B&B Tuesday Update 1/22/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/22/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke and Nick laugh when they run into each other again at Insomnia. She’s working on her laptop with one of Hope’s school projects, but they both admit today they really needed some coffee. Brooke can’t help but ask how is Taylor and Jack? Then she apologizes, but says she can’t help but be concerned. He tells her please, she doesn’t have to apologize, Jack is a part of her, so she has every right to be concerned. He took a stand with Taylor. He told her he loved her, he was committed to her and he wanted a life with her on the condition that she love their child. And he believes that she will be that mother to Jack.

Taylor is amid going through boxes and boxes of stuff when Jackie stops by. She came to see Jack, but asks Taylor what is going on? Taylor laments that she was cleaning out Jack’s closet to make a little more space. There’s a box of old ties from Massimo; does Jackie want them? Jackie drops them like a hot potato and makes a face. Says it is always good to get rid of excess baggage, and those certainly look like they quality as such. Taylor tells her that she and Nick married and she just moved right in……and they never got a chance to decorate or put their own style in or even get their own china pattern…..and she just thought it would be better if they didn’t have any leftovers from what he had with ……Jackie finishes – with Brooke? She takes her leave and Taylor tells her she will call if she finds anything of hers worth keeping. Jackie ponders and says, “I wonder if I have left anything of importance in this house. You know it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures to rediscover something that you thought was lost forever.” She tells Taylor that she knows what she meant earlier about leftovers, but reminds her also that Nick and Brooke never lived in this house together. So if she is feeling Brooke’s presence, it’s imaginary. And she knows she does not want to hear this, but no amount of organizing or donating silly ties to charity is going to erase Brooke from her life. Taylor replies, “that is where you are wrong. I’m going to get Brooke out of my mind, out of this house and out of my life completely.”

Not quite, when Jackie leaves, Taylor goes back to the boxes and every photo she finds is Nick and Brooke, happy wedding day, family photos with Hope and R.J.

The doorbell rings and Taylor finds Rick on the doorstep. He asks if he can come in and apologizes for coming by unannounced. He was in the neighborhood and he remembered he’d had this gift in his car for the longest time for Jack. It doesn’t take long for him to realize Taylor is not herself, and he asks what is wrong? Is it his mom; he figures Taylor may think of her every time she sees him? He spies Jack in the crib and wants to see him. He remarks he is so cute, looks just like his mom. Taylor sees a flashing image of Brooke standing there. She starts having a panic attack again and Rick has to hold her and asks her to talk to him.

Nick thanks Brooke, she did the right thing by bringing Jack to him. Brooke says it bothered her….Taylor poured that drink, but what if the next time she actually drank it? He points out that he’s really committed to this and he will keep an eye out now. She tells him how lucky Taylor really is to have such a wonderful man. He tells her that she had him once, and she remarks she has not forgotten. (don’t they realize with these seemingly innocent remarks they are still sledding on thin ice?)

Rick gets Taylor to sit down and offers to call a doctor if she wants. She tells him it’s okay, she has begun to have panic attacks lately. He thinks that is odd, she is supposed to be the strong one. Perhaps some water and she agrees. He says it may not be any of his business, but she was always there for him, a rock, over the years so if there is anything she’d like to talk to him about or something she has on her mind, he’d like to return that favor. She can tell him anything. She looks at him and says he doesn’t know, does he? She looks toward Jack and Rick figures it out; what about her son? She starts sobbing.

Bridget walks into Insomnia, frowning and confused by seeing Brooke and Nick there. She approaches and asks if they are um….holding hands today? Brooke announces they are just talking. Bridget wonders if Ridge or Taylor would have thought that if one of them had walked in there instead of Bridget? Brooke rationalizes that they really just ran into each other, no big deal. Nick decides to make scarce and says bye to the two of them, telling Brooke thanks for the help with Taylor. Everything is going to work out and be okay. Bridget asks her mom what is wrong with her? Is she trying to get herself in trouble? She can not be sitting there holding hands with Nick.

Rick tells Taylor he is so sorry; he can’t imagine how this must be affecting her. He wants to know when did she find out? She tells him right after Jack was born. He needed a bone marrow transplant and they needed to find the birth mother she had chosen, but that wasn’t a match….but Brooke was. She sobs she knows Jack wouldn’t be here except for Jack, but she is sorry, she isn’t grateful. She can’t believe he understands with what she is saying about his mother. He tells her he does not hate her. She has to remember he grew up with this mother and just because he was young doesn’t mean he couldn’t see what was happening. All those times she was going after Ridge over and over, he saw it all. And he warns her don’t take it wrong….his mother is the most important person in his life…he loves her, but that doesn’t mean that he loves all of her choices, especially when those choices have hurt other people. And more often than not, it was Taylor. He doesn’t believe that his mother had anything to do with what happened in the fertility lab, but he does know that doesn’t hurt Taylor any less. She probably thought she was done with Brooke forever, but now they will be connected always even more. She reveals that she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. He apologizes and leaves by telling her that she can come to him any time. If there is anything he can do, do not hesitate to call him. Taylor curls up on the couch and says she can never escape Brooke; how can she? She picks up the pictures again and then slams them down, scoffs and chuckles, “damn Brooke….always there….opportunistic…..you finally get Ridge…..you do that and I move on with my life. I get another man, a wonderful man, Nick, and then you have to come in and go after him.” Suddenly she sees Brooke walking in and smiling down at baby Jack. She rushes to her and tells a figment of her imagination to leave Jack alone.

Rick sits down with Bridget and his mom and tells them he wants them to be honest with him. He tells them he just came from seeing Taylor. Bridget is already afraid of what she is going to hear. He continues by asking is there any way at all possible that what happened in the fertility lab wasn’t really a mistake? They both are aghast that he can even ask that. He tells her because she has done an awful lot of things in the name of love. She assures him she had nothing to do with any switching of eggs. Bridget says she too was overwhelmed with worry when she first thought there was even the remote possibility. He says okay, he didn’t want to think otherwise, but he had to ask. But that lack of malicious intent is not going to bring any more comfort to Taylor. He’s really worried about her; she’s freaking out. And she’s depressed and carrying quite the grudge on her shoulders, all over Brooke. Brooke states that Nick told her Taylor would be okay, on the road to recovery but this doesn’t sound like it at all. And now with a little baby in her care…Brooke is not going to let Taylor self-destruct with him in her care. “Somehow I have to save little Jack.”

Nick finds a sobbing Taylor at home, all balled up on the couch and he asks what is wrong? She cries that it is Brooke. She’s had it with her. He spies the photos Taylor has been looking at and bemoans the fact that she found them; he had no idea he still had them, he is so sorry. She screams that Brooke is everywhere, she’s in everything, she’s in this house…she’s in her child….she’s in Taylor’s mind! He tries to quiet her and she clings to him in desperation that Brooke seems to be everywhere (she sees Brooke twice mocking her by making hand gestures), and she pleads with Nick to make her stop, make her go away….”she’s driving me insane.”

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