B&B Tuesday Update 1/8/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/8/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Donna and Stephanie face off and Donna tells her that she loves Eric too much to let him go back to Stephanie’s insults and ridicule. Stephanie simply reminds her that if she doesn’t walk away from Eric that her brother will be going to prison for a very long time.

An edgy Taylor tells Nick that she is sick of this. Brooke has already got what she wanted. She manipulated this so she could have Nick’s baby. This was supposed to be Taylor’s safe haven, a home with Nick. But, now Brooke is everywhere. Every time she hears the baby cry, it’s like Brooke is there, some thief is lurking around. He tries to convince her that Brooke is not here, she is not lurking. Taylor knows that, but continues to pound on her head that she is in there! He’s dismayed when she states that she just can’t take this any more.

Eric drops in on Brooke, but she tells him she really can’t get into her father’s case right now. He wonders is that how she and Ridge get through this, by just not talking about it? She says they try very hard not to let it affect their relationship. He can’t imagine why Brooke is not more overjoyed at his and Donna’s engagement. She’s changed his life so much and they have the rest of their lives to find out just how. Their life is going to be perfect. He knows Donna would want her father to walk her down the aisle, but perhaps Storm can do that. There is nothing they wouldn’t do for each other.

Donna is indignant that Stephanie thinks she can be manipulated like the rest of her family is. Stephanie lets her know that the rest of the family is smart enough to know that Stephanie is not bluffing. She points out that Donna has a chance to be a hero here. One small sacrifice and she can keep her family together. Donna says no. Stephanie wonders is that what she is going to tell her sister when she gets home? Will she be proud of Donna for standing up to Stephanie? Donna smarts that Storm had rather turn himself in than have Stephanie dominate them. Nonchalantly, Stephanie asks if that really what Donna thinks he will be thinking about in that tiny little cell of his? “While you’re living here on the outside living the life of luxury and extravagancies that only Eric’s money can buy?” Apparently this love is stronger than that between a brother and a sister.

Okay, Stephanie can see they are done, nothing more to say. She picks up her phone and phonebook and tells Donna that she has Lt. Baker’s number on her phone dial…..say hello to her brother. Donna comes back and tells her to hang up that phone. Stephanie says sorry, no she needs to make some phone calls….the police…the press…oh the press will love this. It isn’t often that a successful attorney is hauled off in cuffs. Donna fires back that her brother should have killed her when he had the chance. Stephanie quips that oh now the gloves come off! Okay, she wants her husband back. Donna replies she didn’t “take” him, Stephanie lost him. Stephanie corrects her – she seduced him. Donna gloats that Eric asked her to marry him. Stephanie chuckles that if she had a dollar for every engagement ring that man has handed out, she’d be richer than she is now. Donna slips her left hand behind her back, but not before Stephanie catches her. “Oh, no ring? Not much of an engagement, is it?” Donna offers that she and Eric have a commitment. But, Stephanie says no she doesn’t know what the word commitment means. Commitment is being together for over forty years…..for raising your children….for building a business…..together. “That’s what commitment is, that’s why we are a team……he will come back to me. He always does!” Yes, even this time. And Donna can stand there and wiggle those hips and bat those lashes, but just believe her, he’s going to get tired of it.

Stephanie warns her that Donna will be her age one of these days. And the husband she is with will be circled by chippies like Donna is circling hers now……the husband she has devoted her life to. Donna exclaims that devotion is poison. If she really loved him, she would leave him alone. She’s holding on to something that doesn’t exist, maybe it never did.

Nick gets that his wife is scared, that is human, psychiatrist or not. She is still stymied, the more she tries to get control, the more she loses it. Sternly, he asks her what would she do if a patient came to her with these same problems? She admits she would tell them to talk about it, cry about it, scream or yell….get it out. He says well that is what she needs to do, work on getting these demons out. He gets in her face and demands that she DO IT!

Finally she rants and raves and beats on the desk and tells Brooke to leave her and her baby the hell alone. However, she admits that doesn’t make her feel any better. She’s so spent, so exhausted, she just can’t do this any more. He lovingly says they are a team, they need to back each other up. The baby cries and he suggests she go, she tells him maybe he should. While he is gone, she sits and all she can see in front of her is Nick’s appealing wine glass.

Eric tells Brooke that he is committed to her sister so he is serious about this engagement. She thinks there is nothing wrong in taking it slow. And if it all ended tomorrow, wouldn’t it all have been worth it? He speculates that he doesn’t have to wait until they are married, he can show Donna that right now. He will start tonight.

Stephanie informs Donna that she and Eric have had more happy years together than Donna has been on this earth. Donna asks has she had any lately? Stephanie offers that Donna has no idea about her marriage or what it takes to make a marriage work – the strength, the conviction, the love, the devotion…..Donna asks if Stephanie really thinks he has held out because of Stephanie? He stayed because of the kids and the business. And now that the kids are grown, and the business is in his hands….the second that he could get away – he did. Stephanie points out again that this is Eric’s little fantasy, a new sex toy to play with, but this novelty will soon wear off. Donna doesn’t think she believes that, otherwise she wouldn’t be trying to make this deal. Stephanie reinforces that she is trying to save her family. What is Donna willing to do for hers? The phone rings before Donna can reply. Stephanie urges her to get it, it might be her sister checking to see if she is going to do the right thing.

It’s Eric, and Donna is only inches away from Stephanie as Donna listens and he says he wants them to spend some special time together. He’s going to Big Bear and wants her to follow tomorrow. She repeats what he’s said so of course Stephanie hears it. She tells Donna this is so typical of Eric. Well, he’s certainly going to be surprised, isn’t he, when Donna tells him it is over between the two of them? Donna declares that she won’t do it; she won’t give Eric up. Stephanie says she will, and she knows she will. Donna cries that she loves him. Stephanie reminds her but he is not her family. Her brother is her family – that’s who her hero is. Think of all the sacrifices he has made for her over the years….how much of his life he has given up for her. Maybe that is what he is angry about. The rage, hasn’t she seen that? Or has she chosen not to? Donna says he is past that. Stephanie finds that strange. So he shot Stephanie and he is suddenly over it. Donna thinks there is no reason to punish him.

Stephanie says again that he tried to kill her and Donna has no idea the pain and the trauma involved. But, that is nothing compared to what it’s going to be like for her brother to be in prison. His career and his reputation will be ruined ….and locked up away from all the people he loves. And all those years wasted while Donna is out here living the good life with her husband. Is Donna that selfish….that self-centered? She is the only one that can save him now. So end it.

Donna wants it confirmed again. Stephanie will go to the police and tell them it wasn’t her brother nor her father who shot her? Stephanie answers yes, Donna will have to go to Eric and make it absolutely convincing. She must make it so that he never wants to see her again, then her brother will be free. Donna swears at her that she would be the one Logan who would stand up to her. But, Stephanie has her by the throat now and doesn’t she just love it? She accuses Stephanie of saying she loves Eric, but she really just likes to control him. She loves just sucking the life out of him….and to think she is going to put him right back in that life. She cries and says she is so sorry and begs Eric to forgive her.

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