B&B Thursday Update 2/14/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/14/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie pours Ridge a glass of wine as he says he just dropped in to see how things were going with her and his dad. She doesn’t sound too confident to him, but admits it’s nice to have Eric back home. Eric pops in but back out saying he has a business meeting. Both Ridge and Stephanie think Eric seems pretty happy-go-lucky under the circumstances. Ridge doesn’t want her to start in on the Logan sisters. She says she is not, he and Brooke are his business, not hers. But, surely Eric has to know that if he is seeing Donna again that Stephanie would find out. Ridge adds, “and Hell to pay.”

Bridget comes to see Brooke, but only finds Katie and they discuss Brooke being with Nick at the moment. Bridget hopes she is not ruining things with Ridge since she has been in love with him since a teenager. Katie is attuned to how Bridget talks about Nick and realizes she is still in love with him. She suggests that something good may come out of this for Bridget since Brooke is breaking it off with Nick. Bridget asks her not to go there.

Nick asks Brooke what does the future hold for the two of them? What’s it going to be? She explains that she was blindsided when she first heard about Taylor leaving him and abandoning Jack. He says the marriage was never going to work once Taylor was told the truth, that Brooke was the biological mother. It was just too hard on her. And Brooke is the only one who can love this boy. He sees how she feels about him and he knows that Brooke still loves him too. She tells him they will always have strong feelings for each other, always…..but they have other lives. She loves Ridge. He asks is that more than him? She admits she loves him too, she can’t deny that. But they both know what it’s like to love two people at the same time. She states that she is going to marry Ridge and they are going to raise R.J. like he deserves. She made her decision many months ago. He reminds her that a lot has happened since then. She agrees, and she has agonized over it, but she thinks she has made the right decision and she is going to stick with it. Nick says he respects that….he inches closer and tells her that sometimes you have to do what you have to do. He grabs her and plants a very heavy, passionate kiss on her.

In disguise, Donna sneaks into her love nest and is greeted by her honey bear. He hopes she is wearing nothing underneath that trench coat. He too was careful, even driving a different car so he won’t be followed……and again he hopes she is wearing nothing under that coat! He delights her with a huge pair of diamond earrings. And she shows him her stupid gift, a honey bear jar of honey for her honey bear. They can have a little fun with that.

Bridget tells Katie that it’s no wonder that she is gun-shy when it comes to Nick. Katie realizes that her marriage broke up because of Brooke, but maybe they didn’t really give it a chance. Bridget admits he was the love of her life, but she was forced to let him go and move on. Katie says that is just the problem, Bridget really hasn’t moved on. But now this is the perfect opportunity for them to find their way back to each other. Not many people get a second chance at true love. Bridget warns her she doesn’t want to be pushed on this. It’s dangerous and she’s too vulnerable when it comes to Nick. Katie remarks that so is Nick right now. He’s alone and needs someone in his life…..and it’s not Brooke, it’s Bridget!

Brooke pulls apart from Nick and asks didn’t he hear a word that she said? He points out that she can’t get around the truth. Jack has two parents, the both of them and nothing is going to change that. And someday this three ring circus with Forrester is going to eventually end and she will realize that boy upstairs that she loves so much is here for a reason “and you love me for a reason, those are the facts, baby, and I’m sticking to them.”

Both feeling completely satisfied, Donna and Eric snuggle in bed yet she is still worried about Stephanie. He doesn’t want to ruin their perfect Valentine’s Day. He says he treasures his family. They are precious to him, but it wasn’t all good. Then there is Stephanie….he’s definitely finished with her. She’s blackmailing Donna and threatening her family….she’s just not the woman he wants to spend his life with. She’s mean-spirited, she’s selfish, controlling, used to having everything she wants and is incapable of change.

Stephanie says she wants to believe in Eric; she needs to believe. She always said that romance would run its course, but what if she is wrong? Ridge listens, but then tells her his advice is to be careful before she acts on this. Think about what might happen later, what she might have to gain. She isn’t going to win Eric back by ripping him apart. Eric needs her love. She adds if he even wants it. Perhaps that has been her fault all these years. He tells her just give his dad a chance. Show him how much he means to her, how much she cares for him. She shares that she really doesn’t know what she might do if she were to catch Donna and Eric together.

Bridget confides in Katie that this will probably sound strange, but she has this crazy bond with Jack and she feels partly responsible for him because of this hospital mix-up. But let’s just say hypothetically that she goes there to them and yet it doesn’t work out….. again, so she’s just going to have her heart ripped out one more time? She cries there is not a day goes by that she doesn’t think about her little girl….or what kind of life she would have had if Nicole had just lived. Katie listens as Bridget tells her about a little box she has of some of Nicole’s things before she died. It’s all she has left except what is in her heart. Katie tells her then she has to take this opportunity….for herself, for Jack, for Nick ….even for Nicole. “You have to give yourself a chance.”

Brooke pushes Nick and says he has to let her go. She’s made a commitment to Ridge and she is going to keep it. Doesn’t he realize how hard this is for her? She has two families - Ridge, Hope and R.J. and him and Jack. Somebody is going to lose out here; she has no choice. When he grins, she tells him to stop being so……. YOU! Glibly he says, “careful, beautiful, you’re starting to act like you like me again.”

Eric tells Donna he didn’t think life could be so good, especially at his age. She giggles and laments that his age has not slowed him down one bit. She thinks she can barely keep up with him; he’s ready for another go-around, isn’t he? He nuzzles her neck and says she’s doing all right. She giggles that she doesn’t know where he gets his stamina.

Pills – Stephanie holds up a bottle of pills and shows Ridge. She says his father is using these……and not with her. She found them in Eric’s shaving kit, and it makes her think that he’s probably with Donna right now. Ridge asks if she came to this conclusion because she counted his dad’s pills? She knows, it’s adolescent-like, but…….Ridge had been telling her this was a very sudden reconciliation and she’s had her suspicions that Eric was lying to her. She doesn’t know for sure, but just the idea of him rolling around in the sack with that girl. She doesn’t know what she will do if she finds them together…..and yet it will be all their fault….there ARE consequences for everything we do, real consequences.

Not making much headway with Nick, Brooke tells him that he is driving her crazy so she is leaving. He quips that it’s a shame to see her go. It just doesn’t seem that she got what she wanted. She retorts yes she did get what she wanted. Did he get what he wanted? He answers oh yeah, he got what he wanted. He can see that look in her eyes, that she still loves him. So tell him, what does she want? Help him here. Does she want him to get down on his hands and knees and beg her to choose him? Or does she want him to throw her on the couch and make love to her? She says no. Then he asks for her to please help him, what does she want? Seriously, she says she wants him to understand her…..her position. She wants him to love her enough to want what’s best for her….to love her enough to let her go. “Please, Nick, let me go!” He grits his teeth and says he can do that. He does understand how hard this is for her, and he does want what is best for her, he just doesn’t think that is Forrester.

He inches closer and whispers that he does love her enough to let her go, IF that is what she wants. Is that what she really wants? With tears streaking down her cheeks, she looks into his eyes and hesitates but weakly says no, no it’s not. Their lips melt into each other’s.

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