B&B Wednesday Update 2/13/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/13/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Ridge returns to the office and surprises Brooke when he shows her some gowns he is designing. She assumes it is for the show-stopper for the next fashion show. Instead he remarks it is for her wedding dress. Rather droll, she says some people think it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her gown before the wedding. He’s glad he’s not superstitious, “cuz in my mind I’ve already seen you in every gown I’ve ever designed for you even before it graced your beautiful, voluptuous body.” Looking at her long face, he asks is there anything she needs to tell him? She explains the dilemma about Taylor. She’s moved out of Nick’s house and left Jack behind leaving everything turned upside down. Ridge reminds her maybe for Nick and Taylor, but not for them.

Bridget drops in unexpectedly on Nick while he’s taking care of Jack. He says she doesn’t have to call first, she is always welcome. She’s stunned when she hears that Taylor left and even left the baby behind. Nick thinks things happen for a reason, but he’s sorry that Taylor got hurt so badly.

Ridge isn’t surprised that Taylor left Nick, but that she walked out on little Jack. It’s just not in her character to abandon a child. It doesn’t make sense; why would she do that? Is Brooke saying Taylor left because Brooke is the egg donor? Brooke stammers that it’s not quite that simple, but yes, that is part of the problem. She says she knows he will be upset by this, but she’s really worried about Jack. Ridge tells her just to let Nick and Taylor work this out. She knows how he feels about this. Let them live their own lives. She just knows the baby is confused right now. He cries and he expects his mother and Taylor is gone, so he needs a mother. Ridge says he knows Taylor. She has to be reeling from all this information about Brooke being the biological mother of this child she carried for nine months. Hell, it bothered him too. But he doesn’t believe Taylor will abandon that child no matter what. Brooke says she wishes she could be as certain as he is. Would he mind when they are through work just to swing by and check up on Jack? He scoffs, he can’t believe what he is hearing. She seriously wants him to go by the Marone house so she can go in and check on Nick’s kid? Has she heard a single word he has been saying?

Nick tells Bridget he really thought he and Taylor could make it through this, but he guesses it wasn’t meant to be. Bridget asks if Taylor is angry with him? He replies no, she doesn’t blame him for what happened at all. But, that still doesn’t make it any easier. He does feel responsible on some level. Is Bridget happy? She answers that if anyone feels responsible it should be her. She doesn’t know how she could let something like this happen. Nick tells her not to do that. Just look at that little guy. He’s a little miracle. Would she want to change that? Some things are just meant to be. Bridget wonders……what does her mom have to do with Taylor leaving? He replies nothing that is her fault. He simply told Taylor the truth, that he still had feelings for her mother. Straightforwardly, she asks is he still in love with Brooke? He replies yes and he even told Brooke how he feels. She reminds him that she is set to marry Ridge and they have a son together. He points out that life is short, and they aren’t married yet and maybe they won’t be. She asks if he has asked Brooke to marry him, and he replies more or less.

Brooke and Ridge continue to have a light argument as he wants her to let Nick and Taylor work it out. Nick will be perfectly capable of taking care of Jack for a night or two until Taylor sorts things out. Katie interrupts but says she can come back if they are having an argument. Brooke corrects her, it’s not an arguments but a difference of opinion. It happens even in the best of relationships. Ridge has to go to the cutting room and Katie lectures Brooke that she is gonna blow things with Ridge if she keeps this up. Brooke tells her that he understands her, there is nothing to worry about. Katie says finally Brooke has Ridge all to herself, is she willing to risk that? Don’t do it. Brooke thinks she is being overdramatic. Brooke still worries. Who is going to take care of the baby? Katie tells her – not her! But, of course that is what Nick wants.

Bridget sighs and says this is not super fun for her to hear him talk about her mother this way. And it’s not the easiest thing to see Nick with Jack. Does he ever wonder what might have happened if Nicole had not died? Does Nick ever think of her? He tells her that he thinks of Nicole every day; his little angel is watching over them and she knows they love her. She apologizes. Here he is, this is such a confusing time for him and she is only adding to it. He tells her she is a fine addition. She knows that look, like he could use a friend. He chuckles and asks is she offering? She offers that she will always be there for him and Jack. He repays the favor by saying that she will always be more than a friend.

Katie states to Brooke that she can not go to Nick’s house and take care of Jack…R.J. and Hope are her responsibilities, there is not enough time. Brooke reels that she will always find time to take care of her son. Katie fires back that he is not her son; he is Nick and Taylor’s. How does she think Ridge feels when she talks like that? Brooke answers she can not deny the attachment to Jack, she loves him. Katie asks what about the father? Does she love him too? This is what she does time and time again….she makes the same mistakes. She acts on impulse without thinking things through. She doesn’t understand her or Donna. They just jump in with no thought to the consequences. And she doesn’t think that is what love is. People use that as excuses. They do foolish, impulsive things, “because I was so in love.” Brooke wants to know if Katie has ever been in love? Katie says they are not talking about her. Brooke warns her that when she does, she will understand. She also confides that Nick wants her to leave Ridge and make a future with him and Jack. He loves her. Katie is aghast and asks what did she say? She has to respond. She can’t just leave it hanging. This is a huge life decision. Brooke can’t just not answer him. She reminds Brooke that she’s building a life with Ridge. Yes, she is Jack’s biological mother, but she has another son, with Ridge. Think this through, do not mess this up. This could be her last chance with Ridge. Brooke agrees; she needs to talk to Nick.

Bridget comes by the office to see Brooke, finding only Katie. To keep from answering her question of where Brooke is, Katie tries to get Bridget to agree to lunch tomorrow. Bridget finally tells her she is frustrated because she is afraid her mom is going to make a huge mistake. Katie wonders if this has anything to do with Nick? Bridget hopes she is not encouraging Brooke to get back with him. Katie replies not at all, she thinks Brooke belongs with Ridge. But, she needs to see Nick and set things straight and get on with her life. Bridget thanks God that someone is talking some sense into Brooke. Surely she will listen to Katie.

Nick fantasizes about the conversation he had with Brooke on the boat and why she came to be with him and Jack. He opens the door to find Brooke. “Is it the Good News Gang or the Bad News Bears?” She says she came by to check on him and little Jack. How is he doing? He tells her that Jack is upstairs sleeping. Then chuckles that this male bonding is tiring….they were up late last night watching the Lakers game…they knocked back a few beers. Seriously, she asks about Taylor. Nick says she called to ask about Jack, and she sounded better. He gets serious, says she knows how he feels about her….he loves her and always will. He wants to give Jack what he didn’t have…. a stable home with two parents that love him. She is his mother and Jack needs his mother. He hopes that is why she is here. He hopes she will tell him that she wants to raise this boy together. But if she doesn’t, she will never convince him that she doesn’t love him as much as he does her.

She begins that she is so blessed to have him in her life. She thinks he knows how much he means to her. She’s made a decision. She has searched her heart and soul. “I know what I want. I know what I have to do.”

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