B&B Friday Update 12/28/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/28/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie is astounded. Brooke knows the police have a video tape, but wants Stephanie to tell them her father did not shoot her. Brooke scoffs that is what everybody is supposed to think, but Stephanie can just tell them they have the wrong man. Stephanie says then Brooke wants her to lie? Brooke remarks it’s not like she doesn’t know how. Stephanie says that may be true, but this is different. Who is she supposed to say did it? Brooke says a short, bald man, she doesn’t care. There won’t be any evidence anyway. Stephanie opines of course not, because it all points to her father. Stephanie asks if she knows the meaning of the word co-defendant? Because that is what she is doing, trying to turn her father into a kind, loving father, a man he never was….and allowing him to use her…allowing him to use her trust and her love. “Well, I’m gonna do you a favor. I’m gonna put a stop to that right now.”

Nick comes home and tells Taylor he just got tired of seeing dresses with no women in them. How’s Jack? She muses that he’s been hungry, even nursed a little. But now he’s rejecting her breast and wants the bottle. Nick quips, “that changes when you get older.” She says she feels foolish as she thought Jack didn’t like her. They both have been so patient with her. He reminds her that she has not done anything wrong. She thinks she has just not felt like a real mother…..not like a real woman even. She didn’t feel like a surrogate mother when she was pregnant, and then when the baby was born and was sick and they took him away from her, she didn’t get a chance to bond. They both sigh that they are glad that is over; she suggests they take it upstairs. Nick is gusto with that.

Stephen welcomes Katie who has come to see him. She remarks that something may have happened. Storm wanted to come and confess, but they wouldn’t let him. Stephen thinks that is good. First Storm’s anger goes too far and then his guilt goes too far. But, he will listen to his sisters so just keep telling him they need him. He says he may have broken the family up, but he also can keep the four of them together. He’s also going to need a new attorney. Katie tells him maybe he won’t. He relays he knows a good plea bargain is his best defense, but he can’t ask Storm. She tells him that Brooke thinks she might be able to call in a favor and get him out. He won’t like it as it involves Stephanie. She’s right, he doesn’t like it. “Stephanie Forrester wants her pound of flesh….if she doesn’t get it from me……” Katie promises that Brooke won’t mention Storm, so it can’t hurt to try. He tells her it could hurt her sister. Brooke has this unshakeable faith that people mean what they say, “but the Stephanie Forrester’s of this world go through apologies like peanuts.” So promise him that she will stop Storm from doing something foolish. Katie feels like sometimes she is the odd man out as she is always so suspicious of everyone and everything, she doesn’t have Brooke’s faith. He thinks that can also be a useful thing. While crying, she hugs her dad and tells him that she decided a long time ago that he didn’t care about them and nothing he said was the truth, and she is so sorry.

As Stephanie quizzes Brooke as to who took the gun out of her desk drawer, and who pulled the trigger and who put the gun in Stephen’s room, Brooke suddenly blurts out – her brother. Stephanie is taken aback but he did have a ring just like his dad’s, so…….but actually she doesn’t understand as it was Storm that came to her and Eric and warned them to keep their distance from his dad. So what is Brooke telling her, this is all some sort of setup? “The worst, yeah, he must really hate your father. Two birds with one stone. Get rid of your father and me at the same time.” Brooke admits that Storm knows what he did was wrong. Stephanie agrees, they have to go to the police with this. Brooke announces they are not.

Both satisfied, Taylor laments that she is the problem child here, with her hormonal mess. She knows the situation with Brooke, but doesn’t want to talk about it. Nick apologizes and says he was taking care of everybody else, and he sort of skipped what she might need. She offers that she ought to know how to take care of herself, but he doesn’t think anybody is that together. She paints a picture of how she would like people to think that she’s got her life together, all perfect and composed because that is how she has had to live her whole life. Her father was a gambler and an alcoholic and she had to pretend everything was okay at home. And that’s how she had to get through medical school with politics and her marriage to Ridge. Brooke was always the one that was the emotional wreck so Taylor had to act like she was cool, calm and collected and rational, yet Ridge left her anyway for being honest. So that’s when she said to hell with this act and started drinking and her dark side came out…..mostly in private though. They both agree that everything is okay and she would tell him if it wasn’t.

Stephen tells Katie that all the evidence pointed to him, so she has to cut herself some slack. She asks why he didn’t tell them years ago that Storm asked him to leave home? He says he is not going to make his son responsible for his decisions, and she does not have to apologize for anything. Laughing through tears, she tells him they should make a deal. She won’t feel guilty if he won’t. She admits she can be harsh sometimes and quick to judge, but she has to stop using what happened in her childhood to justify her own bad behavior. She’s just as selfish and corruptible as anybody else, so who is she to judge?

Brooke tells Stephanie that her brother does not need prison. Stephanie offers that might keep him from shooting anyone else. And they could release her father right now. Brooke says she doesn’t want to lose her brother in the process. Everybody’s pain is different and the anger, Storm has been carrying this around for years, and he doesn’t know how to stop and for that matter neither does Stephanie. She mentions again that he tried to kill her. Brooke reminds her that Stephanie tried to kill her too up in the cabin. She too lost control. Sending Stormy to prison isn’t going to help. If she can just forgive him for what he did to her, which is only a fraction of the misery that Stephanie has caused her, then they can wipe the slate clean between them. Isn’t that what she said she wanted?

Before Nick leaves back for the office, Taylor assures him that all is great and good, she has everything under control. She can be a great wife, she can be a great mother to Jack, everything is perfect and she can do it gratefully. Nick says, “honey, our little boy is a whole person, not a half person and not half of someone else. Don’t let that eat away at you.” As he rushes out and she follows, she knocks over a bottle on the coffee table and picks up the glass, puts a piece with liquor on it to her nose.

Katie surmises that she wonders if her life would have been better if her dad had stayed or her a better person? She doesn’t know, but she made herself a promise a long time ago that she would not live with regrets. She likes her life now and where she is going. He tells her that he thinks she is amazing. She asks him to stop, she wants to love him but she doesn’t know how. He doesn’t know if it is safe. He doesn’t want to disappoint her again, not ever again. And he’s disappointed himself enough not to make that promise again. She offers that they will just stay as they are. He sees her mother in her and his own mother when he looks into her eyes. How can he not love her? They declare their love for each other.

Stephanie asks if Brooke is really asking her to forget someone tried to shoot her? Brooke justifies it, that Storm just snapped. He never did it before and he’ll never do it again. He needs to get help, but that won’t be in prison. She begs Stephanie please do not send him to prison. Stephanie shakes her off and says no. Brooke argues for her not to say no, not after everything she has done to her over the years. Stephanie has fought for her precious Forrester family, well now Brooke is fighting for hers. She instructs Stephanie that she is going to the police and tell them she saw who shot her and it wasn’t her father and it wasn’t her brother either. After her rape she never thought she’d be able to forgive Stephanie. “Well, now is your chance. You owe me this, Stephanie, you owe me this.”

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