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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/20/08


Written By Wanda
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Eric says he doesn’t want to fight with Stephanie. She asks if he thinks she is just supposed to accept this? So he can just get rid of her and have his precious Donna. He offers that he doesn’t want to be married to her anymore and live his life like this. She chides him, sneaking around, hiding on a window ledge, is that what he means? He retorts no, being dominated by her, being controlled by her, being told what to say and what to do, what to feel, that is his relationship with her. He doesn’t think she can change even if she wanted to. She tells him shame on him. He lied to her, he betrayed her and now he stands there and tries to make it her fault. Shame on him and also shame on her for ever listening to him and believing him.

Brooke asks Ridge where has he been? He missed the entire meeting. Dryly he says he got tied up with his mom and dad. Donna is what happened. She tells him if he is worried about Donna, don’t be. She and Eric broke up some time ago. He replies really, then how does she explain this – as he holds up the infamous picture of Eric on the window ledge. Brooke’s first word is, Oh my God, Storm!” Ridge wonders what Storm has to do with it?

Donna doesn’t understand why Storm won’t go to Europe. It would be so much easier if he would get out of town. Katie replies it would have been easier if Donna simply had stayed away from Eric. Donna concedes that Katie was right and she was wrong, but she doesn’t need to hear her ‘I told you so.’ She realizes that she and Eric messed up and now Storm is going to pay the price. Katie tries to stay optimistic. Perhaps Eric managed to get Stephanie to Tahiti after all and she won’t see the picture. That’s the only thing that will keep Storm out of jail.

Stephanie points out this is so pathetic….this charade….pretending he broke up with Donna, a total disregard for everything they ever shared. And Eric brings up what sort of woman would resort to blackmail to get her husband back? He knows all about Stephanie offering to keep Storm out of jail if Donna gave him up. He brags that he and Donna don’t keep secrets; they trust each other. How can Stephanie not see that? You can’t win a person’s heart by blackmail. He shares that Donna has his heart because she has faith in him….something that he feels from her and not Stephanie in all their years together. And the real shame here is that he didn’t realize he deserved to be loved the way Donna loves him. And doesn’t Stephanie think that it kills him to walk away from this family? Doesn’t she think that he planned to spend the rest of his life by her side? He didn’t plan on reaching out to anyone else. And he didn’t reach out to somebody else for the thrill. He reached out to find someone who would treat him as an equal, the way Stephanie never did.

Brooke tells Ridge that she has to tell him something about his mother. She has been blackmailing Donna. He’s aghast. She continues…..she knows something about Storm and if the truth gets out, it could really tear their family apart and Storm’s life will be over. Ridge doesn’t understand what his mother could possibly know about Storm to blackmail Donna. She confesses that it was Storm that shot his mother…..he never meant to kill her…he was just trying to set his dad up. He was angry and his rage just boiled over. She states that he knows he did wrong and he’s even getting help for it so prison is not the place for him. And then Stephanie made a deal with them. She wouldn’t go to the police and tell them what Storm did if Donna ended it with Eric. Can he believe she actually did that? Ridge replies that what he can’t believe is that Storm actually shot his mom, yet Brooke didn’t bother to tell him.

Katie admonishes Donna that Eric can’t keep Stephanie in Tahiti and plying her with banana daiquiris for the rest of her life. At some point she will come back and see the photo. Donna says okay, they will just say the photo has been doctored, it’s a fake. Katie tells her she really is grasping at straws. And she has to go find Brooke and get her to find Stephanie so he won’t ruin their brother’s life.

Eric tells Stephanie that she can not send Storm to prison. She reveals it is not a threat. It is the consequences of his and Donna’s actions. Telling her that he wanted a reconciliation, what a liar! He says if she doesn’t like being lied to, then people don’t like being blackmailed either. Certainly not the Logan family, the way she has treated them over the years. It has got to stop right now. She shouts for him to stop it. This does not have a damn thing to do with her treatment of the Logan family and everything to do with him wanting to have sex with a surgically enhanced young girl. He asks would she really have been happy to have him back by her side through blackmail? She corrects him. It wasn’t blackmail, it was a simple agreement. But Donna couldn’t keep the agreement, so her brother goes to prison. He repeats again that boy is not going to prison. She gloats that Eric has nothing to say about this. Storm is going to prison where he belongs. “At least some justice will be served out of this whole fiasco.”

Stephanie picks up the paper again and tells Eric this is him….. he was caught naked….naked on a window ledge at some seedy Hollywood apartment. Doesn’t he really think he is a little old for that? For God’s sake he is a grandfather. This is proof itself of what she has always said. He needs her to save himself from himself. He says he sees that she feels betrayed and wants revenge, but she is not going to send Storm to prison. She replies she has been betrayed. She can just hear it now what he told Donna, “Don’t worry, dumb old Stephanie….we can have sex right under her nose. She’ll never catch on.” He tells her again, sex is not what it is all about. She says yeah, yeah, yeah, she’s heard that before….it’s about finding someone he can relate to. If he says it enough, he’ll start to believe it. She tells him she has always listened to him. It is him that hasn’t heard her. She knows she is controlling and manipulative, wonder why? But she says she has tried to change, she really has. He mocks that this new compassionate Stephanie who is working so hard to care for people, how is she going to feel when she sends this young man to prison? She simply says he pulled the trigger, he’s going where he belongs.

Brooke asks Ridge how was she supposed to tell him? It’s not something that easily comes up in conversation. She shouldn’t have trusted Stephanie, that’s for sure. But she said she would do anything for Brooke after the rape, so she went to her and begged for leniency for Storm and she turned her down flat. Ridge says of course she did, why would she offer leniency to a guy who had shot her? Brooke replies but Stephanie came back to her when she realized she could use it to her advantage. She’s doing what she always does – manipulates and gets revenge. Katie comes in and tells Ridge she is glad he is there. The family needs him. He needs to call off his mother and tell her not to send Storm to prison.

Donna is thinking to herself that she wishes Storm would get out of the country. She is shocked when she opens the door and Stephanie looms large. She barges in and says, “I bailed out over Hawaii.” Then she lambastes Donna for being such an absolute amazing liar…and one of the most selfish people she has ever met….and she laughs that as a result her brother is now going to prison. Donna bluffs that she doesn’t know what Stephanie is talking about. Stephanie reminds her that she couldn’t keep her end of the bargain to stay away from Eric, so now Storm goes to prison.

Ridge asks Katie to repeat herself. She wants him to call off his mother? She says yes, that she has been holding them hostage ever since she found out Storm was the one who shot her. Ridge says, “well, gee, I wonder why?” Brooke points out that she is blackmailing them and that is illegal. He says so is attempted murder. He still doesn’t see how she could keep this from him. Her whole family kept this damn secret. Katie retorts that so did the victim. She was more than happy to if it meant breaking up Eric and Donna. He asks what is to prevent Storm from coming after her again? He thinks his mother is crazy for letting that psycho stay on the streets. Brooke downplays that, he is receiving therapy. He has no intention of hurting Stephanie or anyone else ever again. He’s not so sure, Storm could snap at any moment. He’s really messed up. Brooke says he is right, Storm has issues, but sending him to prison is not the answer. He laments that he doesn’t think that is for her to decide or even his mother to decide. Storm needs to go before a judge, that’s all there is to it! She begs him to forget prison, just speak to his mother. He offers it is probably too late, they should be on their way to Tahiti by now. It’s his dad’s way of trying to keep Stephanie from seeing the photo.

Brooke scoffs; Eric can take Stephanie as far away as he wants to but she will come back and she will see the picture and then want to put Storm away for good. She begs Ridge to please talk and get through to her. He tells Brooke he is sorry. He knows this is a difficult time for all of them. Storm did the crime, so he needs to do the time. Storm shot his mother, he has to go to jail.

Nervously Donna laughs and tells Stephanie she must have seen that photo of Eric…the nerve of some people to doctor that photo….the paparazzi are so terrible. Stephanie chuckles and says in a way she was willing to put her life at risk for Donna’s family’s happiness, and it was an arrangement that would have benefited everyone….but it doesn’t matter now. She announces she is not making any judgments, just here to tell her what happens now. Donna charges how can she be so cruel? Stephanie replies she is not the one who sacrificed her brother. And this is the way she repays him by selling him out. What was it – the money, the sex, the fame? Everything that Eric had to offer was too much to resist?

Haughtily, Donna answers that don’t Stephanie dare make this relationship so cheap because it isn’t. They are in love and it has nothing to do with fame or fortune. Stephanie answers that whatever it is, is it worth the cost? Donna begs her to please don’t do this. As her parting shot, Stephanie says that when Donna sees her brother in prison, and she is sure she will, he’ll know that Donna put him there. He’ll never forget that and she is sure Donna won’t either.

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