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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/26/07


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Storm discusses with Katie and Brooke how surprising it is that his dad finally got it, how Storm felt as a boy, and is now willing to take the responsibility for what he did. Brook doesn't like it though that her dad be punished for a crime he did not commit. Storm says the important thing is now he knows his dad loves him and is proud of his accomplishments....and now he must live up to them.

Stephanie groans as she straightens up from picking up the Christmas wrappings, but she laments to Ridge that she thinks Eric enjoyed the day as much as anyone. Stephanie admits that she too enjoyed the day. It was special because everyone came because they wanted to and they belong together. Ridge offers that at least for one day, but they have to keep things realistic and not get her hopes up too much. He only came because Donna said it was okay. She's got her hooks in him pretty deep and he doesn't think Donna is going to let go.

Donna gives Eric a hug and asks if he had a good Christmas? He replies yes even though Stephanie chewed him out at first. He was surprised that she hadn't thrown them all out, but once she saw the kids and the grandkids and all the presents, well she gave in. Eric realizes Donna is a little insecure no matter how beautiful she is. She exclaims it's because she knows Stephanie wants him back. And his kids too. He tries to remind her that he spent a magical day with Stephanie and his kids, but it doesn't change the way he feels about her. She admits she is being silly. He thinks not, not with all that is happening with her dad and her family.

As they discuss the situation, Storm remarks that he is the one who shot Stephanie and his dad shouldn't have to pay for it. He's not sure he can change his mind, but Storm thinks Stephen is doing it because he wants to keep the family together. He feels all that anger and resentment, the scars, in Storm was his fault. Storm vows that he will go down to the police station today and confess, his dad won't stay in jail.

Donna tells Eric that she's just glad Storm is representing her father. If anybody can figure a way to get him out of this mess, it's her brother. Eric points out they have already survived Stephanie's interference there, so he is sure they can survive her father's legal problems no matter how they turn out. She thanks him for being so respectful of her feelings. And he emphasizes that is what is so special about their relationship - they love each other enough to respectfully disagree. She gets a text message and it's Brooke and about their dad's case, so she should go. Eric agrees, go, he'll wait for her here and later they will have their own little post-holiday celebration.

Stephanie tells Ridge she is not assuming anything, but she thinks she and Eric re-connected last night. He's strayed before with more than one woman, but he's always come back. Ridge just doesn't want to see her get hurt again. She thanks him for that, but thinks she sees the light at the end of the tunnel. And she's not just going to hang back and let Donna take advantage of this. "I am going to do everything I can so that I can have the life with the man that I love." Ridge reminds her that she is still recovering from a trauma. She knows, but she philosophizes that she remembers being shot and falling, and opening her eyes and again in the hospital and wondering where everybody was. That could have been her last thought, but it wasn't. It wasn't her time to go. "Now, having said that, I make you this promise......when it's my time to go, I am not going to be going alone."

Brooke thinks Storm is getting a little ahead of himself, but he says it's either him or their dad. He admits he made a mistake, the biggest mistake of his life and he wants his sisters to be proud of him and the only way he knows to do that is take responsibility of what he has done. He has given this a lot of thought, and this isn't what the Logans are about. This is more like what is out of Stephanie's playbook. So he's going now to confess that it was him who shot Stephanie and set his dad up.

Donna walks in, hearing the last part and is dumbfounded. She rails at Storm at how he could do this and let their father be arrested and sit in jail! Katie defends Storm by saying their dad blamed Storm for what happened to Brooke by not being there. He just pushed Storm too far. Storm admits that is how he felt, like a hand was shoving him forward....getting the gun out of Brooke's desk, setting the camera up and it all started with that damn ring. He knew that when the police saw the tape with that ring they would arrest their dad. Donna beats up on Storm, she doesn't want to hear this. She calls him a bastard; he lied to them! Storm says it is all right, he deserves it. Donna says he sure does. He is letting their dad rot in his cell. How is she going to tell him? His own son! He tells her she doesn't have to, he already has......and their dad doesn't want him to say anything, but he can't do that. He's going to go confess.

Brooke pleads with him to just wait. She has a plan, a way that maybe neither him nor their father will have to go to jail. She calls Stephanie and tells her that she is coming right over. Ridge drops in on Eric and asks if Donna is there? No, she isn't, she had some place to go. Ridge tells Eric he just came from seeing Stephanie and depending on who you are listening to, there is a difference of opinion. She thinks she is on Cloud 9, but he thinks she has got her head in the clouds. The surprise Christmas celebration he threw really had a big impact on her. And Eric being there made her day. She kind of saw a glimmer of hope at the end of a long, dark tunnel. Eric asks if he is here asking for a reconciliation? He knows how much that would mean to him and the rest of the family, but the truth is, it isn't going to happen. He goes on that he can't imagine his life without Stephanie in it. Ridge finishes it, but he doesn't want her IN it. Eric agrees, she's an extraordinary woman, unique in all the world. They have raised a beautiful family, but the marriage is over. He's in love with Donna and his future is with Donna....he is going to ask Stephanie for a divorce. Stephanie looks at a Christmas ornament and holds it to her chest, "I don't care what anybody says, Grandpa...it's not over....not between us. I just have a lot of faith in you and me. And if Donna thinks she has a future with you, she's in for quite a shock!"

Donna tells them that if this plan of Brooke's involves Stephanie, then she votes for a big N O. But Brooke surmises that Stephanie is the only one that can help them. She can go to the police and tell them she remembers the shooting. She's been out of the hospital for a while, so she remembers more now and she knows for sure that their dad didn't do it. She doesn't have to say Storm did it, just that their dad didn't. They all agree, it's a lousy plan. Why would Stephanie want to help them? Brooke says because she owes her. Storm objects right away; he's not going to let Brooke use the most painful experience of her life as a bargaining chip. Brooke offers that if Stephanie wants to make it up to her, she says let her. Donna says but Stephanie really thinks Stephen did it, so she's not likely to change her thinking there. Brooke keeps saying that Stephanie said she would do ANYTHING to make amends....and she could be in jail for conspiracy, accessory to rape, so all the more reason for her to help.

Katie begs her not to put their future in Stephanie's hands, but Brooke says she has to. They have finally begun to come together. Storm has forgiven their father and Stephen has forgiven Storm....they are starting to heal and move forward as a family and they can't do that if Storm or their dad is in prison. Storm thinks it is still a pretty big gamble, but Brooke says Stephanie wants forgiveness, she needs it. It's the only chance they have; she can't lose Storm. She will find a way to get through to Stephanie. "I will make this happen. She owes me." She states that she really doesn't want to depend on Stephanie for anything, but she has no choice. She is not going to let Storm go to prison. It's payback time and she is going to collect. Stephanie is going to come through for them; she has to!

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