B&B Monday Update 2/11/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/11/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Donna moans and asks Eric if he knows how much this turns her on doing it here in the office? It’s so risky and dangerous, she just hopes he did lock the door. She thanks him for all that he has done for her and for masterminding this charade for Stephanie’s benefit and for helping Storm stay out of jail. Eric gets a phone call alert that Stephanie is in the building and he tells Donna this is their chance, “we got a show to perform.”

Nick and Brooke kiss and then he tells her that Taylor has walked away. She’s not coming back, so it’s just him and Jack. So now can she see that she can’t marry Forrester? Her heart can’t be there, it is here with him and Jack. She says she understands what he is saying, but please don’t. She is engaged to Ridge and they are going to be married and raise their son together. Nick reminds her that he would raise that boy as his own, just as he did Hope. She points out that R.J. is not his son but Ridge’s so he’s trying to make something happen before he has thought it through. Nick replies that she can talk until she is blue in the face, but she knows what is gonna happen. It’s not going to work with Forrester; it never has. But, what she has always wanted, it’s there, it’s possible. All she has to do is say the word and it’s hers.

As soon as Stephanie says hello to an employee and approaches Eric’s door, he and Donna start shouting, he telling her to grab her boxes of lingerie and everything else and get out of the office and the building and not come back. His wife was right about her all along. She’s no sex addict. That just gave her an excuse to jump in bed with every man she met. As Donna pleads for one more chance, he turns a deaf ear and says no. She’s had all her chances and now he is back with Stephanie where he belongs and that’s the way it’s gonna be. He ends with it’s over, he’s done, don’t be here when he gets back. Stephanie walks in and tells Donna that this must be her own lucky day as she gets to witness first hand that she and Eric are really over.

Rick kisses Taylor and she asks did she do something to make him think she wanted him to kiss her? He stammers no, he’s sorry, he just feels something for her, he cares for her. In starting to go, he admits he has that Gawd-awful feeling of having to kiss her again.

Nick asks Brooke if she can tell him that she is not feeling what he is right now? She can’t believe they are even having this conversation. He reminds her that things happen for a reason and like it or not, there is a reason that the boy over there is their son. She tells him she can not talk about this now, or in this place. But Jack starts being fussy and she goes to attend to him. Nick comments he doesn’t know if he has seen anything more beautiful than her holding their son in her arms.

Donna tells Stephanie this is a bad time. She’s the last person she wants to deal with right now. Stephanie can believe that and says Donna hasn’t looked this disheveled since she came out of the steam room. Donna hopes she is happy since she won. Her husband just threw her out of the company. Stephanie remarks that yes, she heard them arguing when she stepped off the elevators and saw Eric storm out. She thought she’d come see if it was really true. Stephanie admits she had wondered if Donna was capable of genuine feelings and emotions, but looks like maybe she is. She brags that her husband has moved back into the house, so it looks like he means what he says.

Taylor tells Rick she knows what he is doing. Here she is alone in this big old house, her life is upside down, she’s confused and then he comes over, she doesn’t even know why. He says he’s there because he wants to be. He cares for her, he wants to be there for her……with her…fine, he admits it. ….maybe it’s time for some self-analysis….why would he want to kiss her? Just take a look at her a second. She’s incredibly beautiful, gorgeous, smart, intelligent, sensitive, independent, beautiful….did he say beautiful? He can go on and on if she wants him to. However, despite all of those things, he realizes it doesn’t warrant one person randomly kissing another. She agrees, so he says he guesses that means he needs to be disciplined and punished. “You can feel free to slap me at any time. Just pick a cheek. Any one of the four will do just fine.”

Nick and Brooke remark what a special little guy Jack is. Nick offers that she helped bring him into this world and to keep him there. She shares a bond with this little boy, a bond of mother and child. He tells her he loves her and he wants her in their lives. He hopes she wants that too. He repeats again that everything happens for a reason, he believes that in his heart. He asks can he hold her? She smiles and glides into his comfortable arms.

Donna asks Stephanie to please back off, she is hurting enough as it is. She doesn’t need her pouring salt into her wounds. Stephanie warns her that some people might call this a life lesson….goodness and decency really are important in life….a lesson her sister never seems to connect with….maybe it’s a genetic defect in the Logan family, in the DNA, but she has fought long and hard to protect her husband and her family from all of them, and now it’s finally over. Donna scoffs that if Stephanie really loved Eric, she’d let him be with Donna as he is never going to be happy with Stephanie. He may be living with her, but she is sure at night he is laying awake thinking of her and how her body feels pressed up against his. Stephanie laughs that she thinks Donna just proved her point. It was just a charade between the two of them….an old man’s fantasy of chasing a beautiful, young girl. But the charade is over. Because of what Donna did, he finally sees her for what she is. Donna says she will not stand here and let Stephanie treat her this way. Giving up Eric was an incredible sacrifice, and instead of telling her what an awful person she is, she ought to be on her hands and knees thanking her.

Stephanie thinks it has been a long time coming. When Thorne didn’t marry her, Donna had threatened her that she’d get back at Stephanie. Well she almost did. If her brother hadn’t shot her, no telling what would have happened. But she kept her part of the agreement and she knows Donna will too. Eric walks in just as Donna fires off at Stephanie that her day will come, she will have tears in her eyes, not Donna. Eric tells her to stop, he won’t have her talk to his wife that way.

Taylor tells Rick that was a little Freudian and a little weird, he’s getting a little feisty in his old age. He thinks that is funny, he has been called that before. ……and a good kisser too….no matter he just wants her to know and remember how incredible she is. And that is not flattery, he’s being truthful….telling it like it is….she’s one hot mom and he doesn’t want her to be so hard on herself. She laughs at the hot mom, is that what he thinks she should go for, the younger market? Is that the trend? He tells her just to remember what he said tonight, she has so much to offer. He doesn’t want it to go to waste. And with that, he gives her a peck on the cheek and says “good night Dr. Hayes.”

Still acting out, Eric tells Donna he wants her to pack her things and leave the building…go and never come back. She conveys that she was trying to do just that when Miss Thing came in and started doing her victory dance. He warns her it is not a victory nor a game, but a family has suffered here and a wonderful woman wronged. He can see that clearly now. The love of his life has been hurt and he deeply regrets that now. He is going to do everything in his power to make it up to her and protect her for whatever time he has left. Stephanie gives him a hug and thanks him for saying that. She tells Donna she thinks it is time for her to go. She is no longer welcome here, there is no place for her here or in Eric’s life. With his back to Stephanie, he looks lovingly at Donna and swears to her that he wants her to go, and have no doubt where he stands.

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