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Written By Wanda
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Storm tells Brooke to call Stephanie back and he doesn’t care what he tells her but just beg for mercy on his behalf. Brooke says no, Stephanie owes her big time and all she has to do is go to the police and tell them that their father did not shoot her without telling them who really did. Storm still wants to go to the police and get his dad out of jail today. Brooke reminds him then he will be in jail, and their dad won’t want that any more than she does. He repeats that he just snapped that night but it’s time for him to take responsibility for it now.

Bridget examines Stephanie and pronounces her fit and fiddle. Ridge quips no more long-distance marathons though, still should be taking it easy. Stephanie fires back that she didn’t even run marathons when she was twenty-five and in great shape. Ridges adds that she plays a hell of a game of tennis still now. Bridget says not even that for at least a month until there is no pain. Speaking of which, Stephanie says she doesn’t want to take any more pain pills, they make her dopey. If she has any discomfort at all around her heart, she will just take an aspirin. And now she will just go throw some darts at a photo of Stephen…..apologizes to Bridget she forgets he is her grandfather. But he just keeps saying he is being framed and it makes her angrier and angrier. And everybody, especially her mother, is going to have to accept that nothing and no one can save him now.

All the girls say that Storm made a terrible mistake, but he is not evil. He needs help, but not jail time. Even if that means groveling before Dame Stephanie. Brooke offers they can now deal with this pain in therapy. Katie thinks it is still a mistake to put their future in Stephanie’s hands. Brooke says it would be if she were the same Stephanie that sicced Andy on her, but when she saw her at Christmas Stephanie wanted to make amends. Donna smarts that it wasn’t because she is suddenly penitent; it was because she lost her husband and her precious firstborn. She realizes that if she hurts Brooke one more time, she will be out of Ridge’s life for good, and she won’t risk that.

Donna still thinks it is one thing to ask her highness for a pardon for their dad, but if she were to find out it really was Storm and Brooke kept that information form her, she’d be out for blood. Storm still thinks it would be best if he confessed and Stephanie could take out her wrath on him and leave them alone. Brooke says no, he’s been protecting them all his life, now it is her turn. She says they all owe him. They are his sisters and they love him and that’s what is going to get them through this, their love for each other.

Stephanie thanks Bridget and Ridge for coming by and remarks she had a good time the other day. She was wrong; it was wonderful having them all there…and even having Brooke there. She knows it was hard, but she did it for the family. And as a matter of fact Brooke just called and wants to come over again. Stephanie hopes it is the beginning of a reconciliation, but that it is not about her father.

Katie tells Donna for once stop thinking just of herself. This was hard on Storm growing up. He suffered the most and he didn’t want them to know. It’s amazing that they couldn’t see how much pain he was in. He wanted everything to be all right, just like Brooke does now. And it will be if she can get through to Stephanie.

Stephanie lets Brooke in and immediately plays nice by thanking her again for coming over on Christmas, she knows it was not easy. And it meant a lot to her and she meant what she said then, if there is anything she can do for Brooke….for everything that happened……Brooke says that is why she is there…..Stephanie says good, all she has to do is ask. She bets she wants to talk about Donna, that they are going to have a big fight over Eric. Brooke replies that does worry her, but that isn’t why she is here, not about her sister in any way. Although it does have to do with her family and forgiveness. She’s been thinking a lot abut it lately, how very powerful it is to be able to forgive someone. “You can change lives forever.” Stephanie is buoyed, she is happy Brooke feels that way and that Brooke will find a way to forgive her….and she is prepared to do anything she can to make that happen. Brooke asks, even if it means doing something she never imagined she would?

Stephanie asks what exactly is she talking about? Brooke replies she wants her to show leniency to her father. He really shouldn’t be behind bars, so if Stephanie could just talk to the police and get the case dismissed. Stephanie can’t believe she is serious. Brooke says but she thought she meant what she said about making amends. Stephanie says she did, but the police have evidence, they have their man. Brooke wants her to go tell them that she is remembering, she is having flashes. Oh, Stephanie gets it. Brooke wants her to perjure herself? Brooke justifies it, that Stephanie was the only witness. Just tell them it wasn’t her father. Stephanie scoffs they won’t believe that in a second. But Brooke suggests she at least give it a try. If they don’t believe her, at least when it goes to trial, Stephanie can testify and put doubts in the jurors’ minds. Stephanie says no, he tried to kill her, the law says he has to pay. Brooke agrees if he really were that man. But her father did not pull that trigger. She realizes Stephanie probably doesn’t believe her, but she’s going to have to take her word for this because it is true.

Storm tells his sisters not to blame either of themselves. He was the one who screwed up and let his anger toward his dad get the best of him. He could have gotten help, but he didn’t. He kept pushing the anger deeper and deeper inside and telling himself as long as his dad stayed anyway, then everything would be all right. But then he came back, and it all came crashing back like some dark suffocating wave. It kept pulling him further and further under. He tells Katie he is sorry, he knows this doesn’t fix everything and it won’t make anything easier for Donna and Eric either. Donna asks him to stop, Katie was right, she should be thinking about him, not herself. They all say they love each other and Donna wishes she had been a better sister. They have a group hug.

Stephanie tells Brooke that she knows her father asked her to come here. She understands they have a very complicated relationship, but at this point in her life, why would she believe anything that came out of that man’s mouth? He’s lied to her for her entire life. Brooke repeats that he is not lying now. Stephanie points out the evidence says otherwise. Brooke says things aren’t always as they seem. Stephanie offers and sometimes they are. Look, what he has done. He’s made himself the big man in his own mind because he’s gotten even with Stephanie. Like he always has, he’s done the wrong thing for the wrong reason. That’s why he’s always been a disappointment to her sisters and brother. And she says she is not saying these things to hurt Brooke, really she is not. But the very idea that he would ask her to come concoct this story……but she knows Brooke has spent her whole adult life searching for a man who will not disappoint her like her father has. Yet in spite of all of that, here she is asking her to do this. It just doesn’t make sense.

Brooke says it again - her father did not shoot Stephanie. She knows the evidence says otherwise, she just has to trust her on this. Have faith in her to do what’s best for everyone. Stephanie says, “you’re asking me….you’re telling me that what would be best for everybody is for me to commit perjury on the witness stand….my God!” Brooke begs yes, she wouldn’t be doing this if she had a choice, but her father is being falsely accused here. Yes, he caused damage to the family, to some more than others. But, now he’s home and they have come together to heal, and that is what she wants more than anything, but they can’t do that with him in prison for something he did not do. She reminds Stephanie that she gave her her word, that she wanted to help. If she meant that, if Brooke’s forgiveness means so much to her, “then you need to do what you have the power to do and set my dad free. She sighs, “Stephanie, please…..for me…..set my father free."

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