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Written By Wanda
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Brooke asks Ridge, so it’s really gonna happen – dinner at Nick and Taylor’s? As apprehensive as he is, he says yes, he thinks it will be good for everyone. She mutters, "and awkward." He agrees, but he states he will be with her and Nick with Taylor so everyone will know where they stand. She still doesn’t understand how inviting them for dinner is going to help Taylor get over her issues about Brooke being Jack’s biological mother. No matter how good the beef brisket is, she can’t imagine Taylor putting all of that aside. Yes, Brooke wants a peaceful existence so this would seem what she would want, but also Taylor has been asking her to keep her distance, so she doesn’t understand this. Ridge declares that all four of their lives will be tied forever together because of the children…..and as much as he doesn’t want to spend one more second with Nick, he has to admit it would be best if they all could get along….and he bets Taylor is thinking the same thing right now.

Taylor is happy and talking to someone on the phone and telling them she will take care of everything, just get over there tonight and get the job done. Ends up saying, “that’s right, Brooke, after tonight everything will be different.” Ashley drops by, apologizes for just stopping by but she was driving by and just had to see that beautiful baby. Taylor seems happy to see her and invites her in. Ashley even volunteers to baby-sit when Taylor needs it. Taylor accepts that and even surprises Ashley by asking if she’d like to be the baby’s Godmother? Ashley is like “why me?” and Taylor comments that they have both had losses to Brooke and she just feels a kinship to her. Ashley offers that she can use that kind of friend too. She mentions that Taylor seems different, happier. Taylor confides that she is, so much so that she is giving a dinner party tonight, she will never guess who – Ridge and Brooke. Nobody talked her into this, she did it all by herself. And “it is going to be a night to remember.”

Nick drops in on Brooke at the office (again – not staying away from her when a phone call could have handled this). He asks her about this dinner party tonight. Is she sure she wants to come? When she is hesitant, he sits down and says because if she gets a case of the dry heaves and doesn’t want to come, he’d understand. She remarks that Taylor seems pretty gung-ho about this, and so does Ridge. Nick is stunned….she adds must be all this talk of peaceful co-existence and it must have finally got to him…..but surprise, she’s certainly not ready for it. But, she thinks Ridge is right and it will be good for all of them. Nick thinks it is a total nightmare and she agrees – totally…..and she thinks Taylor is up to something. This is happening sooner than he expected, but he hopes Taylor can finally put her fears to rest. Brooke still thinks there may be more to this evening than just dinner. Nick quips that if it is and she starts feeling uncomfortable, then just throw up, order a pizza and just go.

Ashley feels so honored that Taylor asked her to be the Godmother. And she wants to hear all about the dinner party after tonight. If there is anybody to be slapped, she wants to be the first to hear about it. Taylor jokes that if any violence breaks out, it won’t be because of her. “Let’s just say after tonight, Nick and I will be able to live our lives in peace.”

Ridge wonders if he should stop and get some flowers, like a hostess gift……or boxing gloves, perhaps a big blunt object. Brooke comments that is very funny……she just wants to go and get this over with. Nick says Taylor is doing better lately, but she seems to go into a tailspin over the slightest thing. Ridge points out that any other woman in her situation could be sending out assassins for Brooke, but since she’s invited them over, it means she is at least reaching out. He suggests they go with a positive attitude, and she agrees, that is a plan.

Taylor is all chipper and setting the table when Nick gets home. He acts like he is walking on eggshells, but wants to know if there is anything he can do? When he goes to check on Jack, she comments that tonight will be a whole new beginning for all of them. Later she comes down in a sexy black dress that Nick likes.

The doorbell rings and she is happy to see Ridge and Brooke are right on time. Taylor goes a teeny bit overboard in welcoming them, glad they are there, she wasn’t sure they would come. Perfect hostess, she slips off to check on dinner while they stand around looking dumbstruck. Nick asks who needs a drink? Out of earshot, Ridge quips he thought he’d never ask!

Ashley drops by Rick’s office and does one of her lame Erma knock-knock jokes. Then she fills him in that she too is working late because she had a long lunch, went over to see Taylor. He asks about her and they cat and mouse as to if the other knows – the egg – yeah. He says he was worried about Taylor ever since finding out, but she seems to be okay now. He laughs when he finds out so okay that she has invited Brooke and Ridge to dinner tonight. And if that is not a woman who can cope with an impossible situation, then she doesn’t know what is.

As the foursome sit, wine for the others and mineral water for Taylor, she offers a quick toast “to health…. for our family and our friends….to our children and to new beginnings.” The beans can wait, Taylor has something else to say…..they all share a history…and she looks at Brooke and reminds her they have even shared a husband a couple of times, but what she has found is she has been harboring all this anger and it’s only been hurting her and causing her to self-destruct and when she does that it only makes her hurt the ones she loves. So that being said, she assures them she is through with the pity party. She’s putting all the circumstances aside, she’s going to rise above that and be positive from now on. She singles out Brooke and says because of her she has her son, and she knows that. And she signed over her rights to Jack and that couldn’t have been easy, and she knows that. It was a gift, what she did was a gift and she thanks her. Brooke accepts and acknowledges she was very happy to be able to give them their son. Taylor smiles and says that is why she wants to give back. She has something very special planned for them tonight. She knows they are going to love it, and will change all of their lives. They all squirm and wonder what she is talking about.

Rick wonders if this was Taylor’s idea? Strange to him. Ashley says Taylor seems to be okay now with Brooke being Jack’s biological mother. She even has a big surprise planned for them tonight. She doesn’t know what it is, but Taylor said it would make the night unforgettable and solve all their problems.

Brooke asks Taylor what does she mean, that this will change all their lives? Taylor remarks they will see soon, let’s just say it will give them all closure and help them get on with their lives. Ridge asks does that mean apart from each other? She says no, hopefully as friends. Nick asks what is she talking about? Saved by the bell, her special guest is here. Nick still wants to know what she is up to, who is this? She replies it’s okay, just someone who is going to make it all right.

Taylor answers the door and the others stand and follow as she greets the reverend. He announces he is happy to be here and see them, so shall they get started? Brooke asks – doing what? Taylor has to explain that she invited the reverend because it’s time to bury the hatchet. She knows she has been insecure, and has not been nice to Brooke, has treated her like some sort of home-wrecker and she doesn’t want to do that any more. She wants to help her and be nice to her. She knows they have been planning on being married and the only thing missing was the date….well guess what, that date is NOW. They are going to be married tonight, right here, right now, in this house. Everyone but Taylor and the reverend look stunned with a blank look on their faces. Taylor says she can see that this is a surprise, but now is the time, will Brooke marry Ridge tonight?

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