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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/24/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Somewhat beaten down, Taylor tells Brooke that she had a lot of losses as a child but she learned to rise above that. She even became a psychiatrist so she could help other people through their pain and their losses. That is what she is trained to do, and now she can’t even help herself. She wants to be the perfect wife and she is going to be the perfect mother for Jack.

Jackie returns to Nick’s and is surprised that Taylor is not there and he doesn’t know where she is. He tells her she’s a big girl, they don’t have to send out the alarm. She had some errands to run. She starts and Nicks tells her that he doesn’t want to hear her undermine Taylor, thanks! Then she spies the photos of Brooke and the kids and starts oohing and aahing over them, but admonishing Nick that with Taylor’s present state he shouldn’t be leaving them laying around. He agrees and takes them from her. But she can’t help but get the last word by saying Taylor is never going to be happy, it’s too late for that now and it’s only going to get worse in the years to come. He tells her they are planning Jack’s christening for tomorrow, he hopes she will be there.

Brooke gives a little pep talk to Taylor, that she will be a great mother, but she just needs to get a grip on herself. They all are going to be affected, Nick and even Ridge. Taylor says she knows and she does have a grip now. She tries to convince herself that all those insecurities are going away, and she will be just fine. Brooke reminds her that she is not going to be a threat and she never will be. She just needs to accept that. Be the strong woman and don’t let Nick see her weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Jackie is holding Jack when Taylor gets home and wonders where Nick is? And if Jackie is checking up on her? She picked up on some little vibe when Jackie was there earlier, like she wasn’t quite equipped to be a mother. And how she won’t ever be able to get over the fact that Brooke will always be a part of her life. Jackie says she is putting words in her mouth. Taylor thinks not, she is pretty sure she heard those words earlier and thinks Jackie is doing it to make her feel insecure. Jackie states he only wants to see all three of them be happy. Taylor finishes…..but Jackie doesn’t think she can make them happy? Jackie asks if she seriously thinks she can ever separate this child from Brooke?

Nick drops in on Brooke at work and she immediately starts admitting she should have never sent that text message and wouldn’t have if she knew Taylor would read it. This is a surprise to him and he asks how bad was it? She says Taylor came over and confronted her, it was pretty strong at first but she thinks it turned into a good thing and she no longer believes that Brooke will be a threat to her. And Taylor knows what is at stake. She asks what are the photos for? He says he thinks she should have them, photos of Hope and R.J. and Brooke and Nick.

Taylor laments that she can love that baby regardless of his DNA, that was never the factor. Otherwise she would have never even considered an egg donor. Jackie theorizes that with no fault of her own, Taylor has been pushed into an impossible situation. Taylor wonders why she wants to define it as impossible, unless she has an agenda? Jackie denies that, but tells Taylor that she clearly sees that she is not ever going to be able to accept Jack as anybody but Brooke’s baby. Taylor slams her glass of water down and tells Jackie to stop it. She laments that she will tell her what she sees clearly – that Jackie wants Nick back with Brooke, that is what she has always wanted. And if she can’t respect her and her marriage in her home, then she is not welcome to come back here. Jackie gasps as Taylor continues, “you won’t be coming back here, and if you want a relationship with your grandson, then you’d better find a better way to treat his mother!” And she states to her that she is Jack’s mother and she is Nick’s wife, and Jackie had better accept that.

Nick tells Brooke that he couldn’t throw the pictures away and yet he couldn’t keep them at the house either. She looks at him and praises the kids and remarks how much Hope misses Nick. He says when they get a handle on all of this, he will spend some time with her. She thanks him for the pictures and says they were some very magical times. He wants to say more, but stops himself. She tells him not to feel sorry, this has been a difficult time for him. He admits things are a mess and he doesn’t know what else to do to reassure Taylor. He’s banging his head against the wall and all he wants is for someone to love his son. She walks closer and tells him he is under tremendous pressure trying to keep his family together, and he just needs someone to talk to. He informs her they are going to have a christening for Jack tomorrow and maybe then she will feel more like his mother. She says that will be an important day for Jack, and she wishes she could be there, (there you go Brooke, back off!) but she knows she can’t. But she really loves that boy. She adds but she just wants everything to work out for him and Taylor and the baby.

He’s under a lot of pressure right now and she can’t help but feel somewhat responsible. If she hadn’t donated that egg, none of this would have happened. He implores her not to do that, this is not her fault, “I wouldn’t have Jack without you….the son I always wanted, so I can’t thank you enough.” He hopes it will all work out. Brooke stresses that Taylor will keep it together, she will get through this.

Taylor has flashbacks of several occasions of Brooke hovering around. She paces the floor, then brushes her hair. She repeats out loud over and over that Brooke does not exist, she does not exist. But she looks over her shoulder and sees Brooke holding Jack and singing him a lullaby. She gets ready for bed, she spies figment Brooke laying down on top of her husband in bed. Taylor shouts for her to go away, leave her husband alone. She runs to the fireplace and takes a handful of books and hurls it at them. She clutches her head and shouts for Brooke to go away. She runs downstairs crying, shouting and spies them again on her couch.

She crawls around on the floor until she finally finds what she is looking for – the bottle and takes a big swig. It quiets her temporarily. Slowly she looks over her shoulder to see if Brooke is there. She isn’t, so she takes another chug-a-lug and sinks to the floor, where she takes another gulp and cleaves the bottle to her chest.

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