B&B Friday Update 2/1/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/1/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Like a Chatty-Cathy, Taylor bobbles up and down and says there is no time like the present…..looks at Ridge and Brooke and says they can get married tonight, right here, right now in this house. How about it? Brooke tries to explain they came here for a dinner party, and now Taylor is suggesting they get married? Taylor says it is not like it is coming out of the blue….they’ve been engaged several times before and even almost got married a few months ago, but got interrupted. Brooke explains they have been waiting for the right time and things to calm down a little bit. Taylor states that she is okay now with Brooke being Jack’s biological son…she has moved on and they can move on too. She puts her on the spot – do not miss this opportunity. Will Brooke marry Ridge?

Ashley confides in Rick that she doesn’t know what is planned, but Taylor said it would be an unforgettable night for Brooke and Ridge. He quips an unforgettable night for Brooke and Ridge and Nick and Taylor will be an unforgettable disaster! How did the four of them even agree to be in the same room together? He wonders what her feelings are about Brooke being the biological mother? Hasn’t she thought that it might mean that Ridge and his mom won’t get married? She admits she has mixed feelings about that. She was going to marry the man, but learned from it and she has moved on. She offers that she made that mistake once, she won’t make it again.

Nick and Taylor excuse the reverend and offer him food in the kitchen while they all talk this out. She asks Brooke what is the problem? Brooke asks if Taylor is serious? Does she really expect them to get married here tonight? She says sure, why not? Even a little thing like getting a marriage license is no big deal. All they need to do is say “I do.” She keeps repeating that Brooke said she loved this man, she’s said that for years. So does she want to marry him or not? Ridge puts in his two cents. She certainly caught them off guard. He wants to thank her…she obviously saw something that needed to be done and went ahead and did it. Maybe tonight is a good idea, the minister is here, so “I say let’s do it, Logan.” Nick says he needs another drink (here, here). Brooke wants to speak to Ridge privately. He can’t see why this is such a problem and she can’t believe he would actually consider it. Brooke thinks it is a ridiculous idea, a stunt that Taylor is pulling. Ridge asks what is so ridiculous about marrying him? Doesn’t she want to?

Rick reminds Ashley that he warned her about Ridge. He’d seen the way he operated for too many years. She agrees that yes he did tell her and deep down she probably knew that she was heading for trouble. And it just drives him nuts that Brooke and Ridge are ending up together again. She agrees, he is always right. She should have been smarter. But can they talk about something else besides she and Ridge? Yeah, what else? She coyly suggests perhaps the two of them, they could try again. She surprises him with a kiss.

Nick tells Taylor this is all surprising, when did she come up with this wedding thing? And didn’t even bother to ask him about it? Flippantly she jokes that she forgot about that part. She’s sorry, but it was just a simple gesture that would show Brooke she really was sincere. He tells her, “this isn’t something you spring on people……a wedding…..I mean a surprise party is one thing, but a surprise wedding – it’s a little weird.” She laughs that is the whole idea, of a surprise….doesn’t that show Brooke she was thinking about her….that she cares about her…..that she wants her happy? She just wants to put all of this behind them, can’t he see that? Or does Nick have a problem with Ridge and Brooke getting married?

Brooke has to defend her position. Of course she wants to get married, but not here, not like this. It makes a difference, and she knows Taylor is not doing it for them. She’s doing it for herself on her own terms, but Ridge doesn’t believe that. He points out that they wanted to get married, so if it makes Taylor feel better about the situation, so be it. He does not have a problem with that. Brooke says well she does. This is their big moment and she wants it to be special. He spouts this isn’t their first wedding (ouch) and they don’t need something fancy to prove their love to each other. They have been busy with a lot of other things lately, so why don’t they keep it simple and just get married here tonight? “We can get on with our lives. Why should we put it off? Come on, Logan, let’s do it. Let’s get married now.”

Rick tells Ashley that he is shocked to hear her say that. Good or bad shocked, she asks? Let’s just say he’s waited a long time to hear those words. She giggles and asks if those are words he still wants to hear? He admits yes, but he’d be lying if he didn’t say he was a little gun shy. They both admit it’s okay, they know they hurt each other. She thinks it’s interesting because suddenly they are both available at the same time. What does he think about that?

Brooke is adamant; the last place she wants to get married is here in Taylor’s living room. And she knew there was something up the minute Taylor called and invited them to dinner. This is all a ploy and why can’t Ridge see that? She’s not doing this to be nice; she could give a damn about their happiness. She’s doing it for her own insecurities. Ridge asks is she saying that Taylor fears that Brooke might take Nick away from her? Brooke admits yes that is a possibility. Ridge says so maybe she is right. Maybe them marrying would tie up all the loose ends (oh so poetic)…no more gray area….no doubts in anyone’s mind. Brooke laments that Taylor is the only one with doubts and they all know how absurd they are. He has every confidence in her love, but this way everyone would know where they stand.

Nick admits that no, he’s not crazy about Brooke marrying Ridge. That’s an injustice he wouldn’t wish on anybody, no matter who it was. To put it mildly, she knows how he feels about Ridge, but he does want Brooke to be happy and this is what she has told them, that she wants to marry Ridge. He just doesn’t believe it is any of their business nor should they be involved. They are capable of planning their own wedding. She doesn’t get it – they are already engaged and going to be married, so why not now? She prattles on and on, they all just need to do this and move on. They have a son already, they need to be parents to him, give him a stable environment. How many times has Brooke told them that Ridge is her soul mate? Doesn’t Nick want her to be happy? Brooke and Ridge enter, and with gleeful face Taylor asks what is their decision? Should she get the minister?

After a second kiss, Rick is still confused. The last thing he was expecting when Ashley came through those doors. She had broken things off and now she wants them back to the way they were. She reminds him she always had feelings for him and that never changed…and he dumped her for Phoebe….and yes she dumped him for Ridge. So? They both giggle. He stammers that he is trying to think what to do now. Part of him wants to take a cold shower and forget this is even happening…and the other part wants to clear off the conference table and make love to her right there. She likes that second part. And she leads him into a trip they had in Saint-Tropez….they wanted to see the sights, but they never left their hotel. They laugh over the hotel staff being worried that they never left their room. And probably a little mad that they drank all of their champagne. He agrees they have fun together, they do that well. She nuzzles, does he want a fresh start? Wanna try again? He asks for a little time, he just wants this to sink in. She answers okay, take all the time he needs. She just wants him to know something. Her feelings are sincere and she’d just like a chance to prove that to him.

Brooke breaks it to Taylor who is standing there all hopeful. Brooke says she and Ridge are thankful, it was a very thoughtful gesture, but it’s not exactly how they envisioned their wedding. Taylor plugs away that don’t they want to take the stress off of planning a wedding? She clamors that they don’t need a big fancy wedding, keep it simple. Firmer, Brooke tells her that she knew Taylor had an agenda when she invited them, but she never imagined she would do this. Taylor denies that she has an agenda. Just two people in love so she thought this would be a nice thing to do. Brooke tells her to be honest. She is doing this to get her out of the way! Vehemently, Taylor denies everything. She doesn’t know what Brooke is talking about. She just wants to see them happy…unless Brooke is telling her that she is a threat to Taylor’s marriage. Brooke declares she is not a threat, but Taylor must think she is. She wanted her off the market.

Taylor states again that she is just trying to be nice and build a bridge between all of them. When Brooke is skeptical, Taylor continues that Brooke has told her for years that she loves Ridge, so why is she acting now like Taylor is forcing her to do something she doesn’t want to do? Brooke says Taylor is not forcing her to do anything. She is going to marry Ridge, but on her terms, not Taylor’s and they will plan their wedding together. Taylor simply won’t give up and keeps giving them reasons to do it now, keep it simple. Perhaps that is the key. Then she pushes the envelope by saying she doesn’t understand this at all. Perhaps Brooke still has feelings for her husband….her child….her son?

Shocked, Brooke says no, it has nothing to do with any of that. Taylor cries that she thinks it has everything do to with that. She doesn’t know what Ridge thinks, but that is exactly what she thinks. Brooke has no intentions of moving on. “You want to stay in my life, don’t you?” She maintains that she can’t even look into her baby’s crib without seeing Brooke’s face. She’s everywhere she looks. It’s like she is haunting her or something. Does Brooke understand that? She cared about her so much, about the possibility of her drinking that she went and told Nick. But does Brooke really care about her? Then do what she has been saying she wants to do for years now. “I’ve given everything up because of you. Just do what you told me you want to do, and marry Ridge. Do it.”

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