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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/16/08


Written By Wanda
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Brooke’s had a bad night unable to sleep and is thinking about her conversation with Taylor where she admitted the situation with Jack was a disaster. Ridge wakes and tries to put her in a better mood.

In the Marone house, same thing. Jackie wants to go another round with Nicky about Taylor. She has to be living a nightmare raising the child of a woman that she hates most in this world. No woman, no matter how strong can handle that. Nick responds that she has just hit a rough patch, she’ll get through this. She tells him he truly is a noble man. He made a commitment and he wants to be true to his word. But what about being true to his heart? He tells her for the tenth time to let this rest, please! She raises her voice and says she can’t, because he’s not thinking clearly. He’s not thinking about his son and he needs to because as his father he needs to protect him. Nick has heard enough, but she continues that he can’t deny his feelings for Brooke….at least not to her because Jackie knows that Brooke is his soul mate and he knows that no one can love Jack like she can, his real mother. “You go to her. You go to her before she marries Ridge and it is too late.”

Ridge tries to concentrate on Brooke’s problems and asks what is on her mind now? She sighs and says it is Nick and Taylor’s little boy. She’s really worried about him and can’t get these feelings out of her mind. Ridge seems to think it is out of their hands. Nick and Taylor needs to handle this on their own. And there is nothing Brooke can do to make it better. She bemoans but what if there were? She’s just worried that Taylor won’t be able to take care of a little baby in her condition. They need to reach out to her and offer her their help. Ridge says again he thinks they need to stay out and let Nick handle this. Brooke says she feels responsible because she caused the original pain. It was because of her so she thinks she needs to talk to her. Ridge reminds her that is not a good idea. He knows she means well, but it is not a good idea. She offers that she can not just sit back and do nothing.

Nick checks in on Taylor and asks how is his little fainter? She’s much better this morning although she confides she had a lot of weird dreams last night. Everything has been so overwhelming and she knows she has not been easy to live with lately. He sloughs it off and she tells him he’s only being sweet and he’s the most wonderful man in the world.

Brooke’s doorbell rings and Jackie charges right on in. She announces that she knows what is going on and they need to talk….about Jack. Nicky told her everything and she knows what happened with Taylor. To say she is having a difficult time is an understatement. She can not handle this. She can not handle that Brooke is Jack’s biological mother. Suddenly Brooke is on the other side of the fence and says Taylor has raised three amazing children…she will persevere. Jackie rants no she won’t. These circumstances are just too much for her to bear. It’s already affecting her relationship with Nicky, and her ability to care for Jack. She is scared for him. Brooke vows that Nick loves Taylor. He will protect her and his son. He won’t let anything happen to them. Jackie agrees, of course he won’t if he can prevent it. But he doesn’t love Taylor like he loves Brooke. And she implores Brooke that she can’t deny her feelings for Nick either. Brooke points out that she had her chance with Nick and it didn’t work out, and she is with Ridge now. Jackie keeps telling her that a bond like they had can’t just be broken. Sighing heavily, Brooke tells her that she is with Ridge and Nick is with Taylor. They have both moved on. Jackie asks is she sure about that? Brooke replies yes she is.

Jackie pleads, please, please, she is begging her. Do not let this chance slip away. Think of Jack. Think of all the love she can give that child. Taylor is doing the best she can, she really is, but it’s only a matter of time before she slips over the edge. Brooke tells her that Taylor is a strong woman and she will pull through this. Jackie asks - and what if she doesn’t? Who is going to take the brunt of this pain? It’s going to be Jack….that innocent little boy…..Brooke’s little boy. Brooke tells her to stop saying that, he is not her little boy. He is Taylor’s boy. They argue back and forth with Brooke telling her to stop talking like this.

Ridge drops in on Ashley in the lab and they discuss shop talk. She notices he is down and asks why? He says it is about Taylor. She’s had a rough go of it for a while. She and Brooke ran into each other at Insomnia yesterday and they had a go at it and Taylor passed out. Ashley is concerned, but points out that having a child by the woman you hate isn’t the ideal situation. Ridge replies that Taylor is a wonderful mother, but this is going to give her a run for her money. A strong, controlled Taylor seems to be a thing of the past. If only this egg mix-up hadn’t happened, things would be different now. Ashley asks how is Nick taking all of this and Ridge replies he thinks it’s taken its toll on him and the marriage. He’s not sure they will ever recover from this. And he just wishes that Brooke would realize this is strictly a biological issue. She donated an egg and it just got mixed up. That child is not part of her life, or it shouldn’t be. Ashley tells him that logic has nothing to do with a mother’s love, it’s emotional. Ridge says he hopes to God that Marone doesn’t use this test-tube baby to get back in with Brooke, or he is going to have to go through Ridge. Ashley points out that it’s ironic that he dumped her and thought things would be simple and easy this time with Brooke. Clearly this has not been a walk in the park. He tells her that he and Brooke are committed to each other and they are not going to let this affect their relationship. Ashley doesn’t know what he wants from her. She’s his friend, and as a friend she hopes he and Brooke find true happiness, “but I have to admit as an ex-lover, part of me hopes that you don’t.”

Taylor tells Nick that just knowing that he loves her unconditionally, she will be able to push through this. He kisses her and says he knows she will. She just wants to be the best mother she can be. She just wants everything to be the way it should be….full of love and stability…and happiness, that is all she wants. He advises her that it will just take time. And it’s a partnership and they will get through this. She tells him that he is her angel. Will he come here and hold her? She wants to feel his arms around her, just hold her. She sniffs that she knows she hasn’t handled this well at all…she’s ashamed of herself and how she has treated him and the baby. He tells her to stop it, they are just fine. When she mentions failure, he assures her that she is a good wife and mother…she’s strong and capable, intelligent and loving…..and incredibly sexy. She thanks him for believing in her. He says she needs to believe in herself too and this will all work out. They are a partnership here, a team, right? And they’ve got the cutest shortstop in town. And Taylor says that is why she is going to get it together. She laughs that she is a psychiatrist and yet she can’t figure out how to help herself. It’s a scary feeling, she feels so vulnerable. She asks if he will make love to her?

Jackie tells Brooke that she is just concerned for her, that’s all. Fine isn’t good enough. She knows she loves Ridge, but think of all the pain he has put her through all these years. And what about the Forresters? Have they made peace with her yet? She is just setting herself up for a lifetime of suffering if she goes back to that family again. “And Stephanie, God, Stephanie, I can’t even imagine half of the evil that that witch has thrown in your way.” Brooke admits that Jackie has no idea. Jackie reveals that she would never treat her that way. She would be honored to love her as her daughter-in-law. She says she loves Taylor too, but she can’t make her son happy the way Brooke can. Taylor and Nick make a fine pair, but Brooke is Nick’s passion….his love….it’s just magical. Brooke reminds her that is over now. But Jackie reminds her too that the only thing missing was a child…..a child they have now….a child they always dreamed of. Brooke shakes her head and says it is a son by blood only, a mix-up in the lab. Jackie affirms that it was meant to be…and now that little boy needs his mother…..he needs Brooke. Brooke tells her that Taylor is Jack’s real mother, but Jackie insists she is not, Brooke is. “And only you can give that little boy the love that he deserves. Brooke, be his mother. Please be his mother!

After an obvious satisfying love-making, Nick says they both needed that after the recent events. Taylor admits she doesn’t know what it is, but it drives her crazy to see him with Brooke…it’s like she becomes another person. He thinks that might be a little normal under the circumstances. But, she just wants to feel normal again, she sobs. She wants to “be me” and stop hurting. He promises it will take a little time, but they will get through this. How about some coffee?

When Taylor slips off, still in the love bed, Nick calls Brooke to give her an update. Brooke asks about Taylor, and he says she is better, she’s finally coming around. Brooke says she is glad, she could not sleep last night, all she could think of was about Jack. She’s really worried about him. And it’s all she can do to keep from running over there and taking him in her arms. He tells her he knows it is hard, but he does have to ask her to do her best and stay away. She says she will, but it is killing her and she aches for him. He tells her again this is going to work out as Taylor is a strong woman. Brooke says she really does pray for Taylor. But if she can’t be the mother that she should be, Brooke is not going to sit back and do nothing because “our little guy is just too important to me.”

Strong woman is bringing strong coffee to bed, but Taylor doesn’t make it past the bar when she spies the bottle of liquor. She looks around to make sure no one is watching and takes the top off and sniffs it. Her face lights up. Thinks better of it, but then changes her mind again and pours some in her cup, looking around again before she might take that sip.

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