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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/5/08


Written By Wanda
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Nick invites James in and wants to discuss the situation with Taylor the night before. It was a bit of a restless night for both of them. Nick claims he needs James’ help to save the marriage. He feels Taylor is at the end of her rope. He confides in James that he loves the woman, but he can’t help but think she did this in vitro for him. Now he feels like he is losing her, that she is losing herself. And no matter what he does, it doesn’t seem to work, so he’s begging James' help.

Donna and Eric snuggle in bed, and he tells her that he moved back in with Stephanie, but he is in the guest room and they are not sharing a bed. She chuckles he better not after what they just did. Eric quips that Stephanie did try to talk him into it, but he fought her off. Donna pouts that it must be hard for her honey bear all across town by him lonesome. He’s sorry they have to hide, but she’s not, she can have him all day all by herself. Kind of romantic, even if it is in a place that he’s not used to. Eric laments that he needs to get some work done, when there is a knock at the door. Donna scrambles to put a robe around her; it’s Brooke. She’s says Katie told her where to look, but why is Donna here? Apparently Katie didn’t tell her everything. And Ridge had told her that Donna left Eric, was there more to it? Donna is trying to find the words when Eric walks back into the room in just his robe. Brooke sees what the situation is and stammers that she thought it was over between them. Donna gives her standard “I tried”, but that she wasn’t going to let Stephanie blackmail them anymore. She told Eric everything. Brooke is aghast even with Donna saying that this will work and Stephanie will never find out. Brooke reminds them again what about Storm? His whole future is at stake here, did she think about him at all? Eric speaks up and says they are going to be very, very careful. Brooke reminds him that she is not sure how careful he can be, but nobody knows better than her how Stephanie can dig out a secret and exact her own brand of justice.

Supposingly upstairs sleeping, Taylor is awake and has heard nearly all that Nick and James said and she joins them. James tells her that her husband is very concerned about her. She says she is very concerned as well. James asks her to fill him in on the incident last night so she does. She explains that she has issues with Brooke. Every time she comes into her life, it becomes a disaster. She rationalizes that when Nick came into her life she knew he had a history with Brooke, but that was all right since she was with Ridge, and Nick seemed committed to her. They got married and were happy until she had her son then found out that the son she had been carrying for nine months was actually conceived with Brooke’s egg. She really just lost it then. Deep down she knows that Nick has been telling her that it their child, not Brooke’s, but she just can’t quite accept that. She scoffs that she thought she would be able to, and it would get better in time, but it hasn’t. Then she admits she has been tempted to drink….in fact she has taken a drink. She cries that it is the only thing that has given her some relief. And then last night she came up with this idea to have the dinner party and invite Brooke and Ridge and even had a minister there….she was just thinking if they got married that she would feel everything was in it’s place. But then Brooke refused and Taylor doesn’t know if she will ever be able to have peace of mind again.

Brooke continues to chastise Eric and Donna. She knows they in love and she isn’t trying to come between them, but she is worried about Storm. Stephanie is smart….what if she figures this out? Somebody else could see the two of them together. What do they think will happen? Do they think Stephanie will mellow out and that she won’t care anymore that Eric has left her and is seeing Donna publicly? Eric states again they are going to be very, very careful. Brooke points out that Stephanie has been after the Logan’s for a very long time, does he think this will stop her now?

Taylor cries to Nick that she is sorry she lied to him about drinking. She knows that alcohol is poison for her and that she is failing him. She thought just one drink would take the edge away, but soon it wasn’t just one drink. Nick keeps beating up on himself, that it was him that wanted a child….she had grown children. Taylor won’t hear of it, saying he has been perfectly wonderful to her and now bringing James here to help her. James asks her does she want help, and she replies she does. He asks her what would she tell a patient in this condition? She contemplates and remarks that she would help the patient come to the conclusion that inner peace does not come from the outside, but real inner peace comes from a different place.

Brooke drops by Stephanie’s to see Ridge, but he’s left. Stephanie is all cheery and invites Brooke in, she wants to talk to her about her son. Brooke assumes it is R.J., but Stephanie tells her no, her baby son, Jack.

Donna quizzes Eric if he thinks they can just hide away forever and keep the world away from their door. He says they really aren’t hiding from everyone…..she adds no just that wicked witch of the west side. He promises her that he is not going to let Stephanie spoil what they have.

With Nick gone, Taylor confides in James that she knows she is going to lose her marriage. She is not the wife that Nick fell in love with and that is all she wants, just to get back to that woman that he fell in love with. She cries, but she doesn’t know how to do it. Will he please help her?

Stephanie asks Brooke if she loves Ridge then why didn’t she marry him last night? Brooke wants to know what happened to Stephanie supporting her? Stephanie explains that was before things got so complicated. The baby with Nick changes everything. Brooke reminds her that was out of her control. Stephanie retorts, “apparently all of your children were.” Brooke warns her not to test her. Stephanie says more to the point, she doesn’t want her son involved in this mess. Brooke asks what can she possibly mean? She and Ridge are in love. Stephanie says she knows they have all made mistakes. She rolled out the red carpet for Brooke after the terrible rape, and she admitted her complicity….she apologized, but now she doesn’t want her son involved in this. And if Brooke pursues a marriage with him, then Brooke will have to contend with Stephanie for the rest of her life. Brooke points out that is very funny because when Stephanie found out about the rape she said she would spend the rest of her life trying to make it up to Brooke.

Stephanie admits she would have, she gave her word…… but the baby changed everything. “Come on now, look at me and tell the truth. More importantly, tell yourself the truth. You’re still in love with Nick, aren’t you?”

Nick thanks James and says that Taylor is upstairs sleeping. She managed to open up to James so that is a good sign. James says yes she is aware of her actions although she is not in control of them. And he is still worried about her. In all the years he has known her, he’s never seen her quite like this. She’s floundering and there seems to be something else at the core of the problem. And he doesn’t feel like it’s in his hands, but in Nick’s. Taylor wants to trust him, she wants to believe in this marriage. Astonished, Nick says but something is holding her back, he can see that. Yet, he’s not able to follow James’ line of thought. James tells him again, it’s Nick. Nothing he is doing consciously….Taylor thinks Brooke is the problem….and James needs to ask him a question.

And before he answers it, he wants him to search deeply into his heart and soul. The answer to this question could be the key to his future with Taylor. “Are you still in love with Brooke?”

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