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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/11/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Storm tells the family. The Judge has officially dismissed the charges and their dad is a free man. They clap and giggle with glee. Stephen wants to say something. He says he sees now how his past actions have affected all of them, especially Storm, and he is ashamed. And he knows he can’t go back and changes things, but he sure as hell can take sole responsibility for them now. He promises all of them that from this moment forward he’s going to do everything he can to make it right, and he is so proud. He’s proud of the courage and strength they have all shown through this. They are a family….a loving family and they can heal. And he wants to start. He’s going to take Storm out of the country and get him all the help that he deserves. Storm sighs and says he can’t believe this is happening. And he never thought he’d be saying this, but he’s actually grateful to Stephanie Forrester for letting this go. He’d really like to thank her for this. Brooke warns him to just leave it alone. He goes on that Stephanie might have owed Brooke a favor, but she didn’t owe anyone else one and in this case she didn’t ask anything in return. Stephen replies, “son, some things are better left alone. Let’s just take this time to heal.” They all agree not to talk about Stephanie anymore.

A cell phone rings and it’s Donna’s. She takes it outside and is not surprised that it is Stephanie. She’s badgering again as to if Donna ended it yet? Donna tells her it is not that easy. Stephanie assures her if she doesn’t, then her brother will be in prison so fast his head will spin. So she better hold up her end of the bargain and end it with her husband.

Bridget drops in on Stephanie and notices the luggage and that she is taking a trip. Stephanie tells her that Pam called and their mother is ill so she is planning on going to Chicago right away. Bridget questions the wisdom of that. Stephanie says she is still a little stiff and achy, but Pam was insistent that she come. Bridget warns her that she can’t stop therapy right now, it’s too important at this stage of her recovery. So she will call Northwestern and set up an appointment for her there. Bridget questions Stephanie too about her sudden memory recovery and saying now it wasn’t her grandfather that shot her. What could have possibly changed her mind?

Nick greets Taylor with a big smile and tells her he just heard the news, that Stephen Logan has been released. So Brooke and the entire Logan family must be pretty excited. And the question is if Stephen didn’t shoot Stephanie, then who did? Taylor grumbles that she guesses they will know soon enough, but why is it that the first thing that comes out of his mouth in the morning is always Brooke Logan? Like she really cares…..and he knows how that name makes her feel. He apologizes, but says the name is all over the news so he meant nothing by it. She says, “I know, I know……whatever! It’s just that you know, I’m sick of Brooke this, Brooke that. I’m really, really tired of it. I can’t even look at the baby anymore without seeing Brooke staring back at me. Damn it!”

At the most inopportune time, Jackie comes breezing in, little Miss Sunshine carrying on all joyful about this darling little sweater she bought for Jack. Nick points out that the next time she comes, she might want to knock first. She glances at Taylor and asks if everything is all right, she doesn’t look too well? Taylor grunts yeah, perhaps she just has too much on her plate right now. Sometimes a therapist needs a therapist. Jackie can take a hint and says she will go upstairs to gawk at her grandson. Nick tries to get Taylor to go with him to Insomnia for a muffin and some coffee, but she declines. She doesn’t feel quite up to it, and she needs to work on some files.

Stephen comments the real question is can they trust Stephanie to go through with this? It’s not enough to get Storm out of the country. You can’t hide from something like this. Donna assures her father that she’s going to end things with Eric. She just needs to be a little more firm. If it keeps her brother out of jail, she will find a way. He hugs her and tells her what an incredible woman she is. He doesn’t ever want her to forget that. And he can’t even imagine the man who deserves her love. He hears her say how much she loves Eric and he says he knows, and what she is doing inspires him and makes him want to do everything he can for his family. And what he really wants to do is find their mother and spend some time with her. Maybe this can be a new beginning for them. He knows he has been searching his whole life for what is right in front of him. He always had it, but just couldn’t see it. Brooke tells him they can all see it now. This is going to be difficult, but they will be there for him. They all tell a sobbing Donna that she is the one to make the sacrifice and again they know it will be difficult. Storm announces that the bags are ready and the car is coming up the driveway. And he tells them that this is not forever. He and dad will work out some issues and be back soon and a family again. They all agree, they ARE a family now – the Logan’s, and they are stronger than ever.

Donna recalls the conversation with Eric the night before when she admits she is a sex addict. She is jarred back to reality when Stephanie shows up. Stephanie says she understands that her brother and father are on the way to Europe (what’d they do, announce it on the radio?) and Donna better look out, there is no place her brother can hide that she won’t find if Donna reneges on her agreement. Donna claims there is no way she will renege, she tried hard last night but Eric wouldn’t let her. Stephanie laughs that she can’t imagine her powers of persuasion is so limited. And she’d better think of a way; exactly what did she tell Eric? She chuckles again when Donna tells her she told him she had an addiction problem – a sexual addiction. Stephanie asks if that is true? “Very funny, Stephanie,” says Donna. The truth is that it doesn’t matter to Eric. He wants to work through this.

Taylor feels better and lets Jackie convince her to go meet Nick at Insomnia after all. Brooke actually meets him first and claims their lives must be intertwined….seems she can’t avoid running into him any place she goes. He tells her congratulations are in order; he hears her father has been released. They sit, and Brooke says she never thought she’d say this, but looks like Stephanie really came through for them. He thinks that is frightening, what’s in it for Stephanie? Brooke avoids that by saying it has been a difficult time for all of them, but she’s hopeful. She has good feelings about the future for the Logan family. And now that he knows about her, she wants to know how he is doing? He confides that Taylor has been kind of weird….and it’s about her. She just can’t get over the fact that Brooke is Jack’s birth mother. Brooke reminds him they have gone over this time and time again. Perhaps Taylor would feel better if she talked to her again and she’d calm down. Nick says no, as a matter of fact he thinks she needs to just stay away. Brooke clearly is the target of Taylor’s anger. She just feels that Brooke is everywhere in her life right now. And even thinks that Brooke and Bridget conspired somehow to use Brooke’s eggs to make Taylor pregnant. He suggests that Taylor is a strong woman and she will get past this, but for Brooke to stay away for now.

Brooke asks if Taylor is alone with Jack right now? They have to consider Taylor’s state of mind and be careful. And she worries about Nick. He’s married to a woman who can’t connect with her son. And he doesn’t talk to anyone. Can he talk to her?

Donna cries that Eric will never believe that she doesn’t love him. Stephanie reminds her that it is her job to convince him of it somehow. She doesn’t know how and frankly she doesn’t give a damn. She wants her husband back, and she has to go to Chicago. But when she returns, it better be finished between the two of them or her brother will spend the next ten years in prison.

Nick thanks Brooke, but says how he is doing doesn’t matter right now. He will do what he always does when he faces a crisis in his life. She says it does matter to her. He shouldn’t have to shoulder this alone. She wants to know if Jackie knows that Brooke is the biological mother? No, then perhaps he should tell her. She might be able to help. Nick concedes that perhaps Brooke is right. He has a son that he loves so much, but he wants Taylor to love him that much too. But when he sees her struggling like this and sees her behavior, he doesn’t know what to do….and Brooke should hear some of the things that Taylor says about her and Jack. He wants to fix it and make it right, but he doesn’t know how. He sighs that he loves Taylor, he really does, but he wants her to love their baby as well.

Brooke suggests that perhaps Taylor needs professional help. Unknown to them, Taylor walks in and spies them. She frowns and watches as they seem to have their heads together in deep thought. Brooke tells Nick that he never knows what Taylor could do. She might do something terrible; she might snap. And if she does, there is no telling what might happen. Nick admits that if anything could make her snap, it’d be seeing the two of them like this. As good as it feels to talk to Brooke like this, the truth is they really can’t. “Believe me, if she were to see it, it would be ugly, very ugly.”

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