B&B Tuesday Update 2/19/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/19/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Eric talks to Donna and they both thank God that Stephanie didn’t see him out on the ledge. They got away with it. She laments that it was just a little too close for comfort last night and they are going to have to be more careful. If Stephanie finds out, she is a scary woman and she will send Storm to jail. Eric claims she is not going to find out. They are in the clear, but just need to cool down for a while. He changes the subject when he sees Stephanie approaching. She causes a mild ripple to his heart when she asks if he wants “honey” with his tea? He confesses he has something to tell her. He went to Donna’s yesterday to take her a Valentine gift and she kicked him out; shut the door in his face. Stephanie is sympathetic as that must have been very hurtful to him. He sighs and says it was a reminder of what kind of woman Donna really was and not the kind of woman he wants to be involved with. And it reminded him of what a fool he has been chasing after such a young girl. Stephanie quips that if she thought Donna was chasing him again, she’d shoot her. He tells her not to worry, his days of being a fool are over. He sits down and opens the paper – and there he is splashed across the page all but naked. Clumsily he spills his tea and makes a big mess that he hastily cleans up with the newspaper and napkins. Stephanie is none the wiser. Ridge walks in and Eric besieges him for his help.

Donna takes a lick of honey from her fingers as Katie comes in for breakfast. She asks what is up as Donna has this strange, sly look on her face, like she is hiding something, put something over on someone. And what was she doing that was so important last night? She blew off the family meeting. Donna said it just totally slipped her mind. Why did she and Brooke want to see her? Katie reminds her there is a lot going on in their family and she knows what she is talking about. Donna tells her not to be such a worrywart and then dances around to avoid any more questions about where she was last night. Finally Katie asks her outright, was she with Eric? Donna is not in the mood for one of her lectures even though Katie says this is about their brother’s freedom. Donna maintains that everything is under control, so no more grilling, just let her relax and read the paper. She flips open the paper and literally flips herself when she sees Eric’s picture. Katie takes the paper from Donna’s hand and does another “oh my God!” And wonders how she and Eric could have been so idiotic?

Ridge tells Eric he was real smooth, naked on a window ledge. His mother had told him she was suspicious that he was still seeing Donna, but he wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. He was hoping she was wrong, obviously she wasn’t. And by the way, where is Stephanie? He’s surprised she hasn’t cut off Eric’s head by now, unless she is over skewering Donna’s. Eric states that Stephanie hasn’t seen the picture yet, so Ridge has got to help him. Ridge thinks that is a little too late. There must be a million of the papers floating around Los Angeles. His suggestion is just to come clean, she already knows about Donna, so why continue playing this game? Eric says he has to. It’s not just about Donna. Stephanie is blackmailing Donna and the Logan family. Ridge says then he doesn’t know how he can get out of this. He might have to send Stephanie to Tahiti to keep her from seeing this. Eric says that is a great idea.

Donna exclaims she is not happy about this and has no idea how the picture ended up in the paper. Oh God, what if Stephanie sees it? Katie swears that she will, it’s a full page spread. Katie warns her that she had warned her many times and she could not keep her clothes on for five seconds, not even for their brother’s sake. It’s not very bright of her to think she could outsmart someone like Stephanie Forrester.

Eric gets on the phone and makes quick plans. Of course he surprises Stephanie when he wants to whisk her way out of the country. Somewhere where there are no distractions, just the two of them. She thinks it is a lovely surprise but they can’t just drop everything and do that. He claims they have to, to repair their relationship, sort of get re-acquainted with each other. She starts to object again and in the other room she sees Ridge waving her to go. She wants to get a book or some newspaper, but Eric spirits her out the door saying they don’t need newspapers. They will have plenty to talk about and he can’t wait.

Donna tells Katie that Stephanie isn’t beating down the door, so maybe she hasn’t seen the picture yet. Katie feels it is only a matter of time and they have got to get Storm out of the country. Storm walks in and wonders what is up with them huddling together? Katie explains again that they think it would be best if he would go to Europe and be with their dad. He says he doesn’t want to leave his family and it’s settled. He’s staying right here. Donna feels the need to slip away and make a phone call.

Eric and Stephanie are ushered aboard the jet by Carly and Davis who say they will be on their way shortly. Stephanie can’t help but ask if Eric is up to something? He makes sure she is comfortable in a chair. She thanks him for doing this and then confesses that she doesn’t want any secrets between them. From this moment on, she wants complete trust and honesty. She tells him she hired a private investigator. She’s not proud of it, but she did it. And that is how she found out where Donna was and that he did take her a Valentine gift…and she understands that. He needs closure and she accepts that. She can see that he is ready to move on with their marriage to try and heal it. And that makes her very happy……plus she knows she can’t compete with a beautiful young girl like Donna. He replies, “Donna Logan can’t hold a candle to you, Stephanie Forrester.”

She swallows her pride and thanks him profusely. She knows over the years that he thinks she does not respect him, but she does. She sees in him all the style and grace…she knows he’s honest and a man of integrity….she’s grateful that he is her husband…he’s a prince and always will be. She’s just glad they got through this whole affair without a scandal. She knows Donna hurt him and he thinks she made a fool of him, but nobody can make a fool of him.

His phone rings and he sees it is Donna, so he makes excuses to Stephanie that it is the office and he’d better take it in private before they take off. Donna asks if he has seen the paper? He replies that yes, unfortunately he has. She asks what are they going to do? If Stephanie sees that, Storm is going to jail. He tells her to calm down, he’s not going to let that happen. He explains that he is taking Stephanie on a trip. They are on the jet now. He’s going to get her as far away from Los Angeles as he can. Storm is not going to prison, he won’t let that happen.

Carly brings Stephanie the Bloody Mary’s that Eric ordered and tells her how romantic it is that Mr. Forrester is springing this impromptu trip on her. Stephanie agrees, he’s a very thoughtful person. Carly leaves the Tribune for Stephanie to look at. Frantically, Eric makes communications and wants to find a much smaller place, remote, away from everything…no phone, no internet, no television, no anything. He wants it completely cut off from everything. He exhales deeply and swears that Stephanie is never going to see that picture. He’ll make sure of it.

Wrong! She does and she explodes “you son of a bitch.” None the wiser, Eric returns all glib with all the plans are set, they will have a lovely little cabana out on the water. No e-mail, no internet, no phones, no TV, nothing, “just you and me and the turquoise sea.” She chuckles she hopes it is not so remote that they don’t get the news or newspapers. He proclaims they don’t need newspapers, this is an escape. “Escape, yes…..you really put yourself out on a ledge for me, didn’t you?” He reminds her the word is “out on a limb.” She corrects him. She thinks actually that ledge is the appropriate word. She knows why he wants to take her to Tahiti; he doesn’t want her to see the newspaper. She holds up the picture.

His heart sinks. He sighs as Stephanie says that he’s lied to her….betrayed her…he made her believe this affair with Donna was over. She scoffs that she just sat there two minutes ago telling him how wonderful he was….such a charade. And she had finally thought that all their years together meant something to him after all. But, he’s just played her for a fool. He says there is something he wants to say. She admits there is nothing he could say now to make things right. She knows he never intended to work on this marriage. Never….everything she dreamed and hoped for, he has just thrown away. And for what? “To be a naked old man shivering out on a window ledge in the middle of the night.” They’ve spent their lifetime building a business and this family…..and in one night he has managed to make them the laughing stock of the town. Is he proud of that?

He braces himself and says that actually he is. Everything is different now. He adds that he has spent his entire life listening to her and worrying what other people think. He admits he doesn’t care any more, not at all. He loves Donna, and the only regret he has is that she forced them to hide away from everybody as if they were ashamed of what they were doing. He declares that he is NOT ashamed, and he doesn’t care who knows it. He doesn’t care who sees that picture. He’s so tired of living with this ax over his head. He tells Stephanie that their marriage is over….he’s in love with Donna….his future is with Donna, “and you’re just gonna have to accept it.”

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