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Nick tells Jackie they have been over this already. Taylor is his wife and the woman he loves and the mother of his son. Jackie reminds him that Brooke is the real mother of that son, and that should mean something to him. She admits that Taylor is the ideal wife…she’s loving and certainly his intellectual equal, but she is not Brooke. Something magical happened with Brooke, and she is not going to let him walk away from that. From the moment that little boy was born, his fate was sealed. Brooke is the mother of that son, and the woman he dreams of. Brooke bursts in and they wonder what she is doing there, and why with Jack?

Canoodling on the couch, Donna and Jake break apart. Jake even stammers to Eric what is he doing here? Eric informs him this is his hotel room; what is Donna doing? Jake stutters that he should have never come up here. She admits this has gone further than she ever thought it would….she has this problem….and one thing led to another…..she’s sorry…..she thought she had control of her desires, but she never knows when or where these sexual demons will take over. He asks what demons, she definitely is not the woman he fell in love with? She whimpers that she knows, and he deserves someone classier than she will ever be. He asks how could she do this to him?

Brooke tells Nick to please not be upset with her, but she was concerned about Jack. She thinks Taylor has been drinking again. She admits that she went to Taylor’s after she had spoken to Nick. She wanted Taylor to know their lives would be intertwined because of Jack. He reminds her that he asked her specifically to stay away. She says she knows, and she is sorry, but she needed Taylor to know her peace and happiness was linked to her own peace and happiness. And Taylor did not want to hear that. Things got a little heated, and that is when she smelled the alcohol.

Taylor is not too far behind and she comes in and walks straight to Brooke who is still holding Jack. She hands him to Jackie and asks them to go in the other room. She tells Brooke, “you had no right. Who the hell do you think you are? That is MY baby, do you understand? My baby.”

Eric asks what was Jake doing here in the hotel room? Donna offers that this is kind of hard to explain. She just saw him in the lobby and they started talking and there was this instant chemistry. That’s how it always starts, and then she invited him up here….and well one thing led to another. Eric says no, that’s enough. He doesn’t want to hear any more. “This doesn’t work for me, not one bit.” He knows she told him she has issue, but isn’t he enough? It must be because he is older than her? She insists it is not his age; she has commitment issues, being monogamous…of spending the rest of her life with one person, that is just the way it is with her. He reminds her he also told her up at Big Bear, they would work through these problems together. She says they can’t. She has a problem and it’s very serious. She’s done disappointing him and she’s made a decision and he’s just going to have to live with it. With voice cracking and her hand on the doorknob, she tells him goodbye. “I really wish things could have turned out a different way….but….I hope you believe me when I say I will always love you. But this is the way it has to be.” He pulls her away from the door and says she is not going to go anywhere, not until she hears what he has to say.

Taylor rants at Brooke, not to ever do something like this again. Jack is HER son. Nick seems to be defending Brooke when he says she only wanted what was best for Jack. Best for Jack – by kidnapping him, says Taylor. Nick says the boy wasn’t kidnapped, he’s fine, and the real question here has Taylor been drinking? He thinks Brooke had a reason to be concerned; has Taylor been drinking? Taylor admits she poured herself a drink, but she did not drink it, not even a little sip. Okay? She was tempted, but she controlled herself and didn’t drink it. She was able to stop herself. He asks but what if she couldn’t? How could she even think about drinking with Jack in the house? Taylor sobs, because of Brooke. It’s her, look what she has done to her. Everything wrong in her life is because of her!

Lovingly, Eric tells Donna to go sit down. He’s not going to let her run away from him. He’s the only person in the world who is not going to turn his back on her. And whatever she is going through, they will go through it together. She sobs that no, it’s her problem and only she can fix it. She’s ashamed that he has to be part of this. He tells her well he’s not happy to be a part of it, but he is. And despite the fact that he is a world-famous fashion designer and pretty provocative glamour is the order of the day, he’s a pretty old-fashioned person, and a sexual relationship means an intimate relationship between only two people. Donna stammers she guesses that is not what she wants. And she knows he deserves to be loved by someone so much better than her. She’s sorry, but she is caught up in something and she doesn’t know how to get out. He claims he knows what she is doing; she’s trying to sabotage their relationship. She sobs that is not her decision to make. It’s reached a point way beyond her control. “My hands are tied. I wish it could be some other way, I’m sorry.”

Eric won’t let Donna pull away. He tells her he is older and as such that means he is wiser and one of the things he knows is…..one of the things he has learned in his life is when you love somebody as much as he loves her, there is nothing for which they can not be forgiven. There is nothing Donna could do or say that he could not forgive, and that is his pledge to her. She cries she doesn’t know how he can be so forgiving, but he vows it is because he loves her. She returns the favor.

Jackie calls Bridget and asks her to come over to Spectra to help her solve a problem…..and hurry. She then talks to Jack. Her heart is breaking as she says he should be with his mommy….his real mommy. It is so unfair, all because of a mistake with an egg at the stupid laboratory, so unfair! It’s unfair to Jack, it’s unfair to his daddy. She states Jack doesn’t know how much his daddy loves his real mommy, but he’s about to find out…because they need to be a family, Jack deserves that happiness and she is going to work with all her might and she is praying with all her heart that will happen.

Donna lays in bed with Eric thinking what a wonderful man he is. How can she ever let him go? But her family is counting on her....to end it with him...it's the only way that Stephanie will save her brother from going to jail. What is she going to do?

Nick tells Taylor not to do that, don’t blame Brooke. Not to pin what happened in the fertility lab on Brooke. It WAS a mistake, but on her and it has affected all of them. Taylor wonders then why is she the only one having a problem with this? Brooke starts to speak that it’s been an emotional time for all of them, and Taylor tells her to butt out. Why is Brooke even hanging around here? She asks Nick to tell her to leave. Instead he tells Taylor that he thinks she needs to thank Brooke because he would hate to think what might have happened if Brooke wasn’t there. She argues but nothing happened, she didn’t do anything! Gently he tells her that she is an alcoholic and she knows what drinks do to her. Does she really want to bring that type of destructive behavior into their house? No, then there are no excuses here. She stomps, she knows, she knows. What she did was stupid….it was wrong and she was just looking for a way to make the pain go away. And she shouldn’t have done that, but she didn’t take a drink. Not even one, he has to believe that. He reminds her that she thought about it though and while Jack is fine now, what if Brooke wasn’t there? She was only trying to protect him, she was not stealing him. She accuses him of taking Brooke’s side, but he says that is not what he is doing. She then says Brooke has been brain-washing him, planting seeds that she is some kind of malicious mother. Brooke denies that and Taylor announces this is a damn nightmare. Innocently, Brooke says she was just worried about Jack, that’s all. Nick adds that she did the right thing. Taylor bellows for them to stop, she doesn’t want to hear any more. She maintains that Brooke did not have the right to come in her house and take Jack, and now Nick is standing there even defending her. “I can’t believe it, I’m your wife. How could you do that to me?

She rails at both of them. Will they just listen to themselves. Why would she hurt her own baby? Why would she ever put him in danger? How many times does she have to tell them she was not drinking. And if she is a little emotional, it’s because of Brooke…it’s always because of her. Brooke is the only threat to the baby because she wants to tear up this family. She points at Brooke, that’s exactly it, she is the problem and now Nick won’t even help her…he won’t even stand by her now. He tells her he is standing by Jack because the thought of her drinking in that house with that boy in it scares him to death, and it should her too. She cries that it does scare her. This wasn’t the way her life was supposed to be. She wanted a family – just the two of them and the baby to be one happy family. That’s all she wanted and Brooke ruined it. “She killed my dream.” And if he’s not going to stand up for her, then she will have to do it on her own.

Brooke tells her that she can help her. Taylor scoffs that she must be kidding. Does she know what the reality is here? Taylor says she is not the one who needs to get control of her emotions – Brooke needs to get control of hers. Whatever feelings she has for Taylor’s baby, she needs to put a stop to it…and stay away from her family….stay away from her son. Brooke is the one who needs to get a grip on reality, not herself. “You just stay away from my family, and everything will be just fine.”

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