B&B Thursday Update 1/3/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/3/08


Written by Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Storm tells Charlie Baker that he has information that will free his father. Skeptical, Charlie asks if this is information or more theories? Then he’s called away. Storm tries to stall him; this is important. Baker tells him so is what he is going to do. Brooke is frantically trying to call Storm and leaves voicemail. Don’t tell the police anything. Don’t tell them that he shot Stephanie. She is on her way over and Brooke thinks she is going to make a deal.

Eric courts Donna with a champagne dinner catered at Forrester’s….complete with a spectacular fashion show “inspired by the woman I love and for the woman that I love and no one else.” And they are going on a trip to a wonderful island, and he proceeds with a slide show and models to show her the remarkable clothes she will wear. She giggles when he says the only turbulence on this trip will be caused by him.

Brooke calls Katie also and tells her to tell her brother to keep his mouth shut. His future depends on it. Stephanie barges in and asks Brooke if she has told her brother yet….it’s imperative that Storm not talk to the police yet…..Stephanie has an offer. Stephanie states, “you want your father set free, and you do not want your brother charged. In return, I have one condition. I want my husband back. I want to save my marriage.” Brooke asks exactly what is she saying? Stephanie offers that she is prepared to go to the police and make a statement that her father nor her brother were involved in this…..in return Donna has to walk away from Eric.

Katie asks Storm if he is still sure about this? He takes a deep breath and says he only has one option….he has to turn himself in and then hope that he doesn’t pull a judge who has an ax to grind at the sentencing. Charlie returns and says this better be worth his time.

Brooke scoffs; so Stephanie wants Eric back and she’s convinced herself that if she gets rid of the competition that it will happen. Stephanie remarks that the affair isn’t going to last. Brooke asks her to reconsider. Even if Donna walks away, will Eric go back to Stephanie? And if he doesn’t, is this arrangement null and void? Stephanie tells her just to worry about Donna and let her worry about Eric. On Christmas, didn’t she how happy he was? How happy they both were? In her heart of hearts, she thinks they only need a clear path. Brooke says Stephanie did not answer her question. What if it doesn’t work out the way she thinks it will? Is she still going to stick to her arrangement? Absolutely, says Stephanie. She will go to the police and make a statement. She’ll see to it that her father is set free and her brother doesn’t even have to be mentioned at all. Brooke asks about Donna. What will she do? Stephanie smarts that Donna is young….she’s beautiful…she’ll find another man eventually but, "it isn’t going to be MY husband." Do they have a deal?

Storm tells Baker that he said from the beginning that his dad was set up. The real shooter went out of his way to make it look like it was his dad. But he didn’t; he did not shoot Stephanie and Storm can prove it. He goes on that the person who did this hated his father more than his father hated Stephanie Forrester. He is about to say it was himself when Brooke calls Baker and asks if Storm is there? Baker hands him the phone and Brooke asks if Storm has told them anything yet? Don’t dare hang up; Stephanie is there and she’s ready to make a compromise. When Storm doesn’t seem agreeable, Brooke asks for him to put Katie on. She tells her sis come home as soon as possible, she thinks they can handle this another way. Katie grabs Storm and tells Charlie that there is an emergency at home. He quips that there usually is!

Brooke calls Donna too, but she glances at the phone and says it can wait. Stephanie wonders if she shouldn’t talk to Donna herself? Brooke scoffs that this is not a minor request….what she is asking Donna to do, she is not sure she will even do it. Stephanie comes back that she will if she loves her brother. Brooke laments that Donna also loves Eric, and far more deeply that Stephanie gives her credit for. She can just see her telling Stephanie to go to Hell.

Eric’s little showing even plays the Wedding March and has a trendy little wedding gown. Donna gasps, it’s perfect. He tells her no, she is perfect….for him and he’s the only one who knows it. Donna laughs and sniffles at the same time. He reminds her what she has brought to his life, and made him so happy…..and made him the man he wants to be. She got him his company back, and he owes her so much. “I love you, marry me…..marry me?” Will she do him the honor of being his wife? Through her sobs, she can’t say yes fast enough. Her phone rings again and she sees it is Brooke. Wonder why she keeps calling? Eric urges her to take the call, it might be important. Brooke explains that Donna needs to come home right now, it is an emergency. Donna doesn’t want to go, but Eric convinces her to do so. He says their night was perfect. She said yes and they have a lifetime of magical moments ahead of them….and he’s not going anywhere. She tells him she loves him so much and he replies, “I love you, Donna Logan, now and forever.”

Brooke tells Stephanie she should leave now. Stephanie wonders if she shouldn’t stay and convince Donna herself? Brooke says to trust her, that would only make it worse. Storm and Katie walk in and he looks right at Stephanie and recounts that he was lost, and so ashamed of what he did. He also realizes that “I’m sorry” doesn’t cut it. He had old wounds between him and his father that had not healed, and Stephanie took the brunt of that. And she didn’t deserve that. And all he can offer her is his sincere apology although he doubts that means much to her now. Somehow she musters up that he almost killed her. And she’s still in pain, but it’s apparent that he is too. Does he realize that he needs help? He replies that he does and he hopes he can get that behind bars.

Donna comes in and says she was in the middle of something, this better be important. She spies Stephanie and nastily asks what is she doing there? Storm speaks up and says he was at the police station and about to confess. He needs to get his dad out of custody and one of them has to serve time. Stephanie says that is exactly what she and Brooke have been discussing. She is prepared to go to the police and make a statement that will keep both him and his dad out of this. Storm asks what does she want? As she leaves, Stephanie says this is a limited-time offer. They all stare and start talking at once….what does she mean?

Brooke says she needs to talk to Donna alone, please! Donna asks if this offer is for real or just another of Stephanie’s stunt? Brooke admits she thinks it is genuine, but sort of complicated. Donna doesn’t understand. She thought Stephanie wanted Brooke’s forgiveness? Brooke sighs…..but Stephanie wants Eric more….and that’s the deal…….she goes to the police and tells them she knows who shot her and it wasn’t their father or their brother. But, she wants Donna to walk away from Eric. Donna gasps, oh my God, is there anything that woman wouldn't do?

Brooke tells her sister she is sorry. Their brother’s freedom is in her hands. If she doesn’t want Storm to go to prison, she’s going to have to make the sacrifice of a lifetime, “the decision is all yours.”

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