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Written By Wanda
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Taylor slinks around Insomnia spying on Brooke and Nick with their heads together discussing Taylor. Brooke still thinks she may need professional help. And Brooke is concerned for “our child”. He thanks her, but says Jack is just fine and has everything he needs. He tells her to hang on, she has enough going on in her life. The last thing he wants is for her to be worrying about Jack. Everything is under control and he’s gotta run. She just wants him to think about it. At some time in the future Taylor may need more help than he can give.

Brooke asks for a to-go cup for her coffee. Taylor slips up behind her and Brooke is surprised, says she thought Taylor would be tucked in bed with Jack, but since she is not, how about they sit and talk? Acting like a silly goose, Taylor says sure, great, why not? Goodie, why don’t they sit and have a little girl talk? “That sounds like a lot of fun, you want to do that?” Brooke sees that she has made a mistake and tells Taylor on second thought…….But Taylor insists at this point…what’s the hurry. It’s obvious Brooke has nothing but time on her hands as she just saw her spending a lot of time with her husband. Brooke explains that it wasn’t what it looked like, they were just…..Taylor jumps all over her and asks just who in the hell does Brooke think she is?

Nick returns home and he explains to his mother about running into Brooke and wondering where Taylor is. Jackie tells him that Taylor actually left to go meet him; funny that she didn’t show. Then he gently tells her about the egg mix-up and that Brooke is Jack’s biological mother. She’s shocked, concerned for Taylor how she is reacting to this news, and yet slightly pleased and happy that Nick now has the one thing he always wanted, a baby with Brooke no less. This is a miracle.

Brooke tells Taylor to stop it, but Taylor continues and asks her “what part of ‘stay away from my husband’ do you not understand?” Brooke replies that she didn’t even know Nick was coming here. Taylor fires back that she bets Brooke has a tracking device on his car so that way she can know where he is at all times. Brooke assures her she was not following him, it was a chance encounter. Taylor snaps that forgive her if she is not believing her. Brooke commiserates that she knows Taylor is going through a lot right now, and she’d like to help. Taylor tells her to stop it, do not even try to pretend to be her friend. Brooke says she knows they both are going through a lot right now, and she’s going to be very sensitive to her feelings and not jeopardize what Taylor and Nick share. That really sets Taylor off and she is aghast that Brooke and Nick would have discussed her. “Oh, that’s all? You know what? Your relationship with my husband is disgusting. YOU are disgusting. I can’t even look at your right now without wanting to puke.” She says Brooke has ruined her life and she just wants her gone, go away!

Nick sighs and says Brooke was simply the egg donor, she is not Jack’s mother. Yes, at one time he badly wanted a child with Brooke, but it didn’t happen. Jackie gushes that it all makes sense now. That beautiful smile, that twinkle in Jack’s eyes and that mop of blonde fuzz on top of his head. There is no doubt about it, he’s Brooke’s son. He admonishes her to please not say that. Jackie replies, “Jack is a miracle, Nicky, in every sense of the word. He is the child you always wanted. He’s the son you always wanted, and he belongs to you and Brooke.”

Taylor shakes and says the one thing she asked for in life was to have a baby with Nick, but no, Brooke even went and botched that up. Taylor chastises her for not having the intention but always manages to unintentionally take everything away from her….just like she unintentionally went after Ridge when they were married….or maybe that just happened! And now she guesses it is unintentional that Brooke is trying to take her baby away from her. How low can she go? Well, newsflash. It ain’t happenin’ this time! Brooke swears that she would never do anything like that. They just need to focus on Jack and Taylor be a loving mother. He needs his mother and to be loved and secure at all times. Taylor tells her to go to hell. And just name one thing that Brooke has ever done in her life that would make Taylor want to call her a decent human being? Brooke suggests she gave her a gift – letting go of her child. Taylor hoots, “a gift? Is that what you call it? Well, okay, when I go to the card store today, I’ll try to go to that thank you section and find one that says, ‘thank you for letting me give birth to your child.’”

Then she takes a swipe at Bridget by saying Brooke can give her regards to her, she’s such a pro at in vitro. They differ in the results; Brooke thinks it was a miracle and Taylor says no it wasn’t, it was a disaster…not that Jack was a disaster, but the event itself. But see what Brooke is doing to her? She can’t even know what will come out of her mouth anymore.

Nick tells Jackie that she is wrong. He and Taylor are the parents, Brooke has nothing to do with it. She agrees, if Taylor can handle the situation. He says she will eventually. She hasn’t yet, but she’s getting closer and closer to Jack every day. She will get used to the fact that Brooke is the biological mother. Does his mother realize what she is saying, and how this eats away at his brain every single day? She says yes, she knows it must torment him, but not like it would Taylor….carrying the child all those months and giving birth to a child he shares with Brooke…every time she looks at Jack’s face she must see Brooke. Has he thought what might happen if the torment becomes too much for Taylor? She won’t be able to be a good mother, or a good wife…..their lives are gonna be hell. What’s going to happen to that poor baby?

Taylor settles down for a moment and says she didn’t mean that about Jack being a disaster and she wants to be a good mother and give Jack the love and nurturing that he deserves. She’s really trying to hold it together and under the circumstances she thinks she’d doing pretty good. She realizes she is getting a little emotional, and that does scare her. Brooke reminds her that this disaster helped produce the most beautiful baby and she is blessed. Taylor says she knows, but it’s also been the biggest nightmare of her life. Brooke tells her she will have to learn to live with it and move on. Taylor brings up Bridget again. How can she not; she orchestrated the whole thing? She went and got the eggs and she fertilized them. She also knew that Brooke wanted to be with Nick, and that she wanted to have a baby with him. Brooke asks is she saying that she and Brooke plotted this whole thing?

Taylor says that is what she wants to know. Brooke tells her that she is being paranoid….Taylor has everything she can possibly think of….a great marriage, a beautiful child…now what she needs to do is accept him and love him and be a mother to him. And she needs to be the strong woman they all know her as. That’s what Nick wants. Can she do that? Can she just please get a grip. Take control of herself and her feelings. Otherwise she could lose that little boy. Taylor becomes silent, she hyperventilates, she can’t breath, she can’t talk, she doubles over while Brooke realizes something is terribly wrong and calls for help. She begs Taylor to focus on her, just breathe normally, calm down and she will be all right.

But Taylor is not all right, she crumbles to the floor.

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