B&B Tuesday Update 2/12/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/12/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

As Brooke gets the kids off to school and settles down to breakfast with her family, she’s distracted and thinking back on what Nick told her that anything is possible. She can’t marry Forrester as her heart is with Nick. The sisters discuss Storm’s therapy sessions. He really doesn’t want to join his dad in Paris as he thinks his sessions here are working just fine. And the bottom line is he doesn’t want to leave his sisters behind. He feels more comfortable here with all of them working through their tough times…….and they have forgiven him, haven’t they? They all chime in of course they have. He bemoans the fact that the guilt is sometimes unbearable, almost to the point where he wants to go down to the police station and confess. He laughs not to worry, he’s not, he enjoys his freedom too much.

Felicia hugs her dad and says she is glad he finally came to his senses. Thorne echoes that and says he knows how his dad is feeling as he took a spin on that Donna Logan roller-coaster ride, but the main thing is his dad is back where he needs to be with his mother. Stephanie remarks that yes and she is very happy Eric is back home and fortunate that he is giving her a chance to work on this marriage. She approaches Eric and vows she is going to do everything she can to win his heart back, and when she does she plans to stay there forever. Everyone seems pleased except Ridge who still looks a little skeptical. He asks his dad why exactly did things end with Donna? Thorne replies that he came to his senses, what more do they need to know? Eric does answer, he says the fact is he got caught up in a chemical young woman and she thought he was an old man who would never catch on. Donna was not the woman he thought she was. Ridge wants to know if it’s true what his mother said, that there was another man? Disdainfully, Eric says it wasn’t that monogamous, there were several men, lots of them, men on the street as she admitted she was attracted to strangers. She had told him she was a sexual addict, but Stephanie was right, she was just a tramp from the valley. He apologizes to them, “you told me all along that this was stupid of me and I am mortified that I was so blind.” Thorne says it is okay, the main thing is that he is moving on. Eric affirms that yes he is. The relationship with Donna was just a joke to her. He had offered her the world and a lifetime of happiness, but she couldn’t hold up her end of the bargain.

Donna explains to Katie and Brooke that as far as Stephanie knows she is holding up her end of the bargain. Stephanie thinks she broke up with Eric and that’s the way it’s going to stay. Katie warns her again that she has to be very careful. She heard Storm say he savored his freedom. They can’t jeopardize that. Donna says she knows, but it is not up to her if Eric takes Stephanie back or not. She’s already done her part by breaking up with Eric. And Stephanie is just wrong if she thinks Eric is really going back to that horrible marriage. Oh yeah, he will pretend to be considering it for a while…he’ll dote on her and even tell her she was right about Donna, but eventually he will leave her. And it won’t be Donna’s fault if he forgives her and tries to woo her back. It’s all about making Stephanie believe that she has held up her end of the bargain. That way Storm remains free and she can be with Eric again. Actually it’s almost too perfect. Brooke reminds her it isn’t that simple. She is seeing Eric on the sly and Brooke managed to walk in on their little love nest. It could just as easily have been Stephanie. Donna reminds her sisters that they are being so careful. And she doesn’t even think that Stephanie has the power they seem to think she has. She’s changed her story so many times. Just how many people can she point the finger at before the police start to think she is some crazy lady making up stories? Both Brooke and Katie agree that if Stephanie walks into the police station and tells them Storm shot her, they will investigate and it won’t take long for them to know she is telling the truth. So if Stephanie finds out Donna is still seeing Eric, she can make sure Storm is stuck in prison for the rest of his life. She can make it happen! Brooke tells Donna that Katie is right, if there is anything she has learned in her life, it’s not to underestimate Stephanie Forrester.

Donna gloats again that their little love nest is in a part of town that Stephanie would never step foot in. That’s all well and good says Katie, but isn’t Stephanie going to get suspicious when Eric sneaks off every afternoon? Donna replies that she has thought about that, but Eric is a businessman with lots of clients so Stephanie is used to him being busy and gone a few nights a week anyway. They want to know about her perfume or her lipstick, and she replies she doesn’t wear any when she’s with Eric. Katie is still skeptical, no matter how careful they are, one of them will mess up and too much is at stake. They need to wait and not do this now. Donna tells her she is sorry, but Katie’s never been in love like this. Brooke says she has, and sometimes being in love is too risky. She hates the fact that she has to sacrifice so much for Storm, but she really has no other choice. As Brooke and Katie leave for work, they ask if Donna is going to be okay? They will support Donna every step of the way until she can be with Eric, but don’t mess this up.

Ridge and Eric and Stephanie have their heads together over fabric and colors when Donna calls Eric and wants to know if he can get away to their love nest right away. He leaves telling the others that he has something he has to take care of himself. Stephanie tells him she loves him and he nods yes. Alone, Ridge asks his mother what is really going on? This sudden about face, Eric was completely head over heels in love with Donna and poof it’s gone. He says he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, but he just doesn’t see that Eric’s heart is into this sudden reconciliation with her. She confesses that her marriage is a long, long way from where it was and it’s going to take time. Donna really humiliated him and it’s going to take time for him to settle down, see what he has in Stephanie, see if that is what he wants and needs. But, that’s okay as she sees the end. She reminds him that she and his father have always been in love and she believes always will. So as long as it takes, that is fine. Just be happy for them. Ridge replies that he wants to be.

Brooke joins Stephanie and Ridge and asks if she missed the entire meeting? He gives her a quick hug and replies no, they really haven’t accomplished that much. They have been discussing his mom and dad getting back together. Brooke tells Stephanie that she must be overjoyed. Stephanie replies she is very happy, thank you. Ridge leaves for the cutting room and Brooke starts to make scarce too. Stephanie asks her to stay, she wants to ask her a question about Donna. Does Brooke really believe she will stay away from Eric?

Donna wipes her lipstick off and waits for Eric. He arrives shortly and she slips into his arms. She is so happy that Storm is free and not in jail, but……Eric wonders why the tears? Are they tears of joy? She explains that Brooke and Katie are all over her. They don’t want her seeing him anymore as it is too risky. He jokes that they do have a point, but he has an opinion about that….and he smothers her with kisses.

Brooke goes along and agrees that Donna has left Eric so looks like there is nothing to worry about. Stephanie says yes she is pleased that it “appears” that Donna is keeping her end of the bargain. She explains that she knows all about the sex addict thing and that it is not true…and she knows that Donna is still in love with her husband. So please, she does not have any sympathy for her in that area. She purposely tried to get back at Stephanie through Eric, she knew he was a married man. She knew what she was walking into. Brooke tells her she really doesn’t want to be having this conversation. If Eric comes back to her or not, that’s up to Stephanie. Stephanie says she understands. She just wants to put Brooke on notice. As long as Donna does her part, Storm remains free but if she doesn’t, he goes to jail.

As Eric and Donna lay in their pleasure bed, she offers that on some level she knows Katie and Brooke are right, it is too risky, but she has to be with him. Eric says he needs that too…..that’s why he’s living….this time alone with her….and Stephanie is not going to find out. Storm is going to be safe and they also will be free to live their lives together forever. Nothing is going to stop that, certainly not Stephanie! (why do I get the feeling?)

At the office, Stephanie is checking on Eric and wonders to the receptionist on the phone why he’s not back in the building by now. She then makes plans for a dinner that night in Beverly Hills for the two of them.

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