B&B Wednesday Update 2/6/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/6/08


Written By Wanda
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James tells Nick that he wants him to search within his heart and soul before he answers –is he still in love with Brooke? Nick scoffs, what kind of question is that? He points out that Taylor is the one who has an issue with Brooke. James also points out that Nick had very deep feelings for Brooke too. Nick says that was a long time ago. Yes, he admits he will always have deep feelings for Brooke and her kids, Hope is like a daughter to him. But, Taylor is his wife and he is committed to her. James says all the more reason that this is so important; think about the child they share. Nick shares that despite what James thinks that Taylor is his wife and they are Jack’s parents and that is the way it is going to be. James tells him he is a man of principles and he admires that, but he has a conflict of feeling. He reminds him that Brooke was a very important part of his life, and a bond like that is not easily broken. And he thinks Nick knows exactly what he is talking about. And that’s why Nick has to be completely honest with himself if James is to help Taylor. “Are you are or you not in love with Brooke?

Brooke insists that Stephanie has no right to ask her if she still loves Nick. She is in love with Ridge and they are committed to each other. Stephanie tells her that she can stand there and deny it all she wants, but she thinks that Brooke still has feelings for Nick.

Felicia brings the kids in before Brooke and Stephanie can finish their differences. But Stephanie manages to give Felicia the high sign to skedaddle so she can leap back on Brooke. Or she can just assume that she is right and Brooke is still in love with Nick. Brooke thrashes her that she has no right to involve herself in her relationships with anyone. Stephanie informs her that her grandson is involved in this mess so that makes it her business. Brooke tells her she can ask that question a thousand times and her answer won’t change. And she is not going to allow her to treat her this way. Does she understand?

Nick confides to James that he is not comfortable with this. James assures him that he is not passing judgment, though Nick says it sure as hell feels like he is. James says if he really wants Taylor to get better, then Nick needs to take some time and seriously think about this question. Nick insists he doesn’t need time, he can answer that right now. He is not going to turn his back on or abandon his wife and child. James says he knows that, but can Nick say without a shadow of a doubt that what he says is how he really feels about Brooke? Nick asks what if he doesn’t answer that now, what does that say about him? James tells him that Nick has to be totally honest with him, otherwise he can’t help Taylor. Nick takes umbrage, why is James questioning him, he’s here to help Taylor. James explains it is all part of the process and treating Nick is just as important as treating Taylor…..and he shares with him that whenever he has to deal with something, a crucial question, he goes to a place where he can be at ease, and he suggests Nick do that. Go to that place and clear his head. Nick asks then what? James suggests that he look into his heart and soul and think what Brooke has meant to him all these years. Only his answer matters and he will know that Taylor has been right all along about his feelings for Brooke.

Stephanie laments to Brooke now that she knows about Jack, she knows why Brooke wants to be with Nick. That would be the most natural feeling in the world. Brooke says she also has a son with Ridge. Is Stephanie now suggesting she should not marry Ridge? Under these circumstances, Stephanie says yes that is what she is saying. If her heart belongs to another man then marrying Ridge is just ridiculous. R.J. will be damaged if she marries Ridge when she believes Brooke is still in love with Nick.

Taylor ends her nap and questions James what he and Nick talked about. James prefers to keep that just between him and Nick. She just wants to know what is in Nick’s head as she is trying to save her marriage. He assures her that Nick is working hard on that too. She points out that it wasn’t like a session, this was just among friends, so James can tell her. He says he asked Nick one question, was he still in love with Brooke? She’s furious that he would do that. He explains that is the crux of the problem – not her with Brooke, but Nick’s feelings for Brooke. She really wishes he hadn’t done that.

Nick ends up on The Marlin. He paces around and ponders the question echoing over and over in his head – is he still in love with Brooke? He spots the guitar and picks it up, sits down and starts strumming. Happy times with Brooke and her kids flood his memories. He looks up and there is Brooke. Sheepishly, she explains that she had to get away and to clear her head and think. She saw his car outside so here they are. He asks so what did she need to think about, and more importantly why here? She reminds him of all the fond memories they’ve had on the boat, eating chicken wings at Chucks and playing pirates with the children. He admits that is funny as he was thinking about the same thing.

Alone, Taylor has a hallucination about Brooke invading her house, it being Brooke’s house now and her husband upstairs. Brooke taunts her that Taylor can’t compete with her, never could. “Face it, Taylor, every man has wanted me more than you, now so does Nick.” And nothing can stop her now, nothing at all. Taylor falls to her knees on the stairway crying for Brooke to leave her alone, stop it, get out! The room swirls, the laughter echoes, “nothing, nothing, nothing.”

Brooke comments that there is something about the place that makes her clear her head, and he laughs that it must be the sea air. And in hindsight for him the boat seems easier. She asks if things are better at home? Slowly he admits he has done something. After the incident at the dinner party, he had Dr. Warwick talk to Taylor. She asks if it has helped? He relays that it turns out he is the one who actually needs the help, and that is why he is here, sort of a man on a mission…..sort of soul searching. She says she realizes his marriage has been suffering because of all of Taylor’s insecurities, even though she has tried to talk to her……Nick tells her that she is not the problem, he is. She can’t believe that as he’s been nothing but a loving, wonderful husband. Nick agrees that he has tried to convince Taylor this marriage will work…and now he’s not so sure it should. James wanted him to search his heart and soul……not about Taylor, but about Brooke. How he truly feels about her. Brooke thinks that is the last thing he needs to be thinking about right now. Nick tells her that James asked him a question, one that he doesn’t even want to think about. He clams up so she has to ask – what is the question? Nick responds that James asks if he was still in love with Brooke? “And when I search my heart, the truth is, the only woman I see is you.”

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