B&B Friday Update 1/25/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/25/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Nick wakes and surmises that Taylor slept late, it’s the best night of sleep she’s had in a long while. She feels more rested and relaxed and he’s happy to hear that. While he is out of the room dressing, she talks to herself that Brooke is not going to be a problem ever again. She takes a swig from a bottle hidden underneath her bed and spritzes her mouth with a spray. “You’re not going to get to me, Brooke I won’t let you.”

Storm tells Katie that he doesn’t want anyone worrying about him. He knows what he did was wrong and he’s in therapy right now, trying to get a grip on his anger about his dad. And more importantly why he was able to shoot Stephanie and try to pin it on his dad. He knows he has a long way to go, but it feels like he has the weight of the world off his shoulders. And it’s remarkable that they owe it all to Stephanie, this opportunity to heal and he is indebted to her. He tells her that Brooke doesn’t agree, but he sort of feels like he wants to go over and personally thank Stephanie. Katie agrees with Brooke, bad idea…..Stephanie might take one look at him and change her mind. They should just let it lie, he’s free, that’s all that matters. Donna walks in and he repeats it to her. She too tells him just let it go, go to Europe and re-connect with his dad. He tells them it’s something to consider and he’ll give it some thought. Alone, Katie tells Donna that she must end it with Eric today.

Taylor wants to have a serious talk with Nick and starts by saying she knows they all have had their worlds turned upside down, but for some reason she has been shaken up the most. She’s been irrational, but Nick has been right there beside her the entire way. She has taken him for granted….he’s amazing, so good to her. She feels like she is able to find herself again and isn’t going to let this situation get to her anymore. As they nuzzle, he tells her that he loves her and she states that this is a whole new day…..a new beginning for their family. She whispers that she missed being a woman…..missed being sexy and she wants him to make love to her.

Katie and Donna go over it all again – how this is not easy. Eric really loves her, and they are soul mates and he wants a life together. She has tried over and over to end it. Katie reminds her there are no guarantees in life, so don’t throw away her brother’s freedom for something that may not be there in six months or a year. Storm needs her. Keeping him out of prison is the most important thing right now. Protect him like he always protected Donna. End it with Eric! She should know that Stephanie has been calling her from Chicago and Donna not responding. She’s coming back from Chicago today, so Donna needs to end things with Eric now. Donna tries to make her see that Stephanie is blackmailing them. And she doesn’t care about Eric’s happiness….if she truly loved him she would set him free. Donna hates how they are bowing down to Stephanie yet again. She let their dad off the hook, well she can’t blackmail them if they won’t let her. Katie is dumbfounded, what is she talking about? Donna says it is their word against Stephanie’s. She won’t turn Storm in because her own dirty deeds would come out, so why don’t they call her bluff?

Nick and Taylor profess their love for each other, she attends to baby Jack and all is right with the world. Nick is astonished that Taylor has been able to change overnight….all of a sudden she is loving and accepting of everything. She points out that she is a psychiatrist and that the mind can actually take over the emotions if there is strong enough resolve. And she just needed time, time to accept that Nick really loved her….and his family and they mean everything to him. Now she’s ready to be there 100% for him and Jack. He asks what about Brooke? She scoffs that is all in the past thanks to Nick. He helped her find herself again, and it’s all about what he did. “You let me know you love me.”

Katie berates Donna, call Stephanie’s bluff, she must be out of her mind! Donna says no, because Stephanie will hold this over their head for years. This month it is Eric, what about next month? Donna doesn’t want to live like that, does Katie? Katie says no, but what’s the alternative? She begs her sister to do what Stephanie wants so Storm won’t go to prison. He won’t survive that. She reminds Donna that she said earlier that the family had to stick together….safety in numbers….it won’t be easy…this is an opportunity for all the Logan’s to be the family they were always meant to be. So don’t let Storm down, don’t let the family down. “Please, please don’t do that.” Donna takes a deep breath and says okay, she doesn’t need any more pressure. She has a plan, she knows what she has to do and she will go do it right now.

Everything lovey-dovey, Taylor gets Nick to promise her he will call when he’s on his way home. Once he's out the door, she goes straight to the bottle. But she hesitates and finally tells herself that she doesn’t need this, doesn’t need it at all. However, she carries it with her as she looks in on Jack. She tells him she can be a great mommy, they are going to have a great life, “my son.” She tells herself again that she doesn’t need this drink. She goes to put it away, but Jack starts fussing and crying. She approaches his crib again saying it is going to be okay, and then turns away, sits on the couch. She licks her lips as Jack cries harder – she takes a gulp. She lets it soothe her, gets up and stands over Jack and again tells him that all will be all right.

Donna relaxes on the couch at Eric’s, thinking back on happier, magical moments. The door opens and she thinks it is Eric. Instead Stephanie walks in. Calm and rational, she tells Donna that she thought this was going to be so simple. All Donna had to say was, “Eric, it’s over.” And yet here she is, still here. Donna offers that she has tried. Stephanie suggests then she hasn’t tried hard enough. Let them not have any more arguments or debates. Simply say to Eric that they are finished and that’s it!

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