B&B Monday Update 2/4/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/4/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

In her living room, Taylor states that she likes to think of herself as a strong woman, but right now her insecurities are telling her that those doubts are not unfounded. While Brooke thinks it is insane, Taylor feels it makes perfect sense. If Brooke really loves Ridge and is engaged to marry him, why can’t she just marry him now? And if she can’t, it must be because she has some feelings for Nick that are unresolved. Maybe some for Jack? And if Taylor is wrong, why doesn’t Brooke marry Ridge and prove her wrong? Brooke asks to talk to Nick alone. Taylor jumps all over that; what possible reason could Brooke have to want to run anything past him? Brooke asks if Taylor feels threatened? She admits yes, right at this moment she does feel threatened and has no idea why Brooke would want to talk to her husband alone. She gives in and finally says fine, go and then come back and marry her fiancée.

Stephanie answers the door and stares at Jackie. Stephanie snarks that she thought today was trash collection day…..how did they miss Jackie? Jackie returns the favor by saying she sees that Stephanie’s recent brush with death hasn’t changed her kind and loving demeanor. And when she mentions Jack, Stephanie says she is even less interested in her spawn, so just go. Jackie drops the bombshell on her that Brooke is the biological mother. Stephanie refuses to believe that, whether Jackie had a stroke or is just delusional, she does not believe her. But Bridget is on the way over and Jackie says she will confirm it.

With Brooke and Nick together, Taylor laments to Ridge she doesn’t know what is wrong with Brooke. She wants to marry him, so why won’t she? Why can’t she see Taylor is just trying to do something wonderful for them? (since when does a person lose the right to choose their own time and place for their own wedding?). Ridge tells her it was a lovely gesture and he appreciates it, but Brooke has some very definite ideas about her wedding. Taylor then wonders why she hasn’t set a date, and Ridge has to remind her there is the little matter of his mother being shot and Brooke’s father sitting in jail so that took precedence over a marriage license. She begs Ridge to please talk to Brooke, make her understand that he is ready!

Nick is upset and assures Brooke he is just as surprised as she is, what with Taylor inviting the minister already. Brooke states that she should have followed her first intuition, she knew something was up. She tells Nick that he really needs to talk to Taylor, she’s crazy. She needs to be told to back off. She feels cornered, damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. If she won’t marry Ridge right here in Nick’s living room, it’s somehow like making a statement that she still has feelings for him and little Jack. And that’s not the case. She rants that whose life is this anyways? It’s hers, not Taylor’s! This stunt screams of her insecurities and self-doubts.

Bridget confirms what Stephanie doesn’t want to hear; there was a mix-up in the lab with the Petri dishes and her mother is the biological mother of Jack. They listen as Jackie suggests this is a blessing in disguise and the best thing is for Taylor to cut her losses and give up Nick and the child. Stephanie can’t believe she is hearing this, Jackie advocating that Brooke and Nick get back together. Jackie admits it, they belong together. Bridget admonishes Jackie for her attitude. This is something that Bridget will regret her involvement for the rest of her life, and she warns Jackie to stay out of it. Bridget is called away for an emergency at the hospital. Jackie chuckles to Stephanie that imagine that, they actually have the same agenda in wanting Brooke back with Nick and not with Ridge.

Taylor says she is glad Ridge can see what is happening. Brooke is probably in there right now telling her husband how irrational Taylor is and she’s not handling the situation very well. She admits in the past she had been hysterical when she first found out, but she is fine now. She has been letting go and the simple matter is that he and Brooke are going to get married and the only thing missing is they haven’t set the date. He reminds her again that he knows she had good intentions, but perhaps it is not the best idea to try and force Brooke into a spontaneous marriage. She wails but what about her? What about what she needs?

The minister interrupts and tells them he has been called back to the parish with someone in the hospital. He will check back with them later if there is still to be a wedding. Taylor flops on the couch and tears up saying that everything is falling apart. Brooke and Nick emerge and she tells Ridge that she is sorry, but she can not marry him tonight like this. It’s too preposterous. Taylor is beside herself…..she confronts Brooke…..after all the years that Brooke has been trying to take Ridge away from her, now she is standing there and won’t let Taylor help her marry him. And after everything she has tried to do for her, don’t Brooke dare stand there and try to make Taylor out to be the wishy-washy crazy person. And why is that every time Taylor wants to take the high road, Brooke wants to throw it back and grind it in her face? That’s how she repays her and she can’t believe it!

Taylor goes to the table and picks up a glass of wine and saunters back and bemoans that after all she gave up for Brooke and walked away from, she still would have been the first person to toast her – to her marriage to her own ex-husband. In fact, she thinks that still calls for a toast, so to Brooke, she wins. Taylor swirls the glass around and is about to take a drink when Nick tells her to put it down, that doesn’t solve a thing. Brooke asks her not to take a drink too.

Taylor stares at the glass, wanting, deciding, finally smashes the glass into the wall. She declares that the party is over – go home.

Stephanie is also shocked to find out that Ridge knows about Jack. Jackie says of course he does, he’s just in denial. They will be over soon and now is time for Nick and Brooke to be back together. Puleeze, this is what Stephanie wants too. She understand that Stephanie managed to get Donna out of Eric’s life. Now if Stephanie could manage to get Ridge out of Brooke’s life in the same week, my God she would be Logan free! Yes, it is a tragedy, but they must work together on this, it’s an opportunity not only for them to get Brooke away from Ridge, but for Taylor too. She knows how Stephanie feels about her. Stephanie is heartsick to hear that Taylor is drinking again……or at least very close. Just being on this downward spiral trying to raise Brooke’s baby is going to destroy her. Jackie says they have no choice, they have to get involved and get Ridge away from Brooke. She reminds Stephanie that she may have bitten the bullet and welcomed Brooke back into her family, but deep down she knows she still despises her. She pleads, can’t Stephanie see, this is her win/win moment, but they have to act fast and act now.

Nick wraps Taylor’s hand that was cut. She bemoans that this wasn’t all her fault, as she was only trying to do something good so they’d all have closure. It was Brooke that ruined it. He says nothing is ruined, and she doesn’t understand why he can’t see – the reason Brooke didn’t is because she still has feelings for him. She doesn’t understand why Nick can’t defend her instead of Brooke when he asks that Taylor try to understand her side of it. Sympathetically he tells her that he knows her intentions were good and he is sorry the night didn’t work out the way she wanted. He supports her completely. She leans on his shoulder and says she loves him and just wants a life with him, a life without Brooke.

At home, Ridge tells Brooke that he is concerned about Taylor. She really lost control tonight, almost took a drink. She reminds him this is what she has been saying all along, what she has been trying to tell everybody. It was a tough night on Taylor, but also one on her too. Having Taylor put her on the spot and demand that she get married now. She points out she does want to marry him, but she just thinks it should be on their terms, not to ease Taylor’s fears and insecurities. He adds that they are already married in every which ways that counts, so he doesn’t see what saying a few words in front of a minister would make that much difference. She repeats again that she is not a horrible person and she’d like to do something good for Taylor, but she is not going to let her manipulate them about this to reduce her ridiculous fears.

Nick calls and tells Brooke that Taylor has calmed down a bit and is upstairs sleeping. He thinks Brooke handled herself very well; she thanks him for his support. They both hang up and he’s looking out and she goes to the window and looks – up to the big old, glowing full moon.

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