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Written By Wanda
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Taylor is downstairs still staring at the bottle of booze when Nick catches her and she alerts him that she wasn’t through with him upstairs yet. He quips that he wasn’t either, but his mother called and needs him at the office. She makes a big production of pouring him a lot of coffee to go. He notices that she seems really different, more energized, maybe back on her own feet a little bit. Maybe even the panic attack yesterday was a good thing, getting that stuff to the surface and she can deal with it. She agrees, she thinks he’s right.

Donna confides in Katie that she really tried to break things off with Eric. Katie says all she has to do is say “we’re done.” But Donna keeps saying it is not that simple. She loves him, he loves her and it’s the hardest thing she has ever had to do. And she can’t believe she is giving in to Stephanie’s blackmail and just handing him over to her. Katie asks if Stephanie knows she hasn’t ended it yet? Donna replies that she is in Chicago helping that psycho sister of hers with their mother, but she made it perfectly clear that Donna needs to end things before she comes back. Katie reminds her she knows it is hard, but she is doing this for Storm, not Stephanie. Speaking of Storm, he walks in. They are surprised as they thought he was on a plane with Stephen for Paris. He said yeah that is where he was headed, but Stephen talked about their mom the whole time, how he wanted to make amends, woo her again, so Storm just turned around and came back. He will take his counseling here in L.A. He also shocks them when he says it will give him the opportunity to thank Stephanie for what she did. He wants her to know how much he treasures his freedom and it’s amazing after what he did to her that she is doing all of this for the Logan family. As they glance at each other, he feels like maybe he interrupted something, but they say no. Good, he says, because they made a pact that they would now tell each other everything. When he leaves, Katie reminds Donna that the only way Storm gets his freedom is if she leaves Eric. That is a condition she hasn’t met yet. Stephanie may be in Chicago now, but she won’t stay there forever.

Taylor’s doorbell rings and it is Brooke who asks to come in, they need to talk. When Taylor is not forthcoming and in fact says she would rather just forget yesterday, Brooke barges on in. She says she can’t do that, there is something Taylor needs to know. All she has been able to think about is Taylor and her child.

Katie tells Donna that she is the only one that can keep Storm out of jail and she has to do it now. If Stephanie comes back and Donna is still with Eric, she will go straight to the police and tell them everything. As her cell phone rings, she grumbles to Katie that she knows what is at stake here and she doesn’t need any more pressure from her.

It’s Eric and he wants to know what’s up? Donna stammers that they need to talk and they agree to meet in two hours. They end up saying they love each other. Katie says that is good, they are going to see each other and now is Donna’s chance to end it. Katie offers to strategize with her and come up with a way that Eric will believe it is really over. What did she tell him up at the cabin? Donna whimpers that it was stupid, but she told him she was sort of a sex addict….that she couldn’t be faithful to him. She’s had this problem all of her life and all she can do is think about having sex every day with strangers. Katie grins and asks is she kidding? Donna says she thought he would be so disgusted, but instead he was concerned and wanted to help her with her problem. Katie laughs, “yes, I’m sure he does.” She also hates to state the obvious, but has Donna ever thought that telling him that might not be really a turn-off? Katie doesn’t want Eric to get hurt, but there must be some way where Eric will move on and Storm can be free. Talk is cheap, maybe he needs to see the seriousness of Donna’s problem…maybe he needs to see first-hand what her sex addition problem really means. Donna tells Katie she could never do THAT to Eric, but Katie says she must. Donna failed miserably in her attempt, but Katie will arrange this and that will be the end of her relationship with Eric, there is no other way.

Jackie is remembering the night before too, and chatters on and on when Nick gets there about petty matters at work. Then she realizes the frown on Nick’s face and asks him what is the matter? She guesses it is Taylor, until he tells her things are fine this morning so she can stop those wheels from spinning in her head. She doesn’t know how it can be fine if Taylor sees Brooke’s head every time she looks at Jack. That will haunt her forever.

Brooke tells Taylor that all she has been thinking about is Taylor’s child. That’s right, Taylor’s child, not hers. Taylor says fine, she’s happy about Brooke’s word choice, but over the years she has learned to look at her behavior instead. And would Brooke just let her deal with this on her own, by herself? Brooke says no, she can’t do that as like it or not their lives are intertwined now. She can’t have peace of mind until Taylor has peace of mind. So if there is any way she can reassure her that Jack is her child, she will do it. But, Taylor really has to bond with him and love him. They need do all get along, that would be best for all of them. They can both have happy homes; that is what Taylor wants, isn’t it? She advises her to put all this negativity behind them, no more competition. Taylor scoffs that it’s not that simple – friendship and peace. Brooke offers that she knows it is not going to be easy, but they need to try and make it work. Taylor states she’s heard this about a million times and she really doesn’t want to hear Brooke’s fantasies about their being friends. “You know we are not going to be able to live happily ever after. Our lives are not intertwined, and you’re not welcome to keep showing up like this on my doorstep.” And she certainly doesn’t need Brooke coming here to tell her how worried she is about how she is handling her child or that he belongs to her, as she already knows that. “I’ve got that, and you’re dead wrong if you think I’m gonna be thanking you for giving me my child, so you can stop already. Just leave me alone!” Brooke backs off a little and says she knew she was taking a risk when she came over. She didn’t want to upset her, just help. Taylor snipes, yes helping by keeping ties with her husband and son…she can read her like a cheap book. Brooke shushes her and reminds her that the baby is sleeping. Taylor tells her to mind her own business. Gosh, like Brooke is a better mother than she is! Brooke looks around and says she smells something. She picks up Taylor’s “coffee” cup. Defensive, Taylor tells her to put that down. Shocked, Brooke asks her if she has been drinking?

When Katie calls and gives Donna the signal, Donna greets a shirtless Jake and grabs him in an embrace and pulls him on top of her on the couch and covers him with kisses. She whispers that she will make it up to him. Clad in a teeny weenie bikini, Donna is exposed for Eric to see and ask what in the hell is going on here?

Nick tells his mother that he loves her, but he can’t sit and listen to her gloom and doom about how Taylor will be haunted for the rest of her life by this. They are dealing with it and he thinks they will be stronger for it…just think about it for a minute. What this woman has done for him, what she’s done for Jackie. She had grown children and yet she agreed to have a baby for him. So don’t stand there and tell him that Taylor is too distraught and incapable of being a mother to his child. She argues that she knows he’s grateful, but the anonymous donor isn’t anonymous anymore. It’s Brooke and Brooke is the woman he loves most in this world.

Brooke grills Taylor – has she been drinking again? Taylor staunchly denies it, she wanted to, but she swears she didn’t. Brooke turns on her, how dare she? How could she order her out of her house and say she is capable of taking care of that little boy? “You’re pouring vodka in your coffee, for God sakes. Hasn’t alcohol damaged your life already and the people that you love?” Taylor tries to explain this has been a very stressful, vulnerable situation. Brooke rails that she doesn’t care, that’s no excuse. She is supposed to be caring for that little boy and here she is drinking. She’s an alcoholic….she’s going to call Nick and get her some help. Taylor begs her, pleads with her, please don’t. He won’t understand. Brooke calls anyway and tells Nick to come home, Taylor is drinking again. Taylor is in the background crying, shouting that Brooke is lying and then tells Brooke to get out, she HATES her, she hates her, she hates her!

As Brooke leaves and Taylor goes to the kitchen, she wants to get rid of the bottle. When she walks back in, she realizes Jack is missing. Brooke has taken her baby. She runs to the door calling after her.

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