B&B Friday Update 12/21/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/21/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Stephen is shocked that Storm is admitting that he shot Stephanie and framed his dad for it. But he takes responsibility. He made Storm do this. He thought they had finally healed old wounds, that he could trust Storm when he said he believed his dad was innocent and that he would do whatever to get him out of jail. He really had him fooled. But now he sees that he was wrong. Storm really despises him. And all this rage he has been carrying around since he was a child is because of him and his cowardice. And now it's brought him to this - lying, manipulating, betraying his principles, risking a career he has worked so hard for so that Stephen would get what he deserves. "And I do deserve it, son, your rage, your hate - they are totally justified." And Stephen realizes that Storm wants to make sure that he totally takes him down and makes him suffer and puts him away. Stephen admits he's not even angry, at least not at Storm, only of himself.

Eric tells Donna that he isn't a hypocrite and she should never doubt what they have. He wants her to trust him that wonderful things are going to happen for them. And history is not going to repeat itself with him and Stephanie, not this time. A knock on the door and it's Ridge who wants to speak with him alone. Eric tells him no, he's with Donna and whatever he has to say he can say in front of her. Donna offers to leave but Eric has her stay. She's an important part of his life now and it's about time everyone accepted that. He also gets the feeling that Ridge is going to ask him something that isn't going to thrill him. He gets the gist of it when he realizes Ridge wants him to come over Christmas and save the day. Ridge says Stephanie will not be alone, he and Felicia and Thorne will be there too. Eric laughs and says they will never get in the house. Stephanie will have it barricaded and have the windows blacked out. But he takes no pleasure in their mother's misery. Ridge tries once more to persuade him that they all need to come together, especially Eric, unless Donna has a problem with that.

Storm admits that he's the one who should take responsibility. He's let this rage hold him back far too many years. Stephen points out that he's a well-liked, successful attorney, any man would be proud of a son like him. Storm hangs his head and says he's not so sure of that, he's awfully ashamed. His dad tells him he has nothing to be ashamed of. He had the job as an adult and he's the one who failed. A boy needs a father and where was he? And the worst part, he had no idea the damage he had done until tonight. It took this whole messed-up situation to wake him up. And he knows Storm was more of a father to his girls than he was. Katie tells Storm he was their rock but they had no idea how hard it was on him. Stephen adds that this was all too much, and he was just selfish and stupid. Storm can't believe they don't all hate him for what he did. Stephen assures him he could never hate him. He did do something wrong, but what he did was much worse, leaving them all behind to fend for themselves.

Storm tells his dad he didn't just leave. He needs to tell the girls why. That it was Storm who told him to get the hell out! And there's not much more to say than that. Stephen takes over and says Storm came to him and told him he wasn't doing his job; that he was a lousy husband and a lousy father. To grow up and finally make a commitment...and that he wanted him to stay. He prayed that he would. But Stephen admits he was weak. Storm thinks he pushed him too much. Stephen says he had every right; he tested him and Stephen failed. He was the adult and yet he left. He failed, he made the mess, this is his responsibility, his sin. But he's going to make up for it as best he can. He's going to stand by his son and support him the way he should have over all the years. Storm sniffles that when he gets out, he should just leave and keep on going, but Stephen says no, that is not the way it's going to be. They are not going to lock Storm away; Stephen is going to confess to shooting Stephanie.

Storm tries to talk his dad out of this, but he insists - Stephanie Forrester pushed him to the edge and he shot her. He deserves to do time for all the crimes he has done. He is a guilty man, guilty of abandoning his family and enraging his son to the point that he lost his ability to reason. Storm argues that people don't go to jail for being a bad parent, but Stephen argues back that Storm isn't going to throw his life away for his dad's mistakes. What Storm did was in the heat of the moment, years of pent-up pain and rage. He knows he never meant to harm Stephanie, he wanted to harm his dad. Brooke interjects that he was doing it for all three girls. Stephen says well now he is doing it for Storm. He will tell Baker that it was he that pulled the trigger. Storm deserves a better life than the one he gave him.

Eric says he can't wait and gives Donna a gift. She opens it to find a stuffed honey bear, just like Eric......except this one has a gorgeous diamond bracelet around his neck. She gasps and says it's the most beautiful thing she has ever seen, and no one has ever given her something so special. He tells her that's nothing, he's going to give her something even more special after Christmas....he's going to ask Stephanie for a divorce and make a commitment to Donna like she deserves. She giggles and kisses him. He gets silent and she wonders why the look. He teases that as wonderful as things are now, he is afraid once they have been together for a few years and he is so much, lots older than her, some young stud will come along....and it will break his heart. She says she will never do anything to hurt him and that will never happen....not ever, and that's a promise.

Stephen tells his kids that it took him a long time to wake up. Walking away from his family was the biggest mistake of his life and now he finally has a way to make up for that. Brooke and Katie remind him that attempted murder is a serious crime; he could be looking at years in the penitentiary, years that he can't get back. Stephen replies that he doesn't care; he wants his son to know that he has a father that will do anything for him. He's 100% sure he wants to do this. And he says Storm is going to be safe; he will make sure of it....and he has not said this since Storm was a child, but he loves him. Storm stifles a sob and tells him he loves him too and the two men hug.

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