katie, is that an excuse to put a bullet in me?” Katie can’t make it that simple….where is Stephanie’s compassion and forgiveness? She begs her to try to find it within herself….don’t let the anger take over….find her heart. Don’t even do it for Katie, or her family…not even for Storm. Do it for herself…or she promises her she will live to regret it.

Nervously, Nick tells Taylor that he is glad she came by. He had left messages that she hadn’t answered. And it is still hard not to worry about someone you love. She thinks that is sweet. He continues that love doesn’t die for him…it just shifts and changes. When you care about somebody, it is always there. He laughs and says he guesses that is part of his problem! She wonders what he will do if Brooke does marry Ridge. He says he will just have to accept it and get over it. They both agree they just want the best for each other and for them to be happy, just sorry it wasn’t with each other.

Ridge shouts that Storm shot his mother and pinned it on his own father. What kind of sick bastard does that? Storm replies that Ridge is right, and he does plan on turning himself in. Ridge tells him good, because he has no choice. And he will have plenty of time to think about it as he rots behind bars. Storm reminds him that his mother is not exactly innocent in all of this. Ridge knows what she did to Brooke, and now Donna….but after he confesses, then she won’t have any power to hold over them. Donna won’t have to give up Eric and that will make it all worthwhile.

Donna cries to Eric that it’s all over for Storm. Stephanie is going to send him to prison for life. Eric holds her and apologizes….nothing he said to Stephanie had any impact at all. Donna adds that it is all her fault…perhaps she should not have told him about the blackmail and just broke it off with Eric and did what Stephanie wanted her to do. He tries to calm her down and tells her no, no, no, he couldn’t imagine his life without her. She cries that she loves Eric so much, but it kills her to know it is because of them that Storm is going to prison. Eric explains that it is not because of them. He knows how much she loves her brother, but he did commit a serious crime and what they will do is mount the strongest defense they can. They will tell the court about the treatment he is getting, the pressure he was under, the difficult childhood he had. Even bring the father and mother back…they’ll do everything they can. She hugs him and thanks him….it means the world to her that he is willing to defend her family. He warns her there is no guarantee that they will succeed. This is classic Stephanie…she hasn’t changed, she’d still meddling and manipulating other people’s lives. But it’s done now, and they are all free of her, all of them. She says yeah, except for her brother. Eric says maybe he won’t go to prison, maybe they will succeed.

Stephanie tells Katie that is an interesting conclusion she has drawn. By helping her brother, showing him compassion, she helps herself. Katie gives Eric as a perfect example. Why was he so vulnerable to another woman? He has been crying out for Stephanie’s love and compassion for years. She can show it to him by showing it to Katie’s brother. One problem with that, says Stephanie. That logic is rather self-serving. Katie tells her maybe this is her one big opportunity to change her life. Things like this don’t come around all that often…surprise people…..surprise herself. Maybe this is a chance to start healing old wounds, letting go of some of that anger. Stephanie says she is sorry, and walks off.

Taylor tells Nick that he’s been a wonderful husband and she has never thought anything less than that of him. It’s just that she can’t share him in her marriage. He remarks that he does understand. She adds that the stress was just really driving her crazy, and she had to make a change. He hopes it is a change for the better. And the old self is the one closest to his heart and always will be. They both laugh when she suggests that maybe they can hang out together better with them not being married. Then he stops dead in his tracks when she mentions going up to get the baby and take him home. He says she can’t do that, she walked out on them. She replies she walked out on Nick, not Jack. She’s not leaving here without him.

Lt. Baker walks in just as Eric tells Storm that he will look out for and take care of all the sisters for him. He has his word on that, and they will present the best defense case for Storm as well. Storm replies that Eric is a good man, but he did a horrible thing and this is the best way. Lt. Baker asks Stephanie what is this all about? It is about the shooting, isn’t it? She thanks him for coming and yes it is about the shooting. He tells her well if she has new information, now is the time to give it up. I feel a speech coming on – she says that justice is a very important thing. The day she got shot was probably the most frightening experience she’s ever had in her life because at that moment she thought she was going to die. It really haunts her every single day of her life, and she didn’t want it to come to this, but here they are.

Stephanie says they know who didn’t shoot her, it wasn’t Stephen Logan. Charlie says but she said she didn’t see the man. She agrees, she didn’t, but she knows who pulled the trigger. Lt. Baker cuts to the chase. Okay, does she or does she not know who shot her? He wants to close this case, so if she knows, tell him! When she is silent, he adds that if she is afraid of repercussions, don’t be, because they will put them away for a very long time. “So come on now, Mrs. Forrester, who did this to you?”

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