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Nick continues with Taylor that hearing that she even thought about taking a drink scares him to death. She rants but she didn’t. Doesn’t he see that Brooke is the problem here? She came to their house, she kidnapped the baby, and then made a beeline over here to tell him, making a big deal out of nothing. That is wrong, she is the problem and he can’t even see it! He has to see that Brooke has an unhealthy attachment to her baby, and it has got to stop.

Bridget rushes in and asks Jackie if Jack is okay? Yes, she is relived, then what is it? Jackie tells her that Nick confided in her that Brooke is Jack’s biological mother. Bridget says she figured it was only a matter of time, and she personally feels so responsible for that history and this can not be more of a difficult situation for the three of them. Jackie laments that she doesn’t believe in coincidences. She believes everything happens for a reason, even in these complicated situations. She believes the universe just plays these things out like they are meant to be. And the universe has now delivered Nick and Taylor the blessing they have been waiting for.

Brooks slinks in and Ridge notices that she seems rather subdued and asks is anything wrong? She answers that it has just been a long day and it feels good in his arms. He remarks that is exactly where he wants her to be, but no secrets, why does she look so sad? She confides how she went over to Taylor’s to offer an olive branch and just remind her their lives were intertwined because of Jack, but also to reassure her that Jack was her and Nick’s child. But she did not want to hear that. She saw Brooke as a threat and became belligerent and things got heated, and that’s when Brooke smelled alcohol. Ridge doesn’t want to believe that. Brooke says yes, Taylor had poured it into her coffee cup and Brooke panicked and didn’t know what to do. But after what happened to Darla, she grabbed baby Jack and ran and took him over to Nick. And, of course Taylor followed close on her heels and she was adamant she had not had a sip of the alcohol. She even accused her of kidnapping Jack and verbally abused her.

Nick tells Taylor this is not about Brooke. This is about her and him, their son, their family. And she, more than anyone, knows that alcohol is not the answer. Taylor admits that she knows that, and she knows she never should have poured the drink. She is now mortified that she even considered it. She knows alcohol is not the answer for her and she is taking responsibility for that. She sobs but that does not make her pain any less bearable. She says she is dying here, she needs him to love her and support her more than ever now. She needs him to defend her, protect her, not Brooke.

Donna, clad in her sexy red satin shortie robe, plops herself in honey bear’s lappypoo and teases him with strawberries and crème. She snuggles (how long is it gonna take her to break up with this guy? Or does she want Stormy to go to prison?) with Eric and mumbles about them being in their own little world. Love isn’t really like that, is it? He tells her he believes in “us”. That is incredulous to her for him to be so forgiving since he found her with another man. He says well that has to stop; she is hurting herself as much as she is hurting him.

Bridget points out to Jackie that she should listen to herself…..Nick is married to Taylor and her mom is marrying Ridge any day now. Jack is Taylor and Nick’s son and it is an error that Jack ended up being Brooke’s child. The miracle is the birth of that child. Jackie admits that Taylor is a wonderful woman and has been a Godsend to her son and she will always be grateful to her. But, Brooke is his real passion and Bridget should know that better than anyone. After all she made the ultimate sacrifice when she walked away from her marriage to Nick because she knew Nick and her mother belonged together. Bridget argues that was under different circumstances, and she doesn’t even believe that anymore. She points out that Nick and Taylor actually already have a child together. Jackie says but she did make the right decision, and no one should underestimate the connection between Brooke and Nick, especially Ridge.

Ridge tells Brooke that he knows she went to Taylor’s out of concern, but she is not her responsibility…it is not her place to tell Taylor how to care for her child. And that he had already warned her, and he could see it coming for a mile….getting involved with Nick and Taylor and the baby was only going to lead to a disaster, and now that is exactly what has happened. She has just got to back off and let Nick and Taylor handle their own issues. She says she loves him and she can’t wait to become his wife and have that family they have always wanted…that’s what she dreams about. She sighs, but it is not that cut and dried. Yes, they have a son and he is wonderful and she couldn’t ask for anything more….but now there’s this other child and she just can’t pretend he doesn’t exist.

Nick asks Taylor to try and understand. He has tried to be help her, he wants to defend her, but pouring a drink around their newborn child is crossing the line. And he feels he has done everything in his power to deal with her issues as sensitively and patiently as possible, but he admits he is reaching his breaking point as well. He just doesn’t know how to make her feel or believe that Jack is their son. Nothing he says or does seems to reassure her, and he’s beginning to think that this whole situation is more than they can handle. He loves her too much, and this is no way to live. She asks what is he really saying? He replies that he feels like he is losing her; she is losing herself, and he doesn’t know how to stop it. And he knows she does not want to live this way. “If having Jack is too much for you to handle, I’m gonna try and ask you to admit that and face it.”

She sobs, what does he want her to say? That she will walk away from Jack? Would his life be better without her in it? Does that mean he will go running back to Brooke and fight Ridge to get her back? Is that what he wants her to say?

Brooke tells Ridge that all she is saying is that she can’t turn her back on someone in harm’s way, especially baby Jack. Ridge is sympathetic and says he knows what she is saying, but he doesn’t believe Taylor would jeopardize her own child’s well-being. She asks how can he be so sure? All it takes is her having one drink and then making a bad judgment call and someone might get hurt, or worse like Darla, and end up dead. He tells her now she is being overly dramatic; after all she did take her child from the home. She argues that she did not kidnap Jack. She took him out of harm’s way. What might have happened if Taylor had taken that drink? She may have saved her son’s life tonight.

Bridget nervously laughs and tells Jackie she is being ridiculous. She can’t believe she is having this conversation. Nick and Brooke’s connection is in the past. He’s now committed to Taylor and their family. Jackie reminds her that it is emotionally distressing and it is not good for Taylor or for her grandson and they all know the reason is because of Bridget’s mother ….and the connection well deep down Taylor knows that is still true. They are soul mates and there is nothing, absolutely nothing anyone can do to destroy that.

Taylor stands there ranting and asking is that what Nick really wants? For her to just go away and he will pick up his life with Brooke? She wants him to search his heart and soul right now before he answers her. Is that what he wants – to take Jack and go to Brooke? She needs an answer right now!

Eric notices Donna’s tears and asks what is going on? She is afraid, she can’t go on hurting him like this. He admits she can’t, but this compulsion of hers, this addiction, it’s like drugs….and there are therapies. And they are going to find out what they are and go and take care of it together. Donna confesses she did not know there was a man like him on this planet. He quips there isn’t. “I’m the only one.” She has shown him how to live again and it’s wonderful. Nobody and nothing is ever going to take that away from him (hope Steffers is not listening right around the corner).

Jackie whispers to Jack that his daddy is such a man of integrity and because of that he is with the wrong woman. She promises him, really promises him that she is not going to rest until his daddy is with his real mommy.

Ridge tells Brooke again that Jack is not her child, but Taylor’s. Yes she gave the egg but he is no more her child than another one she might see on the playground. That is the way she has to look at this. She doesn’t see it that way; he came from her. They are connected….the way he smells, the way Jack looks at her. He knows he is a part of her and she is drawn to him too. Ridge gets firmer – that child can not be a part of their lives. They are so close to everything they have ever wanted. Don’t throw that away. Don’t let Nick and Taylor’s baby come between them. “You have to forget about him. Let the baby go!”

Taylor demands an answer. Does Nick want to take Jack and go back to Brooke? He sighs, what happened in the lab has turned all their lives upside down. It’s been hard on everyone, but obviously harder on her. He’s been patient, sensitive and supportive and he’s tried to let her know that Jack is their son, not Brooke’s. But the more he tries to reassure her, the more it snowballs and seems to get in the way of her loving this boy, this beautiful child. Taylor gave him life and he thinks only of her as his mother….he knows her voice, her smell, her touch. But this rivalry she has with Brooke gets in the way of her love for him, and that can’t happen. He says he will continue to love her and will continue to even work on this marriage if she can love the boy. Can she do that? Can she love him unconditionally? He knows she can, but she’s the one that has to know it. He states there is no one in this world he wants to be with more than her. But if she can’t do it, then this marriage is never gonna work. “Think of the boy, think of Jack, this beautiful, wonderful child.” He wants her to think of his heart and his soul, as they are separate from Brooke’s, but only she can make that distinction….and he knows she can do that. She’s been given a gift here. As she sobs, he tells her she has been blessed with this boy….love him….love the boy….be that courageous, compassionate woman he fell in love with. And all the dreams that they had about this marriage and family, they will come true.

He ends with he loves her and will she come back to them? Amid sniffles, she grabs him and clings to his neck and says she loves him too and over and over she says she is there for him…….forever.

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