B&B Tuesday Update 1/29/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/29/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Eric is astounded that Donna is telling him it was Storm who shot Stephanie. And now Stephanie was just there and is blackmailing Donna. Stephanie wants him back and Donna says Stephanie will stop at nothing to see that happens. Eric wants her to sit and explain all of this to him. She just repeats that Eric wants him back and is counting on that happening, no matter how delusional it sounds. Stephanie expects Donna to break off with him, and make him believe it. He still can’t believe that Storm is the one who shot Stephanie; that makes no sense. He was on the phone with Lt. Baker at that time. Stephanie must be trying to pull something on them. Donna explains that Storm muted the phone long enough to fire one shot. And then he went right back to the conversation. He’s besides himself, and Storm is parading around acting like the big protector to his sisters and assuring both families that all will be all right. They have to call the police. Donna begs him not to; do not turn Storm in!

Taylor is flustered when Nick comes home without calling first as he promised. She forgives him when he produces “a little backup for support.” James Warwick walks in and says he thought it was about time he checked on his beautiful colleague, and meet her new son. Taylor goes and gets Jack up from a nap and introduces him to James. He thinks he is quite the little trooper. But also Taylor too for all she has gone through. He admits that Nick told him about Brooke being the biological mother.

Katie informs Stephanie that Donna knows what is at stake….she’ll do it….she’ll end things with Eric. Stephanie offers that she hopes so, otherwise they will all be looking at spending a lot of time visiting him in the penitentiary. Katie reminds her that Donna does not want her brother to go to jail. She’ll do what is best for him and for the family. Stephanie states that she hopes so….guess they will soon find out whether she is capable of putting someone else first.

Eric is even more aghast that Donna just told him all of this and now she is asking him not to turn the culprit in, the one who cold and calculatingly tried to kill his wife? If that is true, then he needs to go to jail. She begs, Storm was pushed over the edge. Eric says, “oh you think? Yeah, I guess he was.” She says he really isn’t a bad person…..it’s just that Stephanie has done so many horrible things to her family, he couldn’t take it anymore. Eric rationalizes that still doesn’t give Storm license to kill somebody. Donna cries that she knows that, and Storm knows that. If he could take it back, he would….he is sorry for what he did. Eric thinks that is still grossly inadequate. Donna says her brother needs help, the kind of help he won’t get in prison. She doesn’t think he would survive that. Eric wonders what the alternative is then – just be free to walk the streets? That can’t happen and after all she has told him, she just wants him to forget that?

She says then maybe she shouldn’t have told him all of this. Maybe she should have gone along with Stephanie and pretended that she hated Eric and never wanted to see him again. But Stephanie thought it was a fair trade – her brother for Eric. Eric asks, so this was all of Stephanie’s doings, her mastermind….this blackmail? Donna answers yes, in order to keep her brother out of jail, she had to close the door on Eric forever.

James asks Taylor how she is coping with all of this? It must be very hard on her, but she can tell him the truth….she can tell him anything. Nick interrupts and says he put Jack back down for a nap and now he has to head back to the office for a bit. He will leave them alone to catch up. He hopes James will be able to stay awhile. James replies as long as he can. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for Taylor. Nick gives Taylor a kiss and she thanks him for the surprise.

Katie tells Stephanie that if she gave Donna half a chance that she would realize she is not the tramp Stephanie makes her out to be. Family means more to her than anything else…she’ll do what’s right for Storm and the family. Stephanie remarks again that she certainly hopes so, otherwise it is bye-bye to her brother for a long time.

Donna confides that this is classical Stephanie, trying to control people’s lives, getting what she wants. Eric agrees, Stephanie hasn’t changed one bit. She wastes no opportunity to get what she wants, exactly the way she wants it. Donna doesn’t know what to do, maybe they should just give in to Stephanie. Eric asks where is Storm now? Donna says she hopes he went to Paris to be with their dad. Both she and Katie told him to get the hell out of town. She tells Eric she wants a life with him, but she’s also worried about her brother. Eric sighs, takes deep thoughts and tells her if she hears from Storm just to tell him to stay somewhere far, far away. He’s going to see Stephanie; he can’t just do nothing. Donna begs him not to, Stephanie doesn’t want to hear anything else except that Donna is leaving him. He thinks it’s possible to beat her at her own game. Donna thinks perhaps the best thing is for her to leave L.A. Eric tells her no, he’s not giving up on her. He has a plan.

Eric lays it out. He will convince Stephanie that he has seen the light and that Donna has been using him. He’ll tell her that he is getting Donna out of his life forever. He’ll start with firing her, and then he will move back in with Stephanie…..just move back in, not share a bed. He’ll do and say just enough to convince her that Donna has made good on her blackmail threat. Donna is skeptical, but Eric says this will work. It has to, he’s not going to let her go. “You mean too much to me.” He’s sure it will work as Stephanie would never think that Donna would tell him the real truth. Stephanie has never trusted anyone in her life enough to tell the entire truth. That’s to their advantage. And then in time Stephanie will realize what they have is just an empty shell…she will let him go and then he and Donna will have their future together, he promises.

Taylor instructs James that she is doing much better the last few days, and no she is not drinking again. Positively, she has everything under control. There is nothing to worry about.

Eric drops in on Stephanie, saying Donna told him that she was back in town. She asks if this is about Donna…..as evidenced by the look on his face? He sighs and slowly tells her that she was right….Donna was just using him….there was another man and he already knew there had been others. She finally admitted she didn’t love him and was only using him. Stephanie is properly sorry and he admits he should have listened to Stephanie all along as she tried to tell him he was being used. She says she knows this really hurts, but she’s glad that he’s finally seen the light. He says he is glad they have a chance to talk like this, he needs that. She sympathizes that they have been married a long, long time and he knows he can talk to her about anything any time.

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