B&B Thursday Update 2/21/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/21/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Donna begs Stephanie. She loves her brother, please don’t let something bad happen to him. Stephanie sticks to her guns and points out to her that when they grow up most people have to accept responsibilities for their actions. What is about to happen to her brother is the result of her own actions. So it is she that bought him a one-way ticket to prison.

Taylor drops in on Nick to check up on Jack and asks how he is eating and sleeping and comments on how great it was holding him. Nick agrees, Jack is a miracle. Then he asks how she is? She admits that leaving him was the hardest thing she has ever done in her life, but he knows it was the right thing to do.

Ridge is surprised to say the least to find his dad at home. He thought he would be halfway to Tahiti by now….Stephanie must know. Eric says yeah, the paper was aboard the plane and she saw it before they took off. So she knows everything now. Ridge admits that he does too. Brooke told him of the deal to protect her brother. How could Eric let him walk away like that? Storm Logan shot his mother and is a very dangerous man. Eric pooh-poohs that, he’s just under extreme pressure….it just built up and it’s been so overwhelming for him. Ridge asks what makes his father think this won’t happen again? He replies that Storm is getting treatment; he wants to get better. He admits that Ridge’s mother’s safety and well-being is very much on his mind these days, but he is also worried about Donna’s family and that’s why he’s trying to protect Storm. But Ridge has just got to help him as his mother is not listening to him. He’s got to convince her to back off.

Donna begs for Stephanie to show a little mercy. Can they make another deal? Coolly, Stephanie says no, they tried that once. They had an agreement. It was beneficial to everyone, so don’t start with those crocodile tears. She has to do this and never should have made the deal in the first place. Her brother is dangerous and needs to be locked up. Donna sobs and tells Stephanie that Storm is in therapy and getting help….he won’t get that in prison. Brooke walks in and tells Stephanie that she needs to leave. Stephanie states she is glad the two of them are here as this will make it easier. She bets both Brooke and Katie knew about this, so that makes them both culpable and in a way just as responsible for what is now going to happen to their brother.

Nick tells Taylor that he was completely committed to her. She comments that she thinks he forced himself to think he loved her, but when she learned he still had the feelings he did for Brooke she had no choice but to leave him. He went away all day soul searching and came back and said that he was in love with another woman and always would be. She really doesn’t know how else she should react. He talks the talk and says he was in love with her, he still loves her. He wanted their marriage, their family, she knows that. She answers that she can’t accept that. “I can’t be with a man who has love in his heart for another woman. I can’t, especially if it is Brooke.” But she can’t even blame Nick. She blames Brooke as this is exactly what she wanted. She kept coming around and he fell for it, completely consumed in those old feelings. He concedes that he made the choice to be honest with her and she knew he was committed to her. It was her choice, she chose to walk out on the marriage. She says only because she wants a marriage where her husband is 100% with her, and he could have never given her that and he knows it!

Brooke admits to Stephanie that yes they knew Donna was lying to her about seeing Eric, but they had also told her she couldn’t keep it a secret forever. But Donna didn’t listen to them and now things are spiraling out of control. Katie begs Stephanie not to punish Storm for Donna’s mistakes. Brooke relates that Donna has learned her lesson. She was caught in the act and she knows she has to break things off now. Katie begs again that Storm is in therapy and getting better every day, but he still needs help and he won’t get it in prison. If Stephanie could just talk to him, she’d see how grateful he is to her, then she’d understand. He wanted to come talk to Stephanie, he’s a good man. Stephanie tells Katie that she is sorry but she doesn’t agree with her. After all, he shot her and beyond that he was prepared to let his father take the blame and go to prison. That is not the actions of a good person, a good man or a mentally stable person. Stephanie says she is sorry but due to Donna’s actions and their own, their brother will go to prison where he belongs. She tells Katie that she actually admires her. She defends her family and she respects that in her, but it’s too late. She points out that Brooke and now Donna think they can take anything they want anytime from Stephanie, so this is finished.

Right in front of the girls, Stephanie calls Lt. Baker and says there has been a new development, and they arrange to meet in an hour. Brooke accuses her that Stephanie has absolutely no compassion. Stephanie’s parting shot is that part of her feels badly for their brother. She can’t even imagine what he will think and feel when he finds out he was betrayed by his own sister, the one who he loved and cherished and protected. She laughs – and for what – sex? Money? Fame? It just shows how shallow Donna really is. Before she leaves, she stops and says if she were them, she’d talk to her brother and tell him to get his affairs in order. She has a feeling the court will put him away for quite a long time.

Taylor wants to know if Nick has talked to Brooke about this? He tells her this is all very uncomfortable. He had asked Taylor to stay and work on the problem, but she chose to leave. She can’t understand how he would expect her to live like that knowing he loved Brooke. She is curious, is Brooke coming back to him? Did she turn him down? He’s hesitant to answer so she says she thought he would be happier, he must feel very alone right now….….but that’s what happens when you’re in love with two people at once, you run the risk of losing them both.

Eric tells Ridge this is already a terribly painful situation and he’s just trying to not let it get worse. Ridge scolds him that he’s just trying to protect what he has with Donna when he should be worried about his wife. He thinks his dad’s priorities are all mixed up and his first priority now is definitely not Stephanie. And that is who Ridge is going to look out for. Stephanie walks in and overhears this and quips, “well, I’m glad someone is looking out for me. My husband sure as hell isn’t.”

Taylor assures Nick that she is through competing with Brooke for a man’s love. She’s done that with Ridge and looking back she could see it happening. She could feel she was starting to live this pattern again. He warns her not to compare him to the dressmaker, they are nothing alike. She knows he was completely devoted to her. She answers well they were alike in one respect. Once Brooke got under their skin, neither knew how to let go of her. And she knew the day that the whole truth came out about Jack, she knew all hope for them was doomed. He would never be able to separate himself away from Brooke. Nick mumbles that he would have liked to have had the chance to try. He’s sorry she was hurt so badly. She offers it was that damn mix-up. If that hadn’t of happened, they would still be together. They could have lived a beautiful life together….raised their child together. She wipes back the sniffles and says she will always love him, but it’s time for her to move on to a new direction…hopefully one day she will meet a man who isn’t in love with Brooke and he will have a place in his heart just for Taylor. Meantime she will just be content to work on herself and get back to the woman she wants to be.

Stephanie tries to explain to Ridge that the girls begged her to let Storm go. He’d get treatment. Eric asks so what now? What is she going to do with all that compassion? She turns and says let’s not go there. Lt. Baker will be coming over, so what will be will be. (Ann should be here for Que Sera, Sera).

Storm rushes in and asks what is so important that he had to come right away? Everybody tries not to speak at once and he has to keep asking what are they not telling him? No more family secrets, he needs to know, what is it? With all eyes avoiding him and everyone tearing up, he guesses it must have to do with Stephanie? She’s changed her mind? He knew it was too good to be true. He wanted to go to her a long time ago and thank her personally. Katie finally tells him there is something he needs to know. Stephanie was not acting out of the goodness of her heart….she wanted something in return. She wanted Donna to stop seeing Eric. He’s ashamed, is that why Donna broke up with Eric? So he could have his freedom? She cries, but she didn’t break up with him. He actually thinks that is good. He doesn’t want her to forego her happiness for him. It’s a good thing she did not give in to Stephanie’s demands. He knows how much she loves Eric. It’s okay…..the question is does Stephanie know that she is still seeing Eric? Donna cries that yes she does. Lt. Baker is on his way to her house now and she will tell him the truth. “We’re going to lose you, Stormy, and it’s all my fault.”

Nervously he laughs, contemplates and shrugs that he guesses he is going to jail after all. He supposes the judge will throw the book at him for ten, or fifteen years. “Hmm, oh my God.”

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