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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/28/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Perturbed, Stephanie tells Donna that she is really losing patience with her…she doesn’t have to make this so damned difficult….just break it off with Eric.

James Warwick, an old colleague of Taylor’s, surprises Nick by coming in one day early. He says he is sorry he missed the wedding, but he talked to Taylor at Christmas and she sounded great, so what’s up?

Just as she is pouring herself a drink, Rick drops by to see Taylor. She greets him that this is not a good time, but eventually invites him in when he says he was thinking of their talk yesterday. And just because he is Brooke’s son doesn’t mean he doesn’t care for her or that he is not concerned. He tells her that he has a lot of respect for her and she has given him some great advice over the years since he was young. Even during the chaos between his mom and Ridge, Taylor remained a good friend and he wants to return that favor. He starts by saying he wants her to be happy. She quips that makes two of them! Slowly he eases into it that he thinks wonderful things can happen for her, but he doesn’t think that is going to happen right now with her raising Nick and Brooke’s child. He just doesn’t think she is going to truly be happy. He knows she does not want to hear this, but surely she must know the cards are stacked against her. She tells him he is wrong, but he continues that she has to know there is an intense connection between them and it’s not going to stop, and certainly not now that they share a child between them. She wants to know what is she to do then, just give up? He doesn’t want to hurt her but he reminds her that he thinks Nick and his mom will end up eventually with each other. Doesn’t Taylor think it would be best to get out now?

Katie bumps into Eric in his office and clearly her mind is on anything but business. Stephanie’s name comes up and she asks if he has heard from her, isn’t she due back today? He replies that Katie knows the situation between them, and there is no reason for Stephanie to contact him.

Stephanie tells Donna that she loves her husband and she wants him to be happy. And she’s really tired of giving Donna all these chances to do the right thing and she’s told her over and over what is going to happen if Donna doesn’t keep their agreements, Storm will go to jail. Donna instructs her to put down the phone and not do this. Stephanie follows with, “Donna, I want you out of my husband’s life. And I know you do not want your brother to go to jail. So, let’s just make this happen, please.” Donna points out that this was not her agreement. It was Brooke’s and secondly Donna has done everything she can to live up to her end of the bargain….that she couldn’t commit to Eric, she would make his life miserable, but it still did not drive him away. It only made him more determined to help her; that is how much he loves her. Stephanie chuckles, well of course, she knows all about the sex addition thing…as though any normal healthy man doesn’t pray for something like that. Knowing her husband, it probably turned him on. Donna asks if Stephanie thinks that is all they have going for them – sex? Stephanie deadpans, “you can sew and cook as well?” Donna tells her to face it, Stephanie just can’t accept him with another woman. She’s watched Stephanie belittle and treat him like crap. Does Stephanie honestly think he would take her back even if they do break it off? It’s over, he doesn’t love Stephanie any more. Stephanie says that is her problem, Donna’s is her brother. So let’s see, prison or no prison? I guess they are going to find out if she is a selfless or selfish young woman. She starts to leave, but Donna grabs the door and slams it and says Stephanie is not going anywhere just yet.

Katie reveals that she is worried about her sister. She wishes things weren’t so complicated. She knows Eric loves Donna, and he vows he would never hurt her. James tells Nick he appreciates him being upfront with him. He knows Taylor is happy with him and it’s wonderful to see her with a man that is completely committed to her. And that’s why Taylor was thrilled to be able to give him a son. Nick agrees that it has been a blessing, they are both blessed.

Rick laments to Taylor that his mother always gets what she wants. Taylor wonders about Rick; everybody knows how he feels about Ridge. He admits he would do almost anything humanly possible to keep his mom and Ridge apart. To Taylor that means trying to get his mom and Nick back together, even though Nick is committed to her and their family. The problem is his mother can’t stop making these destructive choices. She always wants what she can’t have. Nick is presently unavailable, so now she wants him. And let them not forget, she has already had him once. They were married, and look where that ended. He still spouts that he believes fate brought them back together. She said he was right the first time, it was an accident, not fate. And if she knew he was going to come in here and say this garbage, she wouldn’t have let him in. He tells her that he feels partly responsible. He knows his mother and his sister are at the center of this mess, but can she trust him that all he wants to do is help her? She tries to usher him toward the door and says she does not want any of his help. They have been working through these issues and everything is fine, okay? She’s moved on, so why doesn’t Rick move on and take his mission and get out the door and just go home. Before he exits, Rick spies the bottle of booze and asks Taylor about it.

Nick informs James that Brooke is the biological mother of Jack, there was a mix-up in the lab. James can’t imagine how they both are handling this. Nick fills him in that this has been difficult, but it seems Taylor has now turned the corner. James is relieved, she has one of the most brilliant minds in psychiatry and a very compassionate woman. He knows her life has been troubled what with the drinking and then Darla’s death. As long as she is sober then he thinks she can handle anything.

Donna calls Stephanie’s bluff and tells her go ahead and call Lt. Baker. Turn Storm in. It may mean losing her brother, but it will mean she gains her husband forever. Stephanie wonders where Donna came up with this little idea. On her own or did she discuss it with the other little bimbos at bimbo school? When is Donna going to get it, she’s giving her one last chance to save her brother? Stop trying her patience. Donna tells her to stop lording it over her. She knows her one little bit of a chance to be with Eric is if Donna goes through with this deal, so don’t push. Stephanie declares okay, there is a lot at stake here and it’s either going to be a win-win or a lose-lose situation for their families here. So just figure out how she is going to handle this and do it; end it now!

Rick asks Taylor is she drinking again? She denies it, saying she’s been a little stressed out and she’s entitled to chill out a little bit….she’s fine and she’s in control. He asks about little Jack. She offers that he is fine too, she is not drunk….she just had a tiny cocktail to take the edge off. It’s really okay, so don’t make a big deal over this. It’s enough that he already went over to his mother’s and told her Taylor had a panic attack. She doesn’t need any more problems, so please don’t create any more for her. She begs him to promise her that. He replies he is not going to promise her that. He grabs the bottle and is out the door with her following and begging him not to tell anyone.

Just before Stephanie walks in, Katie calls Donna and tells her that Eric is on his way over – end it today. Stephanie quips that here’s another Logan daughter, how lucky can she be? Katie fires back that if she is looking for Eric, he’s not there. He’s with Donna and don’t worry she knows what needs to be done. Soon things will be over between them.

Donna is crying and Eric insists that she tell him what the tears are about. Surely it isn’t about them breaking up, they already have discussed that. She sobs no, she loves him too much and she can’t keep doing this to him. Finally she tells him it’s Stephanie. She’s back and she knows something about the Logan family, and if Donna doesn’t do what she says, she will ruin everything. Eric asks if she is trying to blackmail them? Donna admits that she wants Donna to end her relationship with Eric. It’s the last thing Donna wants to do, but Stephanie will tear the family apart. He doesn’t see how until Donna says Stephanie knows who shot her. It was her brother, Storm. Eric is astounded as Donna says if she doesn’t leave him, Stephanie will have Storm behind bars. Please, please, he has to help her.

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