B&B Wednesday Update 1/9/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/9/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke quizzes Donna; says she has been looking for her all day and last night. Did she agree to Stephanie’s terms or not? Donna laments it wasn’t a negotiation but blackmail, so she caved. What choice did she have? Brooke tells her that Storm and their dad have made peace so if Stephanie lets this go, they can be a family again. But they can’t let Storm know. Donna feels cheated – she can’t tell Storm, she can’t tell Eric. And this is what happens when Stephanie takes control of your life. She corrupts everything you care about. Brooke advises Donna to just give Stephanie what she wants and she will leave them alone. And she placates her there will be another man for her. Even at all costs, they can’t let Stormy go to jail. Giving up Eric is the only way.

Katie drops in on Stephanie and wants to know if she is really going to let her brother get away with shooting her? Stephanie replies that she offered to give her family a good turn, and in return she was hoping Donna would do the same. And forgive her for putting a little different slant on this, but Eric is her husband and she would like him back.

Storm asks Brooke if their dad has been released from jail? She replies no, but he will be. She is expecting to hear any minute now. He’s not sure, something doesn’t feel quite right. Stephanie changes her mind; first she doesn’t want Brooke’s forgiveness, now she does. Brooke says she doesn’t feel great about forgiving Stephanie either, but this is the only way to free their dad and keep Storm out of prison. He doesn’t believe Stephanie does anything without something in return. He still feels he ought to talk to her himself, but Brooke convinces him not to.

Eric goes to great efforts to get the Big Bear cabin all spruced up, fireplace blazing, candles lit and a huge cup of hot mulled wine ready as Donna enters. He has her favorite meal from Café Russe. She’s overwhelmed, but tells him they need to talk. He has a present for her and offers they will talk over dinner. She opens the pretty box to find a gorgeous ski jacket and he tells her the rest of her winter wardrobe is hanging in the closet. She pulls out lift tickets and snowboard lessons for two out of her jacket pocket. He boasts that she makes him want to try things he’s never done before. And all his cuts and bruises will be assuaged as he slips into a nice hot tub with her. She cries as he kisses and hugs her and says nothing will hurt him as long as he’s with the woman he loves.

Stephanie differs with Katie who says Stephanie is blackmailing her family. Stephanie reminds her that it was her sister that came to her asking her to help their family. Would Katie rather her father and brother fend for themselves with the District Attorney? She invited her into her home and she points her finger and tells Katie that she has listened to everything she has said, but the truth is that she is the one who has come up with a solution to all this mess. Katie offers that she is sorry for what her brother did to Stephanie. He needs help, says Stephanie. Katie says he will get it. Stephanie says then she’s giving her family a fresh start here. “Why can’t all of you embrace that and be happy and joyful abput it? Just leave my family alone, all right.”

Brooke tells Storm not to talk to Stephanie. It’s not necessary, everything is under control. He’s not sure, he thinks Brooke looks a little worried. Is Stephanie waffling? She tells him no, she made a deal and Stephanie is going to the police and tell them their dad didn’t do it. He doesn’t think that is all, he knows her too well. She lies and says there is nothing for him to worry about. He remembers last night when Brooke wanted to talk to Donna alone. She admits that Donna and Eric have hit a little rough patch. He thinks that is understandable since Eric thinks Stephen shot Stephanie. Right, says Brooke, and she can’t tell Eric what really happened.

Donna almost goes berserk when she sees her car being towed away until Eric presents her with new keys to her hybrid SUV. It’s all decked out with everything they need – bicycles, kayaks, snowboards, everything for their next big adventures. She thanks him, but isn’t sure they are going to have time for things like this…he’ll be busy with his family and his work. He assures her that he loves his work, but he’ll take time. His work is not everything in his life anymore. He admits his work used to be his sanctuary. He used to hole up in his office so he could be in control and give the orders. But now he doesn’t need to escape to his office, she is his escape. Again she chokes up when he says he knows he told her that he wanted to elope and run away and get married and have it very, very private. But, he has changed his mind. He wants it to be a celebration….one of the biggest and most extravagant. “As big as the emotion you inspire in me…as big as the changes you have made in my life.”

He gets down on his knees as she tries to stop him; he’s already proposed. Not to be daunted, he continues and says every proposal is different and needs to be absolutely perfect. And it’s like a piece of haute couture…it needs to have the right accessory. He opens the box and her eyes pop out at the humungous ring. As her fingers shake and he attempts to put it on, she gasps for him not to.

Storm tells Brooke this is his fault and he should fix it. She tells him this time he can’t. This time the family is going to take care of him. They are not going to let him go to prison, but he does have to get therapy. That’s really important. What he did was the sign of a really disturbed person who’d shoot Stephanie and frame their dad for it. The rage that goes with that kind of behavior doesn’t just go away. He sighs and says he will get help. She says they will all help him. He thanks her and says he is so grateful. He really believes they’d do anything for him.

Katie states to Stephanie that she wants Stephanie out of their lives as much as Stephanie wants them out of hers. Stephanie says good, she hopes it is just a matter of time. She’s waiting on pins and needles to hear either from Eric or Katie’s sister. Katie thinks it a little odd they haven’t heard something yet. And warns her even if Donna breaks it off, doesn’t mean he will come back to Stephanie. She gloats that he will. Katie wonders if that doesn’t bother her, taking a man back that is in love with another woman? Stephanie shares that she and Eric have been through this many times before. Katie asks what will happen if Eric turns out really to be Donna’s knight in shining armor and she tells him everything. If he finds out Stephanie is blackmailing Donna, she could lose him forever. Stephanie doesn’t believe Donna will do that as she knows the consequences, their brother will go to prison, period.

Donna urges Eric to get up and she walks away. She sniffles that she can’t, he can’t. He misreads her, is it too expensive? Is she worried what people will say? She won’t look at him and he declares that the ring is expensive, but she deserves it. He loves her and he wants the world to know. And he wants her to be able to wear it with pride. He wants her face to light up when she sees it….the way his face lights up when he thinks of her. And he wants her to look at the ring and it be the biggest, the hugest reminder.

She giggles through her sobs and allows him to slip the ring on her finger and him take her in his arms and attempt to kiss her tears away.

The words of Stephanie are echoing in her ears that she knows what she has to do. The crying starts again and Eric senses that something is wrong and asks her about it. She says it is okay, but he knows it is not. Something is very wrong and he demands to know what it is right now.

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