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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/15/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke asks Nick to let her go. If he loves her that much, can he do that? He swears that he does know her position…..how hard this will be for her. He does want what is best for her, but he just doesn’t think that is Forrester. And he does love her enough to let her go, if that is what she wants. She hesitates then sobs no and they kiss. Brooke pulls away from the kiss when she senses Nick is expecting more. She says they can’t. He answers perhaps not today, but it will happen. They both know it.

Eric and Donna languish in bed having a frisky old time with each other. She calls him insatiable and he says he can’t take all the credit (maybe the pill bottle Stephanie is holding can) as she is such a turn-on, Miss Thang. They laugh, she’s right, he’s just getting started. He vows that he loves her so much that he just feels almost desperate to make the most of every moment together. And he jokes that at least she can rest assure that Stephanie has no idea they are beating her at her own game.

Stephanie holds up the bottle of pills, telling Ridge that she so did not want to believe that his father was still sleeping with Donna. But after finding these prescription pills, she knew. He’s lied to her, he’s betrayed her and after all these years he is playing her for a fool. There are consequences for these things, and now they have brought it on themselves. Now Donna is really going to find out how it feels to lose someone she loves.

Donna keeps plying Eric’s head with what he wants to hear. She says he is an amazing lover. She feels so loved that it just hurts to be apart. She wants his hand; she is going to foretell his future. She goes on and on about his long, deep lines and no Stephanie in there…..Holy Cow says Eric, no Stephanie, they are all right. She giggles that she’d just like to go up to the rooftop and shout it out for the whole world to hear. He wants to do that too, but they have to wait, take it one day at a time and placate Stephanie and make sure she keeps believing they aren’t seeing each other.

Ridge tells his mother that he thinks she is jumping to a hasty conclusion here. So his dad is missing one pill; that doesn’t necessarily mean he is sleeping with Donna. She chuckles then what could it mean? He’s certainly not getting it on with her! The phone rings and it’s Rocky, a P.I. with information. Eric is with a young lady in an apartment on Sycamore Street. She tells Ridge she is not proud of what she did, but she had to know if Eric was truthful with her so she hired a P.I. Eric is shacked up with Donna somewhere just south of Sunset Blvd. Ridge asks if she is sure that she wants to do this? If she is right and she does find Eric with Donna, it’s going to be very painful and he hates to see her go through this. Stephanie replies that she knows it will be, but not nearly as painful as it will be for Donna.

Brooke walks in on Katie and Storm, and he asks if she is all right? She sighs and says it has been a long, tiring day but he is not supposed to be looking out for them, but they looking out for him. He thanks them again for being a part of this family and he’s off to another therapy session. Katie tells Brooke that she didn’t want to say anything in front of Stormy, but Brooke does look like hell. Did she see Nick? Where do things stand? Katie’s glad when Brooke tells her that she told Nick she is going to marry Ridge and they be a family in the future. Brooke knows she did the right thing, but she is still worried about Nick being alone and taking care of Jack. It won’t be easy. Katie tells her not to worry, he’ll have plenty of help and support, it just won’t be from Brooke.

Nick is handling things just fine when the doorbells rings and it’s Bridget. She asks if it is a bad time? He quips no, they always make time when pretty girls stop by….they love it. He comments that this is different than corporate takeovers or manning vessels and he wishes he had four arms, but it’s all good. Bridget takes Jack and sends Nick off to re-heat the bottle. Nick sees how natural Bridget is with Jack and tells her that he feels her love and goodness. Bridget replies that she feels very connected to Jack, and to Nick, just like they were a family. (big mistake, Bridget). After a little love session with the baby, she puts Jack down for a nap. She laments to Nick that she did come over to check on Jack, but she knew her mother had been there. How did that go? What happened? He scoffs and asks her if she wants the beginning, the middle or the end? Well Brooke came by to check on Jack, she kept going on about her life with Forrester, and Nick shut her up by kissing her. Bridget asks how did that end? Nick replies that Brooke kept saying she was moving on with her life with Ridge and she left. Bridget says she is sorry. Nick tells her don’t be, it’s not over, not even close.

Brooke tells Katie that ever since Taylor left, that only leaves Nick taking care of Jack and he needs his mother. Katie points out that Brooke can’t have it both way…she can’t be a mother to Jack and hope to have any kind of future with Ridge. Brooke wonders what Katie meant when she said Nick would have all sorts of help that he needs. Katie tells her there are all kinds of people who will love and support him….. Jackie, for instance. She loves her son and she’s over the moon for her grandson so they are not going to be alone. There will be plenty of support, she promises. They both are worried about Stormy as this could all be over in a flash. And where is Donna? She was supposed to be meeting them here. It’s not like her to be late. Katie worries too…..if Donna continues seeing Eric it will be at Storm’s expense and hell to pay. Katie says they can’t let this go on. It’s selfish of Donna. They can’t lose their brother, they just can’t. Donna better not slip up.

Nick confides in Bridget that he has to do what is right for this boy. He knows Brooke loves Jack. She has shown that from day one when she found out she was the biological mother. And in her heart of hearts, he knows she wants to be with both him and Jack. But until she is willing to admit that, he just has to do what’s best for Jack. Before she leaves, Bridget tells Nick that she will always be there for him and Jack. He thanks her and tells her how wonderful and special she is.

Stephanie pounds on the door, telling Donna and Eric to open up, she knows they are in there. They panic, but finally Donna answers the door and Stephanie pushes her aside and barges in asking where Eric is? Donna plays innocent and says she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Stephanie clues her – don’t play with her. She KNOWS Eric is there. Eyeball to eyeball, Stephanie shakes her finger at her and tells her that she is giving her one last chance to tell her the truth….or she means it…..”your brother will go to jail.” She searches everywhere, even pulling back the shower curtain.

Donna blasts her for barging in, how dare she and accuse her. She comments that Stephanie won, she left Eric. And if he is not with Stephanie that is her problem, but he is not here! Stephanie chuckles and asks why would Donna think that Stephanie would believe anything that she said when she knows he was there? And she vows to find him. Suddenly she sees the window and goes to try to lift it, but it’s stuck. She doesn’t think Eric would be that stupid though. Donna shouts at her to leave her alone, get out of here or she’s going to call the police. Stephanie tells her to stop it; he’s her husband and she’s going to look out that damned window.

What we see out that window is an obviously naked frightened, but grinning, Eric with a towel draped around his privates teetering on the edge of the window ledge.

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