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Taylor continues to wail that she can’t take it anymore; Brooke is everywhere she looks. “I can’t escape her. She’s in the very air I breathe.” Nick holds her and laments that he thought she was feeling better and was putting this behind her. She declares she was, but then something just starts invading her mind, right in her face. She has to promise him that she hasn’t been drinking. He certainly doesn’t want it to come to that. She states that it won’t, but Brooke has him not trusting her now by planting those seeds in his mind. Nick vows to her that he does trust her, but she was doing so much better and now to see her like this, he doesn’t know what to make of it.

Rick tells his mother that he can’t believe this. It’s a mess and he can’t even imagine what Taylor is going through. This is insane, her raising Brooke and Nick’s son. And he knows it can’t be easy on Brooke either as she still has feelings for Nick even though she won’t admit it. Everybody is so screwed up by this, Taylor, Brooke and Bridget, how in the hell could this have happened? Bridget chastises him, he knows how it happened. There was a mix-up at the lab. She reminds him that she has told him this. She’s beaten herself up about it; she’s apologized a million times to about a million people. She’d appreciate it if he didn’t rub salt in the wounds. He’s still not sure she realizes how many people are affected by this, but she still asks that he please drop it.

Brooke reminds him that Bridget has gone through hell over this. Rick knows but points out that Taylor is really a mess over this; her son is Brooke’s kid! Brooke corrects him. Jack is Taylor and Nick’s son; she signed papers so he belongs to them. (then all the more reason for her to butt out and back off) Rick can’t believe she would have done something like that. Oh, that’s right, probably Ridge insisted on it. Is she still going to marry him knowing she and Nick have a biological son? Brooke reminds him that she and Nick don’t have a son together. She and Ridge have R.J. – he’s the miracle baby. He tells her she is just deluding herself. Biologically, Jack belongs to her and Nick. Brooke knows it and Taylor knows it and it’s driving Taylor nuts.

Nick states again that Taylor has to be strong. She’s simply letting her feelings for Brooke control her. But Taylor tries to convince him that Brooke is everywhere she turns. She can’t clean the house without finding her in the closet, she’s in the baby, she’s invaded her psyche. How is she supposed to get past that? She wants to desperately. He reinforces that she can if she wants to. Brooke is the past. Jack is the future and he’s the one that needs her. Taylor says, “don’t question my love for that baby. I carried him in my body for nine months. My love for him is not the issue – it’s Brooke!” Nick tells her again he doesn’t know what he can say to reassure her. Brooke is out of his life (I say not when you are spied even innocently holding hands earlier), he’s committed to her and Jack and keeping the family together, but it is up to her to get Brooke out of her life. She asks him if they can start by just please getting all this stuff in boxes out of their lives. She needs to see that he’s moved on. She needs to see that everything in his past with Brooke is gone. She wants to see it out of the house, please.

Brooke tells Rick that he is beginning to sound like Jackie. He says well the woman has a point. She and Nick have very strong feelings for each other, and now they have a son. He thinks it is a sign from the big man upstairs. Realistically, Brooke says, this has been a big mistake. She wishes to God it had never happened. Rick keeps telling her this is her window of opportunity. Taylor is so distressed with Brooke’s ties to the baby, this is her chance to get things back on track with Nick. Brooke can not believe she is hearing this. Why would he encourage her to break that family up? He says trust him, with the Taylor he saw today, Brooke would be doing her a favor. She was totally freaking out today…..losing it……completely off……the woman had a panic attack. Brooke asks if she was drinking which catches Rick off guard, but he says no he didn’t think so. As he leaves he tells Brooke that he hopes she knows he is only trying to do what is best for her and all parties concerned here. He hopes she has listened to him, but more so listen to her own heart and she will find it belongs to Nick and their son.

Taylor picks up a CD and asks Nick if this is one he wrote for Brooke? He says yes, but all the stuff in the boxes is the past. She tells him thanks, she appreciates that. He changes the subject that they should be thinking about Jack’s christening. She says yeah, she’s got to get started on that. He says not, he’s going to handle it all….the invitations and the church arrangements. He’s even going to pick out that little froufrou outfit he’s supposed to wear and Taylor just needs to focus on holding his head while it gets dunked in the water. She thinks she can handle that. He picks up the boxes and tells her he will put them in the garage, out of sight, out of mind. While alone, Taylor hears Nick’s cell phone beep and she sees a message from Brooke about Rick was by earlier and he thought Taylor was losing it.

Rick drops by, not to see Taylor again but to talk to Nick. Says he has heard major news and he couldn’t believe it. Nick asks if he is talking about Jack? Rick admits it is. They kick this around a few minutes with Rick repeating again he knows how Nick still feels about his mom and he certainly knows how she feels about him. Nick ends by saying he is committed to Taylor and she is going to be the mother to Jack that she needs to be.

Taylor barges into Brooke’s office and demands to know what part of “back off” does Brooke not get? And don’t she dare call her husband again or try to talk to him. Do not text him, do not have any contact whatsoever! Brooke asks her to please clam down. Rick told her that she was in a tailspin again and she couldn’t help but be worried. Taylor smarts that she has no right to be worried, but if she is then stop it. Brooke tells her all these things and then she turns around and does them anyway….she keeps interfering in her marriage. Brooke insists she is not interfering, she is just concerned. Taylor barks then don’t be concerned! Brooke tells her she is making it awfully difficult not to be, just look at herself. Taylor chides that just look at Brooke – with her little chess board all laid out and all the pieces in place and all her options open. She’s got Ridge ready to marry her and got Nick right there as a backup in case it doesn’t work out. Brooke tells her no, she’s not making it easy for her because she’s not handling the situation very well. Taylor rants the only thing she is not handling well is Brooke because she is totally responsible for every bad thing in her life. She loves her baby and she is a good mother and all she is asking is that Brooke go away and leave them alone. Give her a chance to be a good mother. Brooke argues that she has given her a chance and every time she turns around someone is telling her that Taylor is having a hard time, so she has to react. And yes she feels a connection to Jack, she can’t help that.

Rick continues that Nick and his mom always wanted a child, the timing was off, but lo and behold they do now. He says he loves his mom and he cares for Taylor, but both women stand to be screwed by this…..and he’s not exactly thrilled at Brooke’s hooking back up with Ridge. She’s done that over and over again and it always ends the same with his mom getting hurt. He just thinks it is cruel to try to force Taylor to be a mother to this child. Maybe it is time for Nick and Taylor to cut their losses and allow her to become the woman, the strong woman she once was….and to prevent his mom from going back to that cesspool of misery with Ridge….Rick would be so grateful to Nick for that. Nick tells him he is overlooking one little detail – he loves Taylor. All the more reason opines Rick to let her go. It’s admirable that Nick wants to do right by the child, but the stress that Taylor is under right now. Is she fit to be a good mother? Think about that and then think what Brooke could bring to this child’s life and his too.

Brooke delivers her sermon, she wishes she didn’t have such strong feelings for Jack, but she does. And she wishes this had never happened, but it did. Jack is Taylor’s child and she needs to protect him. But if Brooke doesn’t feel he is being loved or protected or taken care of, she is not going to back off. She won’t. Taylor demands again that she needs Brooke to back off, go away and leave them alone and let her be the mother – his only mother. Brooke tells her don’t put this on her. Just focus on herself, think about taking care of herself….get past her feelings for Brooke and think only of her son. Be the mother they all know she can be, but if she can’t, then Brooke will be involved. Taylor snarks if Ridge knows about this? She bets he told her to leave them alone, but no, she can’t even respect that. She is starting a life with Ridge, yet texting her husband. Brooke tells her as long as she is struggling, she is not going anywhere. Taylor tells her the only thing she is struggling with is her meddling in her life. She is sick of it! Brooke has already managed to ruin her relationship with Ridge and now she has just stole Ridge back from Ashley, so why is it that she is not satisfied? Why is it she is never happy, why does she have to go after someone else now? But hey, she’s not destroying her marriage, but her own relationship with Ridge.

Brooke tells her that is not true. She and Ridge are planning a wedding and having the life they have always wanted. Taylor asks why she can’t admit it? She always dreamed of a baby with Nick so maybe some little part of her wants to live that dream too. Brooke points out these are all Taylor’s insecurities as a wife and a mother. She has a life that anyone would want and nobody is gonna take that away, least of all Brooke. She doesn’t want to, but Taylor could lose it all. Taylor just needs to accept the fact that a mistake was made and that yes Brooke is the biological mother. But Taylor is a talented psychiatrist and a strong woman and yet she’s letting this get the best of her. What is she so afraid of? That Brooke is a better mother, a better lover – what?

Taylor cries that she has never been like this, “this is not me.” She shouldn’t have to have a reason to be insecure. She knows what she wants, she deserves to be happy. She’s trying as hard as she can. She strengthens and resolves that she is going to push past this. She chooses this path…she knows that Nick is her husband and Jack is her son….and she doesn’t care what it takes. She will fight to keep her family together.

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