B&B Monday Update 12/24/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/24/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie turns on the music but everything she turns is that darned Christmas music so she turns it off. She opens the door and it’s that darned Eric grinning like a Cheshire cat and bellowing Merry Christmas. She asked didn’t he hear what she said – no Christmas, why is he here? She tells him don’t even get started when he says she is still indulging her inner-Scrooge. He reminds her they have a lot to be thankful for. They could have lost her and yet here she is. She remarks that instead she lost him! And she is sorry to disappoint him, but she is not up to it, having the entire family here for Christmas. She excuses herself and tells him that she was on her way out – to church if he must know – and alone. Merry Christmas.

Ridge stokes the fire as Brooke comes in rather dejected from seeing her dad in jail on Christmas Eve. He has just the antidote – mistletoe and wants to practice to see if it works. It does!

Felicia rushes in saying she just saw her mom leave. She can’t wait to see her mother’s face when she gets the Christmas she will never forget. She thanks her dad for that. Eric calls Ridge who in turn tells Brooke they have been invited over to make this a special Christmas for Stephanie. And he knows the kids have been clamoring to go to Grandma’s house. She doesn’t want to deprive the kids, but she’s not sure she can face Stephanie. He says he understands. The kids give her a home-made card that says they love her and do try to persuade her to go to Grandma’s. She begs off that she is just a little too busy.

Stephanie kneels in church then stands before the altar reverently making peace with her God….this Christmas….as she shakes her head…..this Christmas. First she wants to thank him. Somebody, must have been looking out for her when she took that bullet. like him……that’s why she is here. She is looking for some answers. What is she doing here? How did she get to this miserable place in her life? Okay, don’t answer that, she knows. It’s her obsessions. But, is this her punishment that she should live only to rattle around in that big old house by herself while her kids go on with their lives and her husband without her? Okay, she’ll stop feeling sorry for herself. She knows she’s been a very, very, very fortunate woman but everything she loves is drifting away. But why did he let her live? If he could just help her understand that. She opines that she has tried to make amends, but maybe that is too much to ask. But isn’t that what Christmas is supposed to be about – love and giving and forgiveness? What does he want her to do? Just a little guidance perhaps. But no matter how things turn out, she thanks him for a wonderful life, and Happy Birthday.

The Forrester place has turned festive and Eric asks all if they parked in back so Stephanie won’t see their cars, otherwise they can kiss the surprise goodbye. Felicia hauls out the strings of popcorn garlands. Eric proclaims that Stephanie saved them from last year; she is lot more sentimental than she will admit to. Bridget lights the candles and Rick tells all they did a fantastic job putting this together so quickly.

Stephanie returns and surprised doesn’t begin to convey what she is thinking. Thorne quips that the North Pole delivers, who knew? The kids hand her their Christmas card which delights her. They ask if she is feeling alright and she assures them she is. She wants to see Eric outside alone. She takes Eric to task for not respecting what she asked previously, she wanted to be alone. He answers because he didn’t buy it then, and he’s not buying it now. She tells him that is just his insufferable ego. He disagrees, it’s just him living his whole life with her and knowing how much his holiday means to her and always has. She continues to berate him that she told him she could not handle this at this time, but no, he has to have his celebration and pretend nothing has changed, but everything has changed. He asks well what does she want him to do? Just tell everyone to leave and get the hell out of there? She scoffs and then he partially opens the door so she can hear her children and grandchildren’s voices laughing and singing in there. He points out all the wonderful memories they have had in there. And the true meaning of evergreen – no matter how much heartache there is, life goes on. “How can you not feel that joy, even this year, especially this year? Life is beautiful.”

Brooke walks in and they all greet her. She tells Ridge that she had to be there with him and the kids, she couldn’t stay away. He thanks her and says she made his Christmas. Even Stephanie sincerely greets her and tells her she is glad that she is there. She tells Phoebe she is beautiful and a real gift to the family…and she is glad Rick is there too. She jokes with Felicia that Dino will turn her gray before he is 10 years old……and in fact Felicia might even turn into Stephanie. Felicia rolls her eyes. Stephanie thanks Brooke for coming. She knows it was hard coming over but she really appreciates it. She owes her a debt, and if there is anything she can ever do to help her, she will. “I give you my word.” And she was being her usual selfish, bullheaded self not wanting to spend the day with them. She thanks Eric for bringing the family together the way he has. He reciprocates by saying she is the glue that holds the family together.

Eric plays the piano as they all gather around and sing Christmas carols. Joy to the World; Merry Christmas.

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