B&B Friday Update 1/4/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/4/08


Written by Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Donna is disgusted – so Stephanie wants her to walk away from Eric and she will go to the police and tell them it wasn’t Stephen or Storm that shot her. My God, of all the desperate acts, how pathetic can she be? She vows she won’t do it.

Felicia overhears her dad talking on the phone setting up a romantic get-away at Big Bear complete with catered dinner, roses and he says this is very important to him. She grins that she is impressed with him going all out. She knew he went by the house and now it’s obvious that it went well. He sighs that eavesdropping can be dangerous and very misleading. He actually went by the house to give Stephanie the petition for divorce.

Stephen is waiting and remembering the last conversation he had with Storm about him confessing to the crime. He’s told a Mrs. Forrester is there to see him and he thought it meant Brooke, instead Stephanie walks in. She laughs that all his daughters wants to be called Mrs. Forrester. She lays her cards out, Brooke came to see her and wants her to be lenient with him; they need to discuss this. He scoffs that Brooke didn’t ask him or he would have told her to save her breath. Stephanie states that she finds it rather pathetic that Brooke still has this sense of loyalty where he is concerned, considering that he abandoned her sisters and brother. And she does know about the brother and Brooke protecting him. Now that is a twisted sister! Stephen asks what does she want? She quips, “am I interrupting your busy social schedule?” He tells her to sit.

Brooke tells Donna that she knows Stephanie is being outrageous, but Donna points out that it is Brooke that is asking now. Brooke infers she wonders if Donna and Eric will last. Donna informs her that Eric proposed tonight, so yes. It’s her turn, she has found the man who is perfect for her and he loves her back. Brooke knows it is all her fault. She never should have let it slip to Stephanie. Donna admits she hates the idea of Storm going to prison, but it is lot more fair than what Brooke is asking her to do now. Brooke points out this isn’t about being fair. She’s really afraid he won’t make it out of prison alive. He’s young, he’s good-looking and he’s strong, but not that strong. Donna says she is scared for him too, but they can’t let Stephanie get away with this. And she doesn’t need to be reminded of all the sacrifices Storm made for her through the years.

Felicia has a gazillion questions. Is her mother going to get the house? Will she be upset at the headlines? Eric gets that she is unhappy and he states that he loves her mother and that she’s been the most important person in his life for a very long time, but to stay married isn’t good for either one of them. She utters, “so you are saying you are dumping Mother because that is what is good for her? I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything so cheap come out of your mouth.” Simply he replies that his life is changing; he’s marrying Donna.

Stephanie tells Stephen that she has had some rough patches in her life with her kids, but they have never tried to kill someone and blame it on her. He snorts – of course not, she keeps them so dependent that they help her cover up her crimes. She asks is that what he was doing with Storm? He tells her to shut up about Storm. Stephen will soon be out of her life for a very long time and that is what she wants? She says she hates to step on his one attempt at nobility here, but the truth is she doesn’t care if he goes to prison in San Quentin or Saskatchewan. Rather than have him behind bars, she’d like to have her husband back. He smarts just for her to get a chauffeur and she’ll never know the difference. He wonders what she is going to tempt Eric with – her cooking? Her womanly ways?

Seriously she says she will go to the police and make a statement. The point is Stephen will go free and Storm’s name will never be brought up and she hopes he will go away to a psychiatric sanitarium. But, Donna has to give Eric up. She’s been there before….many times and better it happen to Donna while she is young and beautiful. She’s also tenacious, Stephanie will give her that. And she’ll probably come to Stephen as an authority figure and need guidance. She hopes he will give her some good fatherly advice. He laughs bitterly and suggests he can’t imagine her being any more manipulative. She tells him to please spare her. She knows he can’t stand the thought of Eric’s hands on his daughter any more than she can and this way they both get what they want. He asks what does Donna get? She’s in love with Eric. Stephanie says not, she has a father figure, the one she never had growing up. And what is Eric looking for? It’s obvious to everyone but Stephanie. And there’s the flaw; he’s not coming back to Stephanie. She replies that is her business.

He says he’s been a fool in his life, sometimes a pretty big one, but never so big that he thought she’d honor any deal she made with him. She tells him she is suggesting that he act in his own best interest. Save himself, his son and his daughter from a man he despises. “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put your family back together again….until today. Here’s my gift to you – your family.” He’s not sure as that would mean she could hold Storm over his head the rest of his life.

Eric and Felicia continue to swap barbs. It’s Felicia’s attitude toward appearance, thumbing her nose against appearance and always taking the side of the underdog. Felicia admits maybe he is right. Maybe Donna reminds her of every girl she couldn’t stand in high school….the cheerleader who is overly tan in the middle of frickin’ December. She begs her dad to just let Donna have the captain of the football team, not him. She can just see it now, him decorating the Christmas tree and Donna ironing her hair. He says he is disappointed in her, and the feeling is mutual.

Donna asks why is Brooke helping a woman that has only hurt her in the past? Brooke asks how honest does Donna want her to be? Donna says if she loses Eric, it won’t be to Stephanie. He can see what a life would be without her. Brooke reminds her that a history like theirs is very powerful and that is what Stephanie is counting on to draw Eric back to her. And without Donna in the picture, yes she thinks that will happen. Donna says he will be miserable. He’ll live and die Stephanie’s whipping boy. What if Donna is his last chance? She just can’t take that from him. Sending her own brother to prison or the man she loves to his personal jailer, that is the choice Brooke is giving her.

Eric tells Felicia that Stephanie is upset, but she will get over it. No, she didn’t sign the papers yet and no he won’t reveal what she said. Some things still deserve some privacy. Bitterly, Felicia says she will take care of her mother’s hurt feelings, it is no longer his concern.

Stephen tells Stephanie that if she is waiting for an answer, she is not going to get one. She shrugs okay, if he has nothing and no one he can live without then he might as well go to prison. She offers that she can give him redemption. The very thing that he stole from his children he will now be in a position to give back, his family reunited.

Donna still maintains that she is not going to let “that woman” control her. Brooke advises that she be able to live with herself whatever she chooses to do. Say that she and Eric have their happily ever after. Each night she goes to bed, she is going to know her brother is paying the price for it. Just imagine him in prison. When he gets out, he’s not going to be the same person. That is if he doesn’t get killed himself or kill someone. It’s going to be too late for therapy and he won’t practice law again. They might as well chew him up and spit him out. Donna warns her that Storm is the last person who’d want her to fall for this. That’s why they can’t tell him or Eric, Brooke tells her. They will lose their leverage.

Stephanie calls and asks if Brooke has a decision? Will Donna or won’t she? Brooke offers that she doesn’t know yet. Stephanie tells her she is just down the hall from Lt. Baker’s office, Brooke has one hour. If it takes longer than that, then Donna is thinking too hard. One hour to bring her on board or else…….Brooke tells Donna they don’t have much time, it’s now or never. Donna asks if she is being selfish? Brooke says maybe she is the one who is being selfish. She has always wanted their family to come together again and to heal…..and she never thought her dad would be part of her life again…..but now seeing what he’s willing to do for Storm…..She tells Donna she loves her and Storm…..Donna’s only brother. She knows her and trusts her that she will make the right decision.

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