B&B Monday Update 1/7/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/7/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Donna and Brooke continue to discuss what Stephanie will do to get her claws back into Eric. She would use their love for Storm for Eric who doesn’t even want Stephanie back. Brooke says she hates to ask this, but Donna will find another man. (Brooke, would you have given up Ridge so readily if Stephanie had asked that?).

With Jack sleeping contentedly, Nick and Taylor have time for a little lovey-dovey, and he sips on a glass of wine (not a good idea, Nick, with Taylor’s drinking problem). They discuss the upcoming christening and Taylor confides she is not so comfortable still having Bridget as Godmother after what she knew and didn’t tell Taylor. He thinks Bridget will certainly understand. She senses that he knows more than he is telling about the egg omelet mix-up, yet he wants to drop the subject. She prods and he finally tells her that when Brooke came back from Sydney last year Brooke had her eggs tested. She goes ballistic that Brooke would do that to see if she could give Nick the child that she couldn’t!

Katie asks Brooke and Storm why was Stephanie here? Does she want Brooke’s forgiveness? Brooke tells her that she can’t get into specifics right now, but if all goes as she hopes then their dad will be released from prison and Storm won’t be prosecuted. Storm exclaims he can’t believe Stephanie would take a bullet, then spare him. She tells him to leave this up to her. Just go home and get a good night’s sleep and hope this will be resolved by morning. Katie questions that Stephanie would be doing something for their family out of the goodness of her heart.

Stephanie acts normal and yet Felicia knows she can’t be since Eric just served her with divorce papers. She wants to know what is going on as she is way too calm for this? Stephanie declares she has not lost Eric, and she doesn’t intend to. Felicia is glad she hasn’t signed the papers yet because she knows her dad has asked Donna to marry him and she’s not wanting that bleach-blonde blow-up doll to be her stepmother! Stephanie tells her not to worry. Even if she signs the papers tomorrow, the divorce won’t be final for six months and a lot can happen in that length of time. Life is full of surprises. One minute you are down and out for the count, the next you are up and ready to fight again. Donna is very smart and Stephanie feels she will do the right thing for everyone.

Though it is after hours, Donna visits Stephen. She knows Stephanie knows how he feels about her and Eric, so she will exploit that. Stephen says, “well, that’s our Stephanie, honey. Subtle as a tsunami.” Donna isn’t sure she even wants to hear what Stephanie told him. He declares that she can’t possibly think he’d go along with anything that woman wanted. Walking away from Eric isn’t the only solution or even the best one. Yes, Brooke is desperate to save her brother, like they all are. But they can do that if she will do as he says. Convince Storm not to come forward, let Stephen confess. That way, Storm stays out of prison and she can stay with Eric. Donna points out that he doesn’t even like Eric. He knows, but he loves her and nobody should be asked to make that choice. But, there Stephanie is again, trying to manipulate the entire family, and he won’t let her get away with it.

Donna warns him this could still backfire even if she walks away from Eric. Stephanie could still go to Lt. Baker and they’d be nailed for obstruction of justice and they’d all be paying for something that Storm did and that’s the last thing he’d want. Maybe he should just go to the police and confess what he did and serve his time. Stephen objects. Donna cries she doesn’t want to send Storm to prison, but she can’t give Eric up either. “Daddy, what do I do? Daddy, I don’t know what to do.”

Katie grills Brooke – Stephanie wants more than her forgiveness? Brooke tells her yes, she wants Donna to break it off with Eric. If she does, Stephanie will exonerate Stephen without even mentioning Storm. But Katie can’t tell Storm, it must be Donna’s decision. Katie is adamant, no decision at all; Donna needs to break off with Eric and set their dad free and keep Storm out of prison.

Taylor fumes at Nick. She is furious to know that Brooke was scheming behind her back to break them up. She was trying to have his baby so he’d leave Taylor and go to her. Nick reminds her that he turned Brooke down. He wanted a kid, but he wanted Taylor more and all that other doesn’t matter anymore. She unfurls again, doesn’t matter? Doesn’t matter? They are living in a house with a baby that Brooke so desperately wanted and “she made me carry it. She manipulated me, and you’re telling me it doesn’t matter. It does matter and you know it.”

Stephen tells Donna he is so sorry that she has been asked to make a choice between the brother that she adores and the man who she has come to mean so much to her. She claims that Eric wants a life with her, he’s asked her to marry him. She’s made him happy, he’s a new man and he’s designing better than ever. Something Stephanie could never give him. She belittled him and wore him down and Donna can’t bear that again. Stephen tries to convince her that even if she breaks off with Eric, that doesn’t mean he will automatically go back to Stephanie. Donna has thought of that too, but it’s what the family also wants so Stephanie would put pressure on him more. Is she supposed to just look at him when she knows his fate? No, Storm won’t be in prison, but Eric will be in a worse one. Their time is up and Stephen tells her just do what her heart tells her. There is no right or wrong……and don’t forget that he loves her. Straightaway she calls Stephanie who is nicey-nice until Donna tells her to cut the crap. She is on her way over.

Nick tries to calm Taylor down. She’s not hearing any of it. She thinks she needs her head examined for ever believing Bridget. She lied to her. She had her believe that the whole lab thing was just an accident. And it now really makes her sick to think and she and Brooke were in this together….Brooke was asking Bridget to switch the eggs. Nick defends them and says Brooke would never ask her to do that. Taylor gets hotter, of course Brooke would. She would use her own daughter to do that. She got her way and now she has his baby. And maybe she is with Ridge now, but when they break up she will come straight here and remind him that the two of them have a baby together. She’s covered all her bases. It’s like a chess game and she likes messing with Taylor’s head. Despite Nick continually trying to calm her down and saying he loves her and his future is with her, Taylor is livid; she says she hates, hates, hates Brooke. She has insinuated herself into this house….her presence in the home, and she knew exactly what she was doing. He tells her one more time, this is their home, their marriage, their son and he is her husband. And his life would mean nothing without her.

Stephanie offers Donna tea, then says they can just dismiss with the niceties and get right to the point. Her brother shot her and he’s going to prison. She, on the other hand is prepared to go to the police and make a statement that will set her dad free. Her brother’s name doesn’t even have to come into it. This will leave Donna’s family intact. In return she would like her family to remain intact. Stephanie wants Donna to walk away from Eric and make it without a doubt in his mind that it is over. Is that clear? Donna leans in and says she understands perfectly, if she were to give in to blackmail, which she won’t. Stephanie quibbles, it isn’t blackmail. It’s called ‘quid pro quo’. She gets her brother’s freedom, and Stephanie gets Eric.

Donna says no, Stephanie is doing what she always does – toying with people’s lives. She emphasizes that the dearest, sweetest man must then come back to that old mausoleum and share it with a bitter, angry woman like Stephanie. Being married to her already had sucked the life out of him….but Donna had helped him find that again, and his company. Maybe Stephanie thinks she can strong-arm her and push her around and that she is just some dumb sex kitten who will cave in….”well I’m not caving. I’m not going to send Eric back to the shell of existence that he had with you because I love him too much. So you can take your quid pro quo and shove it because Eric is mine, and he will remain mine, and there’s nothing you can do about it, Stephanie, not one damn thing.”

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