B&B Monday Update 2/18/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/18/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie bullies her way through Donna’s room exclaiming that she knows her husband is there and she is going to find him. Donna denies it, and Stephanie, of course, is not believing a word she says. Stephanie doesn’t think he would be that stupid, but she looks out the window, or at least attempts to until she realizes it is stuck. Katie tries to call Donna and tells Brooke that their family is doomed if Stephanie catches Donna with Eric. Brooke is more positive than that. Donna knows how much this means and she would not jeopardize Storm’s freedom. The kids come in with Ridge and hand their mommy a doggie bag. Katie scoots them upstairs so their mom and dad can have some alone time.

Stephanie does get the window open and looks out as far as she can see. Eric is just beyond her eyesight hidden behind a column with only a towel clutched over his middle. Of course, Donna thinks he has been spotted and she starts to explain to Stephanie who says that he’s not there, but she knows he was. Meanwhile Rocky, the P.I. laughs, “Eric Forrester out on a ledge in your birthday suit. There’s gotta be a woman inside. Stephanie’s up there by now. Let the fireworks begin.”

Donna asks if Stephanie is satisfied now? She told her that Eric wasn’t there, so get out! Stephanie tells her not so fast, she’s not through with her. She hired a private investigator and he followed Eric here, so she’s not home free yet.

Katie drops in on Nick and tells him that she knows this is unexpected, but she needs to talk to him about Brooke. He really can’t be a part of her sister’s life anymore. When he’s surprised and curious, she offers that Brooke is with Ridge now…she’s happy…..she has a child with him. Things are finally starting to calm down. She thinks he and Brooke just need to stay away from each other. He asks who was the guy? The one who hurt her so badly? Then invites her to stay for supper that he was just putting on the table.

Ridge asks Brooke to tell him what’s the matter. If there is something bothering her, he needs to know. She confides there was, but not anymore. She explains she has been so worried about little Jack and Ridge has been so patient with her, she just wants to thank him for that. He says that he is just fighting for their family, for Hope and R.J., for the life they want, that they deserve. She says she hopes he believes her when she says she wants that too.

Donna demands that Stephanie has no right to be there. Eric is not there. Stephanie tells her the P.I. called her this afternoon after Eric had been followed to this building. So there is no need for Donna to stand there and deny anything. She says she thought he was still sleeping with Donna, but she wasn’t certain until she found the pills. She counted them, she knows he’s using them. Playing innocent, Donna asks what pills? Then she gulps and says Eric doesn’t need any pills for enhancing. He’s au natural. Stephanie laughs and retorts, “honey, he hasn’t been au natural for years.” Outside in his car, Rocky aims the zoom camera at Eric on the ledge and justifies that this is strictly business. Stephanie tells Donna to cut the B.S. Don’t insult her intelligence as they both know Eric was there. Donna finally admits, okay he was there. He came to give her a Valentine’s Day present and that was it. She wanted him to stay, but she kept her end of the bargain and sent him away. She wails it isn’t her fault that Eric still loves her and doesn’t want to be with Stephanie. Stephanie leaves and just in the nick of time as Eric manages to crawl in the window. Donna is all worried about her honey bear, that he might have fallen. He’s only concerned that Stephanie has left and thinks Donna is incredible for pulling that off. Rocky text-messages his photos to the newspaper and laughs to himself that Eric is going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Katie and Nick have dinner and she states that she would never suggest that he use Bridget as a substitute for Brooke. He hopes not because he and Bridget have a very special bond. They were in love, they were married. Took three times…and they were planning on having a family, but the good Lord didn’t think the time was right. If he opens up that relationship again, a lot of feelings will be involved, and he doesn’t want to hurt her again. Katie doesn’t think he would deliberately hurt her, but thinks this could be the perfect time to begin a relationship with her. She’s an amazing person and he never had a chance before to make things work. And she has a connection to Jack. She also understands that he is close to Brooke, it would be comfortable to turn to her. But is he sure he isn’t just infatuated with a relationship that doesn’t exist anymore? She asks if she can ask him a question? He quips well it certainly hasn’t stopped her up to now. She wonders if she really is in love with her sister, right this moment? He believes he will keep that to himself. She thanks him for dinner and asks him to think about what she said. Why go down that road again with Brooke when it never ends well. He can re-connect with Bridget?

Ridge and Brooke are beaming after making love. She wishes they could stay like this forever, all seems right with the world, it just melts away. He bemoans that he can think of two people that shouldn’t be in each other’s arms tonight – Eric and Donna. He knows they said they have broken it off, but Stephanie doesn’t believe that and she’s hired a P.I, to track Eric’s every move. Brooke says that is ridiculous. Ridge says apparently not as she just got a phone call that Eric is someplace he’s not supposed to be.

The editor at the newspaper tells Rocky that he is downloading the pictures right now, he may stop the presses. He wants to know where Rocky got these? Rocky tells him they have to be quiet, deal? And he knows where he can send the check. The man replies, “You bet. Looks like we’ll be baring the naked truth about Eric Forrester on the front page of tomorrow’s Style Section…..unbelievable.

Donna and Eric are rolling around in bed gloating that they are safe. Stephanie is never going to find out, it’s their little secret….forever ever and ever. Stephanie tries to call Eric and wonders where he is and why he isn’t home? “If you lied to me tonight, Donna, that’s it. End of story for you and your brother.”

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