B&B Thursday Update 12/20/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/20/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Storm tries to justify why he shot Stephanie and let his dad take the fall. This is a woman who tormented their entire family their whole life, does he deserve to go to jail for shooting her? He thinks they have already done their time, growing up without a father. Don’t Brooke and Katie think that father needs to pay for his sins?

Stephanie starts pounding on Eric’s door talking to him through it – she wasn’t happy the way they had left their last encounter. Only Donna is home and she opens the door and invites Stephanie in. She would hate to miss this opportunity…..opportunity to make amends…if not to make things better, at least more tolerable for Eric’s sake. Stephanie quips what makes Donna think she would be interested in anything she says? Donna says she knows each year that Stephanie has a big Christmas, and now suddenly she refuses to participate. How selfish can she be?

No matter what Katie and Brooke say, Storm continues that all he sees is a man who came back to town and accused him of not taking care of his sisters, and so arrogant that he could push Storm out of their lives. And the only way to make himself look good is to make Storm look inadequate. Katie assures him they love him, but Brooke adds he must tell the truth even if it means……Storm adds – go to jail? He states okay, their dad didn’t shoot Stephanie, but nobody else has to know that he did. He calls himself a damn good lawyer and while he may not be able to get his dad off, he’d only go to prison for a couple of years anyway. And he might win the case and nobody would go to jail. But it won’t be the perfect crime if they go to the police and tell them. He says there are no ‘buts’, they need to come through for him in a big way. Will they? Will they stand by him, or will they choose their father? He needs to know right now.

Donna says she knows Stephanie is canceling Christmas only to make Eric feel guilty. Stephanie reminds her that Donna’s father tried to kill her and her husband walked out on her. "So forgive me, Donna, if I don’t feel like hauling out the tinsel and colored lights and singing a rousing chorus of “Joy To The World.” Donna mocks her and says that makes everything perfectly acceptable in her mind…she is sad and alone and brought it all on herself. But instead of sucking it up and sharing the day with her children and grandchildren who she claims to treasure, she turns into a Scrooge by shutting everyone out. Stephanie says things weren’t always perfect, but they were together and that was the magic of their family, the magic of Christmas. Donna tells her Eric won’t be there, but she still has the rest of her family. So she lost a husband, big deal! Everyone else is at her beck and call, why would she throw that away?

Brooke tells Storm that he is putting them in an impossible situation. He doesn’t see it that way if his devotion to them and the family has meant anything all these years. They agree he has made a huge sacrifice for them. He says that is what he needs in return, the ultimate sacrifice of love and loyalty, not to turn him in! Brooke asks him to please trust her, trust them. Letting their dad go to jail won’t make up for what he did to him, it is not poetic justice. He sniffles that he never meant to let his sisters down. They know that, but they now have to do the right thing….the only thing…..go tell their Dad the truth.

Surprisingly Stephanie has little to say and just stares at Donna, who knows she really would like to rip her face off and be done with her for good. But Donna states she will only take so much abuse, and if Stephanie continues to try and win Eric back, she promises her it will get ugly. They love each other and it’s gonna last forever. Stephanie asks if Donna has been drinking? Stephanie says no, but Donna says she must have if she thinks Eric is coming back to her. Eric wants Donna as his wife and she is going to do everything she can to make him as happy as she is, “so don’t cancel Christmas. Just accept the fact that your marriage is over and move on, because there is nothing you can do about it, Missy.” Stephanie just gives that grin and walks out.

The girls are sobbing and their dad surprised to see all of them. Katie apologizes for doubting him; Storm says it will be okay as he goes and slinks in the corner. Stephen knows he never gave them any reason to trust him, but he’s grateful they are there to support him now. And he’s proud of his son, the fine lawyer. He tells them that is what he told Stephanie who was here earlier tonight and wanted him to confess, saying it would take a miracle to keep him out of prison. He espouses that miracles do happen and keeps thanking Storm. Storm can’t even look him in the eye as Stephen keeps saying that Storm is the man that he wishes he could have been…..and by the way, Happy Birthday….he will make that up to him if he is ever out of jail. The girls tell him that is why they are there. He is excited, does this mean they know who set him up? Silence as Storm is not talking. Stephen wants to know the bastard’s name!

Eric returns and Donna informs him that Stephanie was here, and she wants him back. He gathers they argued. She says well some lines were drawn. He simply remarks not to let Stephanie get to her. Donna whimpers that she knows he loves her, but he and Stephanie have so much history together. How can she compete with that when she knows he still cares for her? She knows they are committed to each other and they can have a wonderful life together, but she needs to know how he really feels in his heart and his soul.

Stephen about loses his cool wanting someone to tell him something. They should be celebrating and yet they act like they are coming from a funeral. Storm finally shouts back for Stephen to stop it, then says he is sorry. Stephen says it’s okay, he knows he is running him ragged, he can talk to Baker in the morning and they can arrest the S.O.B. Slowly Storms tells the tale – Jake McClain….his camera wasn’t just left there by mistake. It was set up to capitalize on Stephen’s anger toward Stephanie. Stephen doesn’t understand, but says whoever did it was clever and sinister, but hiding the gun in his hotel room is no big deal. It was the ring on the shooter’s hand that clinched the deal for the cops. Storm pulls out his ring and Stephen asks how he got it, how he got his ring? He’s incredulous as Storm explains that it is not his ring, it’s Storms. He shot Stephanie and he set him up.

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