B&B Wednesday Update 1/2/08

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/2/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke demands that Stephanie not say no to her. She will tell the police she did see who shot her and it was not Brooke’s father or brother. “You owe me this. You will make it happen.” Storm and Donna nervously wait and he exclaims he can’t believe he let Brooke do this. He was not thinking straight as this could be considered obstruction of justice….he’s turning his sisters into criminals and this is not exactly what he had in mind. Eric drops by and senses the tense atmosphere. Donna tells him there may be a break in her dad’s case, but it’s something she can’t talk about now. He tells her he is taking the divorce papers over to Stephanie. He started to have them delivered but he wasn’t sure a process server was the way to go, so he’s going to do it by himself. Donna says she is happy about it, but he can tell something is wrong. She says she is proud of him even wanting to confront this, but perhaps the timing is a little off and he should wait.

Stephanie tells Brooke she doesn’t know what she is asking of her, but Brooke says yes she does….she’s just asking Stephanie to help her. No, Stephanie replies, she is asking her to go to the police and lie to protect someone who is obviously dangerous. They differ on the why and how. Stephanie doesn’t overlook that this was something not done on impulse. This took a lot of thought and planning….he stole the gun from Brooke’s desk, even managed to get a video camera set up to frame his father; this is diabolical. She tells Brooke she is not being realistic about this and she understands that, but she can’t do this. Brooke rails on her – what about her word? Stephanie had told her she’d do anything to make amends, well this is what she wants. “I need you to help me save my family.”

Eric doesn’t understand, he thought Donna would be pleased about the divorce. She explains that Stephanie has been thinking of a plan for peace and Brooke has finally come up with one. And if he goes over right now with Brooke at Stephanie’s, it’s bye-bye peace. Eric says if this has something to do with her dad’s case he has already told her it doesn’t have to affect them. Whatever happens they can handle. He tells her he is going to go do this and then he wants her to meet him at Forrester Creations.

Stephanie thinks Brooke made a mistake if Storm wanted to confess and she stopped him. He should not be out walking on the streets. Brooke says she is correct; he needs help but he’s not going to get it in prison. He just snapped. Stephanie wonders if he sent her over here to plead his case? Brooke assures her that he didn’t, he didn’t even want her to come over, he wanted to confess. Stephanie says then she advises her to let him, she can not help her with this. She wants Brooke’s forgiveness but not at the expense and risk to herself and her own family. Brooke states that he won’t hurt Stephanie. My God, what does she have to do to get Stephanie to believe her? She would do anything to save her family. Stephanie knows this and says so would she. But, go see her brother, and say good-bye. Tell him to get his affairs in order and then go turn himself in, otherwise she will have to go see Lt. Baker.

Stephanie tells Brooke she is NOT doing this to her. If Storm is convicted she will go to the judge and beg him to be lenient, what more can she do than that? Brooke sobs, she doesn’t want Stephanie acting like she is doing her some big favor. She proclaims that Stephanie owes her. How stupid could she get? How stupid to think Stephanie would actually help anybody but herself. She slams the door and stomps out.

Katie tries to soothe Brooke when Brooke tells them Stephanie wouldn’t listen….and after all the lies she told to hurt them and cause pain and now she wouldn’t tell one more. Katie tells her at least she tried, they are no worse off than they were before. Brooke hopes not, then tells them that it just came rushing out of her mouth that it was Storm that shot Stephanie. She says she made a plea to Stephanie, to her sense of decency and family unity, and she really thought she would understand, but she didn’t. She kept calling Storm dangerous, diabolical and calculating. And she is giving them a couple of hours to spend with Stormy and say their good-byes. As they are sobbing, Storm walks in and tells them to break out the champagne, they have to get this bon voyage party going.

Stephanie asks why is Eric over here? She spies the legal envelope in his hand. Oh no, he’s not! She begs that his affair isn’t going to last, their marriage doesn’t have to end. If he files those papers, it will become public and everyone will be talking. He tells her it is not fair to her or Donna, everyone is talking already. This thing has to be resolved. And if he gave her the wrong impression on Christmas Day, he is sorry. And yes he will always be happy in this house with this family. “I’m at home here. And this house and life that you and I built together….it’ll always be dear to me….as you will.” She pleads, how can he say that in one breath and then give her the papers in the next? He knows she will do ANYTHING to keep this marriage together, ANYTHING! Simply he says, it’s time to move on. She realizes Eric is going to actually marry Donna. He tells her it is not an affair and they haven’t made each other happy in a very long time. Devastated and worn down, she says she can not do this now and he lays the papers down and says he understands.

Brooke cries and tells Storm she is sorry. She never should have told Stephanie that he was the shooter. He says it doesn’t matter. He was gonna go turn himself in anyway so his plans haven’t changed. His dad doesn’t deserve to be in jail and he’s going to go get him out. Brooke laments that only Stephanie has the power to get them both out. He quips oh please, she would have held that over their head for years. That doesn’t sound like freedom to him. He reminds them they will always be a family whether he is there with them or not. He’s ready to do this, take responsibility. Dad has forgiven him, they have forgiven him. That’s all he needs. They all want to go with him, but he says he doesn’t want to say his good-byes at the station. Brooke should stay with her kids and Donna go be with Eric. Katie can drop him off at the station. He wants them all to get on with their lives and be happy.

Alone in her misery, Stephanie remembers her love for Eric, their wedding, dances, parties and Brooke’s words ringing in her ear that she would do ANYTHING to save her family. Brooke’s phone rings and it is Stephanie. Brooke smarts how dare she call her now. Stephanie says she is sorry, she knows Brooke wanted to spend some time with her brother…..Brooke lets her know that he’s not even there, he’s gone down to the police station to turn himself in. Stephanie wonders if Brooke can call and stop him? Did Brooke really mean that she would do anything to keep him out of jail? Good, Stephanie sighs, then maybe they can help each other.

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